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Hands-On Golang Exercise – Map Add Record

hands-on exercise number nine using the
code from the previous example add a
record to your map now print the map out
using the range loop so all we have to
do is add a record so let’s go add a
record and we’ll go here if we just want
to start from there let’s leet that one
and so we want to add a record so to a
director record we’ll do em and then the
record and it’s going to be equal to
some value which will be a slice of
string and there so there’s our
composite literal the type the curly
braces and then the values and I don’t
know who to do here so there’s a hard
part let me think about that for a
voodoo Fleming in and we will do stakes
cigars espionage it’s true all right
and I’ll keep that consistent code
Oh backticks actually in some ways read
pretty well and there’s Ian Fleming
alright so we added a record and it
printed out too and that’s the that’s
the solution for hands-on exercise
number nine
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