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Delete From Map Golang

all right so hands on exercise number
ten and your last exercise which if you
complete it you are going to be a ninja
level number four that’s awesome
hands on exercise number ten using the
code from the previous example delete a
record from your mouth now print the map
out using the range loop well same stuff
so we’re just going to come here launch
this code and we wanted to lead a record
so I think first we’ll print it like
that now we’ll just delete well we know
that we know that we know that this is
in there so we’re gonna delete we’re
gonna delete Ian’s flowing know a little
delete doctor now a bleep doctor now so
you give the map and then you give the
key and doctor know should disappear
format panel this is bond James
Moneypenny and Fleming Ian Fleming sweet
so there is a solution for hands on
exercise number ten and congratulations
to you for continuing to keep going
you’re doing great
you’ve come a long ways you’ve learned a
lot of cool things and hopefully you’re
having a good time
programming for me is pretty fun and
it’s always very interesting just to see
how things work and once you get the
language mechanics you can start to do
some neat things so I hope you’re
enjoying it and there’s a lot more cool
and good stuff coming in the next
section I think we’re gonna be talking
about structs and structs are pretty
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