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Will Dry Ice Carbonate Steak?

in today’s video we are taking a look at
the carbonation process how it works and
finding out just what and what shouldn’t
be turned into a fizzy treat
the eyes you have seen both grant and
Nate make different sorts of carbonated
treats over the years you’ve seen Nate
make carbonated fruits for summer and
you’ve seen grant make carbonated ice
cream so today I want to take that push
that limit and see what can be
carbonated here’s the basic idea we are
taking a variety of snacks to find out
what can and cannot be carbonated and
whether or not you should to start out
with we’re gonna go with some
tried-and-true things we’re actually
going to try a cucumber and a bell
pepper those are things that I’m pretty
sure can be carbonated because they are
a little bit more porous they hold a lot
of water in them they should work but
the question here is do we want them to
alright to start out with we’ve got a
cucumber and a bell pepper
technically anything that is porous or
liquid should be able to absorb the
carbon dioxide from dry ice in a sealed
container now this isn’t going to be
airtight because that wouldn’t be safe
but it should still work so that’s why
I’m going with a cucumber and a bell
pepper these both have a very high water
content and are technically a porous
sort of flesh so the carbon dioxide
should absorb very nicely all right to
make fruits vegetables and literally
anything else carbonated it’s a very
simple process all you really need is
your carbonated snack of choice a cooler
and some dry ice we’re going to take our
cooler and put a decent amount of dry
ice at the bottom alright so we’ve got a
lot of dry ice in there now I want to
put my cucumber and my bell pepper in
there with the dry ice to kind of absorb
that carbon dioxide here’s the problem I
don’t want them to free so we have to
make sure they’re elevated above the dry
ice so they don’t have contact with this
easiest way to do that I’m going to put
my slices into a bowl and I’m gonna
elevate them on top of a paper cup and
now for the really fun part we’re
actually going to seal it with some
cling wrap now normally you do not seal
anything with dry ice inside of it but
even with clean wrap on a cooler it’s
not actually going to be airtight some
of that air is still going to escape so
the carbon dioxide isn’t gonna have a
chance to build up and make it too
pressurized all it’s going to do is make
sure if that pressure is more or less
staying internal without being dangerous
perfect let that sit for about an hour
we should have a fizzy cucumber in bell
pepper now while we are waiting for our
bell pepper and our cucumber to
hopefully get fizzy I want to try
something else
jello it is possible to make a fizzy
jello if you mix it with a seltzer water
when you’re preparing it
however I’ve noticed that a lot of the
bubbles die out so I want to see if
mixing with dry ice in the cooling
process will actually carbonate it as we
go let’s put this into a container that
will hopefully contain it a little
alright now normally you can add ice
water to your jello to help it set
faster or just pop it in the fridge for
a few hours I’m just going to add dry
ice until it cools okay I have dry ice
jello okay so I got impatient with the
jello so I’m gonna leave it over there
let it do its thing and we’re gonna try
something even weirder guys I want to
know if you can carbonate steak now the
reason that I’m using steak instead of
any other meat like chicken is because
steak tends to be a little bit more Airy
I guess you could say it’s very porous
so I’m hoping that that means that the
carbon dioxide is going to sink him a
little bit easier whereas if we used a
cooked chicken breast it’s a lot denser
and I’m not sure if carbon dioxide could
get through that alright
so I’ve left this steak decently rare in
the middle I’m hoping that’ll make it a
little bit easier to absorb that co2 so
I’m gonna cut some really thin slices
and I’m gonna throw it in the cooler
right beside our veggies let’s see how
our cucumber and our bell pepper turned
out oh they did just fall off of the cup
when I move them I can’t tell if they’re
they do not need more time that is
bizarre that was a fizzy bell pepper
it’s not bad it’s just very strange now
I have had carbonated watermelon before
cucumber tastes similar to me nut it’s
also really weird but awesome okay
carbonated vegetables I’m actually a fan
that’s kind of cool all right I’m gonna
toss these back in here with this steak
I want to see if we can get these even
busier and see if the steaks gonna work
I want to add as much dry ice as
possible without freezing the bottom of
my bowls just the tiniest bit of water
to help it sublimate a little faster all
right I’ve cut these little strips of
steak very thin and hopes of making this
work when we close it back up seal it
with saran her up again leave it for
about an hour all right here’s a sign
that we know that it’s working already
now this isn’t just regular clean wrap
this is press and seal and it’s still
being puffed up by the carbon dioxide
which is perfect because it is escaping
this isn’t airtight so it’s not
dangerous but it it’s definitely
building up some pressure so what that
means is we’re basically forcing the
carbon dioxide into the flesh of the
meat and into the flesh of our fruit and
vegetable we have a cucumber a bell
pepper and a piece of steak being
carbonated our jello is still going
let’s make some ice cream we’re gonna be
using grant’s recipe on how to make
carbonated ice cream today I want to try
it for myself
that’s gonna be two cups of
half-and-half half a cup of powdered
sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract
yeah it’s gonna be very sweet ice cream
all right now we just add dry ice and
stir until it freezes
how many of added too much dress but you
know what this is looking awesome so if
you decide to make this at home just
like grant told you in the previous
video make sure you don’t swallow any of
these pieces of dry ice that would not
be good for you but the ice cream on its
own shouldn’t be carbonated now that’s
that is really cool I’m gonna try and
drop it into some water and see if we
can actually see that carbonation as it
dissolves oh you’re totally kin
just a little around the edges we had
some bubbles rising to the surface there
a little bit you can see some of that
co2 rising to the surface just around
the edges my jello is mostly solidified
well look at how many bubbles are
captured right underneath now I’ve seen
bubbles rise to the surface and jello
and stay there as it solidifies but
these are massive bubbles I’ve never
seen that before
okay that just dissolves in my mouth
nose like jello cotton candy but a
little bit fizzy that’s really cool I am
concerned because I didn’t have as much
fizzes I wanted it to but that’s just
the bubbles let’s get down to the jello
itself and you can see our jello isn’t
completely set up in the middle just try
around the edge here but look at those
these aren’t bubbles anymore these are
just divots in the surface of the jello
I’m gonna truth that’s my favorite guys
you can make carbonated jello just by
adding dry ice to it that is really
really fun that is easy to do and that
tastes so good that’s fun all right guys
it’s been a few minutes and I have Josh
with me Josh are you ready to try
whatever I put in this cooler not really
you’re gonna if you had to guess for
something that I may have tried to
carbonate what do you think it might be
I don’t mean I don’t really know what
you’ve got going on today
oh sure that was my second guess yeah of
course of course it was all right I’ll
try it first how’s that okay not only is
that’s weird busy snake that’s really
weird but we made it happen here I’ll
try one of these these that’s a bell
pepper no you go that’s weird all right
so I think out of all of these the
cucumbers actually got the most
carbonated they have the highest water
content they’re very porous so it was
easy for the carbonation to sink into
them so let’s see yep
that feels really good that’s cool
I’m getting a full mil here can you
carbonate most ordinary foods well if
they have a high water content yes you
can shoot you Josh should you oh but you
can’t and it’s easy to do you can do
this at home all you need is a cooler
some dry ice and some clean wrap just
make sure that your food never touches
the dry ice itself and you’re good to go
guys that’s not all we’ve always got
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