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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Reaction – WM Breakdown

before we begin this episode will
contain spoilers viewer discretion is
are you going I’m not spending my final
hours with you two miserable old shits
status alright let’s get right into it
what were your overall impressions of
this this was another setup episode
however it was a fantastic setup episode
we got to spend more time with our
favorite characters it felt like they
had more time to breathe and interact it
also felt like a farewell episode for a
lot of these characters although we’re
not sure which yeah I definitely thought
that this was an episode of Game of
Thrones if you know what I mean I felt
like the last one had kind of embraced
the mean culture and the Marvel isms so
to speak a lot of one-line yeah so it
was kind of like more of a funny
light-hearted episode although I did
find this one light-hearted I did feel
it felt more authentic to the series you
know the interesting conversations etc
so I really liked this episode it was a
good setup yeah and I think that it kind
of forced us to say farewell to a lot of
our characters so we don’t really know
who we’re gonna did a great job of
foreshadowing the deaths of essentially
all of the characters leaving us
uncertain which you’re actually gonna
die yeah exactly so let’s talk about the
new title sequence
so of course season 8 has a new title
sequence we have a lot of new content we
have the breach in the wall the
interiors of Winterfell and King’s
we also have new images on those
rotating bands we see vissarion breaking
the wall we see the red wedding and we
see four dragons following a shooting
star we also have a series of blue tiles
that are tracking the White Walkers
progress in episode one they were just
arriving the last half but now they’ve
surrender the last half and they’re
creeping towards Winterfell
yeah I think that this is just such a
testament to the attention to detail of
this show
I love the new title sequence I love the
blue tiles like creeping towards
Winterfell is just like totally freaking
me out
let’s talk
one of the central themes in this
episode which is Danny and Jeannie so
they’re sort of trial at the beginning
of this episode I understand the need
for drama and tension between them but I
have to admit I didn’t really understand
why Daenerys was quite so mad I mean she
knows that her dad was a psychopath
she knows that Jaime killed him to stuff
him killing thousands and thousands of
other people we’ve kind of been there
done that she’s acknowledged that yeah I
know what my dad was well blah I thought
she was she’s back on that kind of
self-righteous train and personally I
found it a relief when she stepped off
for a moment to try to talk to to Sansa
and extend the olive branch yeah I think
the Jaime you know trial felt kind of
like a non-issue for us like we said in
the last episode Jaime has really
redeemed himself as a character and
we’re kind of forced to relive all of
his shortcomings I think they just
wanted to kind of address the fact that
he had wronged so many people who were
sitting in that room bran included but
like we said bran doesn’t care they all
have bigger fish to fry I feel like this
was just kind of a formality getting
over you know past burns but I think
that the real kind of tension in this
episode was between Danny and Sansa for
sure yeah so on surge or advice Daenerys
actually tried to make peace with Sansa
and for a little while it seemed like it
was going well you know they had a
moment they joked about Jon Daenerys
made a joke about Jon not being as tall
as she imagined her future bow would be
but it all went south pretty quickly and
got chilly really fast when the issue of
the throne was caught up yeah I think
that a lot of people were looking
forward to this kind of being resolved
to strong female characters I think that
the person in this situation who was
being unreasonable is Danny I feel like
she still doesn’t really understand that
none of this matters right now the only
thing that matters are the White Walkers
are approaching Winterfell as they speak
but all the Danny cares about is
controlling the Seven Kingdoms which i
think is a little bit ridiculous and
Sansa too seemed a little bit like she
was caught up in the you know politics
of everything that’s going on but this
was such an amazing scene and such an
important scene I
it’s just a testament to the acting of
these two amazing women the tension in
the room felt was very palpable yeah it
was it was very intense and I think they
were both happy to be interrupted
towards the end of their conversations
so let’s talk a little bit about brands
role in this episode right so in the
wool room I guess Jonah’s talking
strategy and bran has a plan which is to
use himself as bait and what’s really
interesting about this part is that he
reveals a lot about the history between
the night king and the three-eyed Raven
and he also reveals the night Kings
overall motivation which is just
basically an annihilation of humankind
the night king has gone after the
three-eyed Raven many times before we
learn because he wants to destroy human
memory which is I guess the ultimate
sort of destruction of humankind okay my
question is if brand news the
motivations of the night King and what
he’s gonna be doing then why doesn’t he
know how this is gonna turn out and
what’s their best strategy I think he
can see a human all of human memory but
I think you only get flashes in the
future yeah okay that kind of makes
sense that’s why I think when he says to
Jaime how do you know there’s gonna be
anything afterwards I personally I
didn’t think that bran really knows if
there’s gonna be anything afterwards or
not yeah I think there’s I hope not
because if he does then that comment is
extremely ominous I think to be
all-seeing aspect of his gifts one of
the most amazing moments in this episode
I think happens when everybody’s sort of
getting ready for what could be their
final night on earth right and they’re
all sitting around the fire and
something really amazing happens Brienne
is finally United for the entirety of
this series that we’ve known Brienne
brand has always wanted to be a knight
and I think that this was such an
emotional and impactful moment
especially to be knighted by someone
like Jaime who she really respects who
she’s she’s come to love as a friend so
this was like it was so emotional it was
a fantastic scene to an extent it
potentially closed the whole Jaime and
Brienne arc I also I also really
appreciated story time with Tom and
where it’s
sui’s weird story and I think that
Tolman story time should be the next
came with her and spoon up tell funny
stories having said that of course his
story about being raised for a time by a
giant s it may not be true he also said
that he got it on with a bear and I
think we can all be hopefully skeptical
of that story also yeah and tormund’s
kind of tale of suckling at the teat of
a giant was not the only uncomfortable
moment in this episode Ruth at Aria and
Gendry you know get it it happened a lot
of people found that uncomfortable some
people said it was a little out of
character for her to be so aggressive in
that situation I think it did feel a
little off however I think I think she
was acting that way because she has real
feelings for gander II and she’s not
really sure how to express them I mean
she does appeal people’s faces off for a
living now I guess so
you know maybe she has problems putting
her feelings out there yeah I think this
is sort of a contentious seen among Game
of Thrones fans because Aria has up
until this point been sort of I wouldn’t
say asexual but kind of someone who had
doesn’t doesn’t really have sexual
desires so yes it did seem sort of out
of character but it’s her last night on
earth she wants to experience life so I
know I really don’t see it as that weird
of a scene I loved when she took off her
shirt and you could see the scars that
she had from her the when the waif
attacked her I thought it was just kind
of like a very powerful moment for Aria
and marks the union finally of the stock
and Baratheon houses yeah we’ll see for
how long so let’s also talk about
Podrick the new-and-improved badass
season eight Podrick he can sing he can
fight who knows what else I think we
know what so he sang a song called Jenny
song has been alluded to in the books
Jenny song is about a woman called Jenny
of old stones who married Duncan
Targaryen a prince who broke off his
betrothal to a Baratheon daughter
for love he also gave up his claim to
the throne and one of Jenny’s friends a
woods which was the was the one who
prophesied that the prince was promised
would come from
Daenerys his parents and and John’s
grandparents so it was interesting that
after that song we then cut to John and
Daenerys in the crypts with the statue
of Liana because basically that song or
at least a story behind that song sums
up all the different elements in in the
plot of the game of Thrones you have you
know broken betrothal or marriage you
have the theme of giving up the throne
for love which is also the question
that’s that’s hanging out Tony over John
and the nurses heads right now you have
a Baratheon rebellion yeah so that was
really interesting yeah I felt like that
song had such a Lord of the Rings vibe
yeah it was great I really really
enjoyed it now going back to John and
Danny so this scene where he finally
reveals his true parentage to her there
is a bit of a negative reaction which I
mean we’ve all come to expect from
Daenerys she’s kind of become a little
bit of a villain in the series in the
first two episodes what do you think is
gonna happen between us though I mean I
thought Daenerys his reaction was
completing character don’t get me wrong
yeah it was funny that her reaction
isn’t you know incest it’s instead stay
away from my chair yeah I definitely
think that Daenerys has really shown her
true colors she’s very cold to John when
she finds out and I don’t know what she
would have done had they not blown the
horns the Whitewater and saved by the
horns yeah yeah so I feel like this is
definitely not over between them despite
what’s going to happen into that it’s an
interesting question will they be able
to put it aside for the duration of the
battle and pick it up afterwards or is
it going to interfere with their
defensive Winterfell
yeah now speaking of the Battle of
Winterfell the White Walkers have
finally arrived now we ask the question
to our community what is gonna happen in
the Battle of Winterfell now I think an
overwhelming amount of people agree that
the Battle of Winterfell will be lost
and that
we’ll be forced to flee however an
interesting amount of people are also
sort of pointing towards the fact that
Daenerys is becoming the villain of this
season now what do you think that I
think she’s gonna pull it together for
the Battle of Winterfell and after that
all bets are off we’ll see yeah well I
guess we will see in the episodes to
come thank you guys so much for watching
we’ll be here next week doing a
breakdown of Game of Thrones season 8
episode 3 the Battle of Winterfell thank you so much
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