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Best Recipes for Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

today’s experiment is sponsored by
hellofresh hey guys i’m nate welcome
back to the workshop a lot of people
have commented asking us to make some
ice cream using liquid nitrogen so today
that’s what we’re going to do in a few
different varieties in the past grant
has shown you how to make some
futuristic ice cream beads by melting
existing ice cream putting it into a
little squeeze container and then
dripping that out into liquid nitrogen
today we’ll show you a recipe you can
use instead of melting existing ice
cream and will make both the futuristic
bead style ice cream and regular ice
cream here we have a lot of equipment
and ingredients to make our ice cream
and I’ll go over each aspect of it as we
get to it let’s start by making our
dippin dots styled ice cream the recipe
is very basic
we’ll start with 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2
cup of half-and-half
my 1 cup measuring cup is conveniently
divided in the center at the 1/2 cup
mark so I can just fill to one line with
the half and a half and then finish
filling it with the milk now let’s see
if I have a steady enough hand to pour
the milk in the half-and-half into the
bottle from our measuring cup hmm not so
much you know I’m actually gonna blame
the measuring cup for this one it
doesn’t pour very well this is also a
very clean new plate so I’m just gonna
pour it straight from the plate into the
bottle see why does a folded plate work
better than the pouring spout on the
measuring cup hmm with our milk and half
and a half combined in our squeeze
bottle it’s time to add 1/4 cup of sugar
and a dash of vanilla extract so this is
gonna pour just about as well as the
about the same
all right close our top and we’re just
gonna stir this around we want the sugar
to completely dissolve into the liquid
it can take a while for all the sugar to
dissolve because our milk and
are quite cold and sugar doesn’t
dissolve as quickly in cold liquid
looking at the bottom it’s hard to see
but you can kind of make out grains on
the bottom of sugar if there’s too much
of it I’m just trying to stir it up
until there are no more all right I
think most of my sugar is dissolved
let’s see how this is tasting before I
freeze I’m just going to drip a little
bit out on my finger here tastes really
good it’s got a good vanilla flavor it’s
nice and sweet nice and creamy now what
we need to do is freeze this into our
ice cream beads I have here a stack of
styrofoam plates which should insulate
pretty well I’m going to fill one of
these plates with liquid nitrogen so I
have a nice shallow surface to drip our
ice cream mixture onto so we don’t end
up piling all of our ice cream beads in
one spot let’s see if I’m able to pour
straight onto this plate or plate
changes shape a little bit as it gets
it’s exciting there we go it’s a nice
layer of liquid nitrogen their plates
have settled back down to the shape they
were originally now let’s see what
happens if we just drip in a little bit
at a time our ice cream mixture
some of our ice cream beads have frozen
just slightly to the plate beneath it or
just a little bit of pressure and you
sort of pop right off
there we go milk half-and-half sugar and
vanilla dripped into some liquid
nitrogen and we have our futuristic ice
cream bead dessert these things are
really good a word of caution though
when they first come out of the liquid
nitrogen they are unbelievably cold and
if you eat them right away they will
stick to the inside of your mouth and
burn it with the cold if it’s cold
enough to stick to water on your finger
it will stick to your tongue and hurt
and do it once it’s warmed up enough
that it’s not going to stick to the
inside of your mouth enjoy a delicious
and very interesting textured dessert
it’s really good it is a lot more effort
than just scooping ice cream out of the
carton but it’s a lot cooler and I mean
that in both ways our dessert today is
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now let’s focus back on the desserts
using our milk our half
a little bit of sugar and a dash of
vanilla we were able to make a delicious
vanilla flavored ice cream beads dessert
but I want to try adding a few different
flavors to see if we can mix it up a
rather than using regular milk I’m going
to try and making an eggnog and a
chocolate version of our dippin dots
style ice cream let’s try the eggnog
first cap eggnog I’ll try pouring this
well it’s just half-full to see if it’ll
pour better that way yep half the cup of
eggnog 1/2 a cup of half-and-half and
1/4 cup of sugar should just pour the
sugar directly onto the plate and then
use the plate to pour it into the bottle
I think I will do that next time
I’m not adding any vanilla extract this
time because I think the eggnog will
provide all the flavor we need you have
to mix it up and get that sugar
dissolving them now I think a great
flavor to go with our eggnog is going to
be hot chocolate flavor of course it’s
going to be cooled down a lot so it’s
not going to have the heat of hot cocoa
but it will have the flavor of hot cocoa
so to do that I have some chocolate milk
and I’ve taken our 1/2 and 1/2 and I’ve
mixed in a bunch of cocoa powder cocoa
powder does not usually dissolve well in
cold liquids so I did heat up the
half-and-half then I mixed in the cocoa
powder and then I cooled it down in the
refrigerator until it was about room
temperature now we’ll follow our same
recipe but instead of using milk and
half-and-half we’ll use chocolate milk
and chocolate half-and-half should be
pretty good
let’s see I don’t know how well this cup
pours but not too bad
there we go chocolate milk and
half-and-half turned into hot chocolate
this should be delicious
now as delicious as that is ice cream is
supposed to be a very sweet dessert so
I’m still going to add a little bit of
sugar to this not a full quarter cup
like I have for the others but a little
bit maybe an eighth of a cup
there we go we now have our eggnog and
our hot chocolate flavored ice cream
mixes so let’s pour a couple of plates
of liquid nitrogen and start dripping
eggnog and hot chocolate ice cream beads
that’s a really good combo there you go
a couple of recipes on how to make
eggnog and hot chocolate flavored
futuristic ice cream beads these things
are really good it’s a good flavor
combination to eggnog and hot chocolate
I noticed when dripping our ice cream
formula into the liquid nitrogen it
would take a second or two for the
individual beads to begin to freeze and
if one drip touched another drip before
it had a chance to freeze they would
join together and then you just get a
larger ice-cream bead instead of two
small ones whether or not that’s a good
thing might be up to you
I generally tried to get the small beads
but if I was getting a couple that were
made of two or even three drops I didn’t
really worry about it all right now we
know how to make our futuristic dippin
dots style ice cream let’s move on to
making some regular styled ice cream for
our more stereotypically textured
icecream we’re going to try a slightly
different recipe of 1/2 cup half and
half and 1/2 cup heavy cream we’ll still
also add 1/4 cup of sugar and a dash of
now let’s stir this up until all of the
sugar is dissolved we can’t really see
the sugar very well the same way we
could in the squeeze bottle since we
won’t be able to see the sugar very well
we’ll need to rely on the sound and feel
of the spatula to know when our sugar is
dissolved there we go I think our sugar
is now completely dissolved into our
mixture so it’s time to start adding the
cold let’s pour our liquid nitrogen into
our measuring cup and then carefully
pour from there into our mixture and
then start stirring it around
mommy I’m adding about a quarter of a
cup of the liquid nitrogen at a time you
can see that the nitrogen gets inside of
the cream mixture and makes it bubble up
quite a bit
stop hissing I think that means all of
the nitrogen is gone and it’s time to
add more
we were looking really good now that’s
definitely starting to look like ice
cream as I’m stirring I’m trying to keep
the liquid nitrogen and the ice cream
off the walls of the bowl as much as I
can because if the liquid nitrogen stays
in contact within the metal it will
create really cold points and then we’ll
have super frozen bits of ice cream on
the sides but not as much in the middle
beautiful that is looking like ice cream
mmm it’s a little bit soft if you like
your ice cream harder I’d say you can
just keep adding a little bit more
liquid nitrogen to cool it down even
further I kind of like slightly soft ice
cream personally let’s have a war in the
comment section about which is better
hard ice cream or soft ice cream but a
politely a nice gentle kindly spoken war
that right there I think is ice cream
ready to serve try some of this that’s
really good that is very good
unbelievably creamy
I got 75% of this recipe is cream so it
makes sense that would be really creamy
you about our ice cream I think we are
ready to serve a recipe for vanilla ice
cream works great so let’s see if we can
add a few more things and give ourselves
a little bit different flavor this time
I’m gonna try for caramel and then I’m
gonna see if I can make some raspberry
ice cream with real raspberries
just add a little bit of this I’m not
sure how powerful it is then I also have
some caramel sauce that’s meant for ice
cream and once I’ve got the ice cream a
little bit frozen I’ll swirl in some
caramel sauce and then freeze it even
though just stirring to dissolve all the
sugar there we go our ice cream is now
at a pretty good consistency I’m gonna
add some caramel and then just try and
freeze it up a little bit more with our
caramel gently swirled in
beautiful got streaks of caramel it’s
not so mixed in that you don’t see it
anymore and then of course it’s caramel
flavored to begin with it’s really good
stuff super creamy this is turned out
let’s try raspberry
not really sure exactly how much of that
to add this is going to be raspberry
flavored ice cream so let’s add a drop
of red to turn our ice cream pink
we’ve got some nice raspberries that
we’re going to add into our ice cream
but unfortunately they thought a little
bit more than they were supposed to so
they’re very mushy and I’m afraid if I
try and mix them in like this we’ll just
have like a puree and we kind of want
the chunks of raspberry instead so to
fix that I’m just gonna take a little
bit of liquid nitrogen pour that over
the raspberries and hope that solidifies
them so they’ll mix into the ice cream a
little bit nicer scrape our raspberries
and our liquid nitrogen just down into
the bowl
and looking like some delicious
raspberry ice cream very good
lots of good creamy flavor of course
some good raspberry flavor and a little
bit of a tart kick from the actual
raspberry mixed in this is delicious
there you have it milk cream
half-and-half and some liquid nitrogen
and several delicious recipes for ice
cream these are all seriously very good
so we have our standard vanilla we’ve
got our raspberry with actual
raspberries in it and we have our
caramel flavor with caramel swirls in it
which is also fantastic our standard
style ice cream was made by mixing up
our cream and our half-and-half and then
adding liquid nitrogen to that while we
stirred it our dippin dot style ice
cream was made by slowly squeezing out a
mixture of milk and half-and-half with
some sugar and flavoring at it into the
liquid nitrogen so it formed nice little
ice cream beads with our standard ice
cream recipe if you do want it to be a
little lower fat you can substitute the
half-and-half and cream for milk and
half-and-half this will cut down on the
fat a lot and if you’re using liquid
nitrogen it’s still going to freeze and
get pretty solid it won’t taste quite as
creamy but it’ll still be quite
thanks for joining us for this video
today and remember to come gear yourself
up with hats shirts and other cool
merchandise at the king of random calm
see you there yes this workbench is
clean enough to eat off of why do you
ask I don’t know about you but I’m gonna
feel really fat by the end of it I don’t
look it what I’m gonna feel it very cool
I’ve used that pun like 12 times today
already there we go our ice cream made
with liquid nitrogen and our dinner
provided by hellofresh
to try out their service head to hello
fresh calm and enter promo code king of
random 34 $30 off of your first week of
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