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How do you handle a toxic work culture?

so we get a lot of questions about from
people who work in toxic leadership
environments and they ask what are they
to do how do they be the leader they
wish they had well being the leader you
wish you had means you commit yourself
to the care and success of those around
you remember leadership has nothing to
do with rank I know many people who sit
at the highest levels of organizations
who are not leaders they have authority
which is why we do is they tell us but
we would not follow them leadership can
happen at any rank the choice you have
to make is do you want to be the leader
that leadership comes with risks if you
speak truth to power you could get in
trouble if you’re the one who stands in
between the powers that be and the
people you work with if you’re gonna
commit yourself to work late sometimes
to help people and make those sacrifices
you’re gonna have to take those risks
that’s why not everyone wants to be a
leader because it does come with real
sacrifice and real risk but if you want
to be that person if you want to be the
leader you wish you had you look to your
left you look to your right and you say
how can I help them succeed number one
if you see somebody on your team
struggling ask them if they’re okay ask
them if you can help if you know that
somebody doesn’t know how to do
something sit down and show them ask
them if they if you want them to double
check your work remember a big way in
which we build trust is not actually by
offering for help but also asking for
help so one of the things you can do by
being a leader is also asking with those
around you to help let them feel like
they’re empowered to help those around
them and in the course of time you will
build a level of trust on your team that
they will see you as the person who has
their back and you get you get used to
it you it’s a practice like many other
like any other skills you want to ride a
bicycle you have to practice you get
good at it leadership is the same get in
the habit of considering the lives of
others someone’s running for the
elevator the doors are closing you’re
running late for a meeting instead of
just letting the doors close hold the
door open for somebody if you’re the
last person to pour yourself a cup of
coffee at the office instead of putting
the empty pot back make another pot of
it’s little little things where you
consider those around you the lives of
others sometimes ahead of yourself and
be willing to sacrifice time and energy
to help those around you
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