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The Hot Zone: Official Trailer | National Geographic

this is one of the deadliest places on
earth every known virus is here it’s
gonna seem very claustrophobic people
panic they scream you need to be
Thanks somebody needs you to take a look
at what are we testing for ebola zaire
the opposed nay ever been detected on US
soil there’s a first time for everything
I have a husband two kids we have a duty
to protect them
scaring the hell out of me Matt I need
to get back in there there’s a chance
that it’s Ebola they may already be in
do you have any idea what kind of panic
this would cause there’s no cure no
vaccine mortality rate is 90% it’s here
you brought it back here it spreads
through bodily fluids when we show each
it’s learning
it’s a ball
it will wipe us out if we don’t get
try to keep my family safe
[Music] for you
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