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Barack Obama’s Advice on FAILURE, Making EXCUSES, and SUCCESS! | #MentorMeBarack

if you are going to try something hard
if you’re putting yourself out there in
some way there are going to be times
where you screw up or you don’t succeed
excuses are tools of being competent
used to build bridges to nowhere and
monuments of nothingness
you just don’t succeed in any endeavor
unless you’ve got a team that’s been
supporting you wanna soar get a mentor
what’s that belief nation at seven I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so today let’s learn
from one of the best Barack Obama and
some of his best life-changing advice
mentor me Barak also if you want to know
Barack Obama and others have to say
about excellence check out my 254 black
excellence series where every day for
the next 254 days I highlight somebody
new in the black community and shine a
light of excellence on them the link to
join is in the description below maybe
someone in your family has lost their
job and there’s not enough money to go
around maybe you live in a neighborhood
where you don’t feel safe or have
friends we’re pressuring you to do
okay let’s kick it off with your number
one focus on the right things worry less
about what you want to be and worry more
about what you want to do because when
you what when when you’re more concerned
with I want to be a congressman or I
want to be a senator or I want to be
rich then you know some people may
succeed in chasing that that goal but
when they get there they don’t know what
to do with it and if they don’t get
there they don’t have anything to show
for it
but if you’re worrying about I want to
improve education in low-income
neighborhoods or I want to deal with
climate change and help save the planet
all right
then whatever you’re doing in pursuit of
that goal in and of itself is going to
be worthwhile it and it’s going to teach
you things and it’s going to put you in
a position to have an impact and then if
it turns out as a result that you also
end up being successful in in in
politics or whatever thing you’re
pursuing then so much the better the
most successful business people that I
know Bill Gates didn’t start off saying
I want to be the richest man in the
he started off saying to himself I
really think these computers are cool
and I want to write cool software that’s
what he wanted to do worked out well
rule number two stop making excuses we
know that too many young men in our
community continue to make bad choices
and I have to say growing up I made
quite a few myself
sometimes I wrote off my own failings as
just as another example of the world
trying to keep a black man down I had a
tendency sometimes to make excuses for
me not doing the right thing but one of
the things that all of you have learned
over the last four years is there’s no
longer any room for excuses I understand
there’s a common fraternity Creed here
at Morehouse excuses are tools of being
competent used to build bridges to
nowhere and monuments of nothingness
well we’ve got no time for excuses not
because the bitter legacy of slavery and
segregation have vanished entirely they
have not not because racism and
discrimination no longer exists we know
those are still out there
it’s just that in today’s
hyper-connected hyper competitive world
with millions of young people from China
and India and Brazil many of whom
started with a whole lot less than all
of you did all of them entering the
global workforce alongside you nobody is
going to give you anything that you have
not earned nobody cares how tough your
upbringing was nobody cares if you
suffered some discrimination
and moreover you have to remember that
whatever you’ve gone through it pales in
comparison to the hardships previous
generations endured and they overcame
them and if they overcame them you can
overcome up to rule number three build a
great team just don’t succeed in any
endeavor unless you’ve got a team that’s
been supporting you and that’s part of
my political philosophy it’s really
based on my own experience which was if
somebody hadn’t been out there looking
out for me starting with my mom my
grandmother my grandfather that I
wouldn’t made it it wasn’t because of my
brilliance or something that these
things happen it had to do with people
investing in you and so we’ve got to
make sure we’re investing in the next
generation just like somebody invested
in us rule number four learn from
failures with respect to failure it’s
terrible but but but necessary if you if
you are going to try something hard if
you’re putting yourself out there in
some way there are going to be times
where you screw up or you don’t succeed
or there are times where you do
everything right and you still don’t
succeed but that’s not just true of
politics or running a not-for-profit
that’s true some of you talked about
being entrepreneurial if you’re starting
a clothing line that’s that’s a
cutthroat business you know I’m sure you
yeah I have every confidence I out of it
you’re gonna succeed at some point but
you’ll go through some failures you know
and and I think that the most important
thing and this is a little bit of a
cliche but sometimes clichés are true is
to learn from those failures and to have
a sense of resilience and be able to
examine what is it that I did not
succeed at why didn’t I succeed and what
do I need to do better if you’re focused
on giving of yourself to accomplish
something then even when you fail at a
particular objective
you’re still succeeding in learning
about how you can accomplish those goals
and rule number five the last one before
a very special bonus clip is press odd
dr. King once said before we reach the
majestic shores of the promised land
there is a frustrating and bewildering
at wilderness ahead we must still face
prodigious hilltops of opposition and
gigantic mountains of resistance but
with patient and firm determination we
will press on so I don’t know about you
CVC but the future rewards those who
press on with patient and firm
determination I’m going to press on for
jobs I’m going to press on for equality
I’m going to press on for the sake of
our children I’m going to press on for
the sake of all those families who are
struggling right now I don’t have time
to feel sorry for myself I don’t have
time to complain I’m gonna press on I
expect all of you to March with me and
press so take off your bedroom slippers
put on your marching shoes shake it off
stop complaining stop grumbling stop
crying we are going to press on we’ve
got work to do
now I’ve got a special bonus gift from
Barack Obama on how to commit to
something bigger that I think you could
enjoy but before that it’s time for the
three-point landing questions time to
move from just watching another video to
taking action in your life for business
and if you’re feeling bald leave your
answers in the comments below here we go
question number one where do you need to
just press on number two what was the
greatest lesson you learn from your
failures and number three what excuse –
you need to stop making I want to
highlight two main problems with that
old tired me first approach to life
first of all it distracts you from
what’s truly important
and it may lead you to compromise your
values and your principles and your
commitments think about it it’s in
chasing titles and status in worrying
about the next election rather than the
national interest and the interests of
those who you’re supposed to represent
that politicians so often lose their
ways in Washington they spend time
thinking about polls but not about
principle it was in pursuit of gaudy
short-term profits and the bonuses that
came with them that so many folks lost
their way on Wall Street engaging in
extraordinary risks with other people’s
in contrast the leaders we Revere the
businesses and institutions that last
they are not generally the result of a
narrow pursuit of popularity or personal
advancement but of devotion to some
bigger purpose the preservation of the
Union or the determination to lift a
country out of a depression the creation
of a quality product a commitment to
your customers your workers your
shareholders and your community a
commitment to make sure that an
institution like ASU is inclusive and
diverse and giving opportunity to all
if you want more barack obama i took at
the top ten rules video man on him the
link is right there next to me i think
you’ll enjoy it
continue to believe and i’ll see you
there we don’t score a touchdown every
time but we move the ball forward they
spent time thinking about polls but not about principle
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