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IF HE/SHE PUT YOU THROUGH HELL – Watch This! [Powerful Information]

peace infinite waters diving deep once
again beautiful deep divers we are out
here in nature baby another gorgeous day
but did he screw you over did she screw
you over did they put you through hell
did they do that to you and now you’re
like Ralph what I don’t trust no one did
you just say that out loud I trust no
Ralph they are all the same if he or she
put you through hell watch this this is
gonna be life-changing for you are you
like Ralph there’s a natural genuine
person exist or are they all full of
lies deep divers the cat down the road
is as genuine as you ever gonna find and
we ain’t even had breakfast yet can I
get a hello beautiful deep divers this
is sexology water fire hot cold yin yang
daddy’s home I’m back so that’s the
question that came in someone asked me
Ralph does love exist how can I attract
a genuine person to me they screwed me
over Alf he screwed me over to the point
where I don’t trust anybody anymore they
are all the same and I’m probably gonna
be single for the rest of my life I’m
never ever gonna be able to find a good
person to rub my back at night deep
divers is that you well let me give you
this new perspective if he or she
screwed you over and now you like forget
about it I’m done with this right
realize that
it’s okay to not trust anybody after a
painful hurtful experience I don’t blame
I’m not gonna judge you allow yourself
to be annoyed allow yourself to feel
that everybody you meet is untrustworthy
allow people to earn your trust mmm
slow motion this side that’s right
you’re doing the right thing baby
they’ve got to earn your trust right now
and that lost person made it really hard
because they really screwed you over you
see deep divers you are already going
through pain you might as well learn the
lesson from it hmm slow motion this side
you see the universe sends people into
our lives to teach us to heal us to hurt
us to make a smile but every single
person who you have allowed into your
space has come there for reason there’s
always a lesson to be learned from every
single interaction I guarantee you you
have become a lot wiser after that
experience correct exactly therefore
that person was needed for your growth
they have opened your eyes like wow I
can see clearly now that’s right so
although it didn’t work out although the
relationship went sour
and when their way
at least they taught you what you
definitely don’t want at least they
taught you what you definitely don’t
want what you definitely don’t need they
have served as an example of what you
don’t need that’s why they came into
your life just to show you what you
don’t need you see deep divers if he or
she screwed you over and you’re like
Ralph I don’t trust anybody realize what
is happening here you are allowing
yourself to make a permanent decision
based on a temporary emotion happens to
me all the time I’m like Kat down the
road I’m not going to talk to you
anymore because you really pissed me off
a permanent decision based on a
temporary emotion and to really attract
a genuine person again you have to not
allow your emotions to rule your logic
to rule your day-to-day because so long
as you are allowing yourself to make
these permanent decisions based on
temporary emotions you will always think
that everybody is a liar and a cheater
you will always see new relationships
with old eyes it’s time for you to
realize that what happened with him or
what happened with her can stay with him
or her but I’m not gonna allow myself to
carry this energy into the next
relationship or interaction why because
I’m not gonna allow that previous person
to have so much power over my present
circumstances mmm what slow motion this
side better rewind that
deep divers allow yourself to be seen if
he or she put you through hell and
you’re like Ralph how can I ever find a
genuine person again someone to love me
realize that all you have to do right
now is allow yourself to be seen many
times what happens in relationships we
put on the front they don’t know who we
are we we definitely don’t know who they
are and we have to allow ourselves to be
seen so we can actually see clearer we
have to have a better relationship with
ourselves so we can actually see clearer
key word clarity the more you work on
yourself the more you form a better
relationship with yourself now you can
have the eyes to see who’s who maybe
this will work out maybe it won’t no
once you really know who you are and
have a great relationship with yourself
you’re always gonna know what’s good for
you hmm
slow motion this side be sure and make
sure he’s sure or she’s sure be with
someone who is sure of you they know
your whole story not oh you’re a really
pretty face no not just that you’re a
pretty face but you also have a
beautiful soul let that person see you
your inner radiance and your outer shine
if he put you or she put you through
hell I’m here to tell you there is a
light at the end of the tunnel and deep
divers it isn’t a train coming it is a
new experience coming just when you
thought Ralph I’m not gonna trust
anybody again the universe has a clever
way of proving us wrong because somebody
is gonna come and they’re gonna melt
your heart but you have to open up space
for that person to come because so long
as you are holding
two old energy you are never ever gonna
allow yourself the freedom to free your
arms up and create this open space to
say actually I’m gonna walk around with
no judgement every single person is
unique and I get it it didn’t work out
but this doesn’t have to be how the
story ends deep divers if he or she
screwed you over realize today you have
the power to rewrite your story can I
get a hello there but I get it you keep
saying Rover I’m never ever gonna meet
somebody again you are speaking that
into existence therefore it will become
it will become an actual reality so
start changing how you speak say it
didn’t work out he was a jerk
so what this does not have to define me
I’m amazing I’m worthy of all the love
in the world I’ve become a stronger
person someone out there is gonna love
me but I’m not gonna wait on it cuz I
love myself right now
I don’t mind if I’m gonna be single for
the next ten years or twenty years
that’s okay cuz I love me and somebody
is gonna see how bright eye shine deep
dive is that he or she screwed you over
realize this today you don’t have to
settle that’s right you do not have to
settle and you’re doing the right thing
because I’m sure you’re getting offers
people that want to come into your life
and you’re like no I don’t I don’t trust
this and what is happening is that you
set your stand is higher and that is
fantastic because you want settling and
that’s how to attract someone genuine
raise your standard say this is what I’m
looking for
and I won’t sell myself short like I did
last time why because I’m wiser why
because I’ve evolved more why because I
know what I’m worthy for and therefore
deep divers nobody will ever screw you
over again and then you’ll just say feel
so good to be a live baby can I get a
hello beautiful deep divers we are out
here in the heart of nature baby dogs
everywhere cats everywhere it’s like a
jungle out here we’re just whoa
breathing in that good-ass piranha baby
beautiful deep divers get the good
asperatus jets at Ralph smart dog come
slash clothes get the amazing book feel
alive by Ralph smart follow me on
instagram at infinite waters deep divers
the greatest relationship you can have
is with yourself have a beautiful day
deep divers infinite waters diving deep
once again stay well stay healthy peace
I just love doing that just like whoa
breathing in that good aspirin a baby [Music]

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