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BEST 4K Vlogging Camera & Equipment for YouTube 2018

now you could spend the next 10 hours
going through tons of videos or you
could spend the next 10 minutes watching
this we’re going to go over data storage
the best camera of the best bang for
your buck
drones audio equipment everything that
you need to get up and running and have
a successful YouTube channel
hey everyone hungry gadget guru I’m here
with my good friend sue she is pretty
much a media ninja he’s taking her
photos of Obama Bill Clinton Steve
Wozniak I mean he is legitimately a
professional on every way really able to
help me upgrade this channel and I just
don’t want to help him out I want to
help you out you’re gonna see some 9fa
things when we make a mistake let us
know where we’re gonna fix it if new
camera equipment comes out we will try
to update this with what we’re using
this is a very important episode because
we’re gonna show you everything you need
to make a youtube trailer so we want to
do this because you’re part of community
we’ve been working trying to retool
things if you haven’t noticed things are
now in 4k they look better we’re gonna
try to keep that up and we’re gonna try
to do more experiments stay long if this
helps you out comment below if we missed
a piece of gear that could change
everything and like flip this table you
let us know when we flip the table we’re
gonna show you what mistakes we’ve made
we’re gonna show you what camera
equipment works what camera equipment we
busted over the last two months I’ve
been coming in to help him out film
video I hope that you’re gonna notice a
difference in content oh we finally got
lights we’re gonna be tackling a lot of
bigger projects together yeah yeah I
would like to be Jay o matic I’d
actually like to do some modifications
with different other projects that we
can he is upgrades leave a comment below
this thing’s got some pretty awesome
power exactly
I think we’ve tested drones we’ve seen
the spark you know the only reason I
would use the spark is if I was trying
not to be called out by a cop because it
looks like a toy this thing can go miles
up in the air miles away you know we’ve
been taking these awesome shots of
sunrise and sunset and it is like a
magical device my favorite is that it
just folds up so nice and neat and it
comes with a little carrying case and
then it’s just the monster when you open
it up it’s a monster and it’s skill
level because it’s just so effective
yeah the only thing I would say is we’ve
had a lot of problem with the firmware
on this thing because if you don’t open
it up and you don’t do the firmware like
if you’re going out update it before you
leave the house it will just stall you
it won’t let you do it so we’ve actually
gone out to shoot and the next thing you
know so that that’s like one of the
probe tips we learn this thing is
controller you fold it out much like
drone you put your camera in I mean this
is you’ve probably seen a lot of other
youtubers use this stuff you know when
it comes down to it you can waste a day
if you don’t get the firmware updated
even before we filmed the video or the
drone shot earlier we had to update it
of course the other thing I would
recommend is anything that you’re
getting here you need the proper SD
cards they have to be fast because
everything’s in 4k now so I guess we can
like just put that to the side I guess
we kind of did so these things well kind
of look like I wanted a blind mice these
are the snapchat spectacles we got these
because we wanted to do a build like by
removing everything and installing them
in yeah it didn’t it didn’t have things
built very well yeah I just could not
justify using like a grinder to cut
through it would you want to see me
doing like this type of POV footage on a
regular basis if I could use the
snapchat spectacles it might give you
some behind-the-scenes footage but it
also might be a pain in the ass yeah I
mean I mean I’m gonna tell you that
exporting the files from this is such a
pain because you have to go through the
snapchat app just use them
have a little bubble and the top like
lower right to show you what it’s
recording but it’s really limiting yeah
we just never ended up using these
they’ve they’ve been hanging around so
if you’re just getting started one of
the pieces of equipment that I love the
best and we have like all the
accessories for it is this thing a 4k
camera you can find them used of
generation one for three four hundred
dollars this one for about five you put
your iPhone in here or your other phone
and it acts as a screen this is an
amazing amazing Steadicam so it’s 4k it
takes great photos but you want to only
use this in good light and I like these
things because if we’re filming a battle
sequence in the future whatever it’s
cheap I noticed that these things are
being used in sports stadiums the
Pittsburgh Pirates and other people if
you look in the background you can kind
of see them using it this is like the
transformer part of the Osmo this is
actually the tripod it fits in your
pocket it’s amazing to me you just like
is very easy later I am entertaining see
I’m kind of like jaded by a lot of
Technology because like I’ve built
really crazy stuff maybe I’ve shocked
myself give me shines a selfie stick as
well you wanna yeah it’s it’s a
glorified selfie stick man with the
tripod oh man you know if I was doing
something and I needed 4k and it wasn’t
on my phone that’s what we use this is
announcement Z access it’s a hundred
bucks I could take it or leave it
honestly but if you’re running around
and you’re really running this thing
stabilizes we have all the ozma
components this one’s optional the other
two I would say yes because it’s the
only way you’re gonna put this thing on
a tripod and you need it with a tripod
this was my old camera I used it for I
can’t tell you how many things this is
the em1 so this is an olympus e m5 this
is an olympus IAM one with a battery
grip and i have a smaller lens because
this one’s busted
so i don’t know if you can see it but
it’s completely at a 15 degree angle i
gotta send it in this does wonderful
1080 it has interchangeable lenses
oh it’s really bad you’re like slanted
like yeah I was fumbling with the Osmo
and I just like someone was yelling at
me he’s like boo boo Connor get off the
bike I thought it was a cop so I like
freaking like flip over my handlebars
yeah biking up a small hill
gone just gone theme one has a flip
screen but you can’t actually flip and
see what you’re doing right now we can
actually look we’re using a gh 5 behind
everything so you probably do this video
quality change that’s because we’re not
using the gh 5 this is the new edition
Panasonic th 5 it is what we’ve been
filming a majority of this video if the
best feature in my opinion is the screen
which flips up you can actually see what
you’re filming that is just a must
might come do all the other things text
videos right going with all the test
footage let’s see I love this so once
again the reason that we love this thing
is I don’t have to go back and check
that’s a rode videomicro once again make
sure you buy from Amazon there’s a lot
of counterfeits
but it’s a simple mic powered by the
camera this lens is a is that I think
it’s C twelve thirty five to eight you
want a to eight you want something to
let a lot of light in and if you want to
be better as a photographer or anyone
just get more like you know like in
behind this we have great light gonna be
the new camera that I use majority of my
projects and I’m really happy you love
these things
oh yeah yeah actually use a 3/4 inch and
cap and it fits on the end of here so if
there’s a go here sort of step I can
kind of fill that void and it sits right
from my 3d printers that I can capture
all my time lapses there’s an app called
lapse it and that’s where I used to take
all my time loss it’s like the standard
Joby Gorillapod that everyone uses the
ball head on it which is this part just
sucks everything that we’ve switched to
are these Swiss are couplets so this is
a special type of thing where you just
twist a little knob and it’s it’s firm
to go anywhere so the tripod will use
this everything even your straps with
peak design they all use the same plates
so that’s been really nice because when
you’re trying to set things up and
you’re doing it faster you’re in the
field man save you time to just put it
on a tripod not switch plates not
screwing it down all that but wait
there’s more
so this is mine but he’s made a
modification to his that just makes it
way cooler so one of the most annoying
things is losing your license caps so I
made this little strap adaptor for
holding your lens cap goes right there
and I put little grooves in before in
place so that’s really nice and secure
and when I wear this I can always just
have my lens cap right here so I don’t
have to worry about losing it but kind
of opens up a lot of options for like a
photographer Batman chilly belts you
know I mean what else could be fit on
this thing literally a seat belt it is
so durable like I don’t know the
manufacturer was like thinking that your
cameras in a way like a thousand pounds
or something but this is yeah yes this
is probably the best that there is and I
think it just is more profitable my
father was a professional photographer
and when we’re recommending equipment
you know this is not a cheap strap this
is I think in the 60 $70 range but it
comes with a lifetime warranty I’m not
worried about sending it back I know
that peak design is gonna send me a new
one it’s adjustable you can adjust it
for any of the equipment you put on it
invest in quality equipment you can
argue with junk as we’ve done all day or
you can just kind of get things that
work well the best thing about this is
the quick disconnect here you going off
the way Bob and knots or anything like
breaking because he’s made very very
well there’s a little plastic piece here
that they had created through an adapter
and it locks really nice in place and
that’s quick and that is not doing any
words I’m do it press that down slide
and not your canvas 43 the reason I love
this camera the reason I love peak
design is this is whether seal if you
are out it is snowing it is raining
if you have the right lens on it there
is not going to be anything that hurts
it we had done a video with lowing up an
ATM but we just never edited it
maker J 101 he has a nice youtube
channel maybe on another episode we’ll
revisit that yeah my tripod trope
because I mean we this okay first of all
I had no clue that filling an ATM up
with 30 pounds of binary explosive would
make it disappear and we have no clue
where all the chunks would make her Jay
found some in a tree
it flew like 300 feet in the air and
landed behind us it was like a scene
from a movie I wish we all had GoPros we
really like capture it all but yeah we
we had actually used this camera here
and you know it’s all leather with this
lens you know nothing’s gonna do it it
was like 17 degrees that day and it blew
off one of the legs the big chunk of
metal went spinning took out the leg of
the tripod so it basically what in this
most of the action
yeah we were very lucky that day so this
thing the zoom mic um this is probably
should be on me right now but we’re
gonna take our chances
yeah I mean wearing a mask isn’t always
the best thing for audio so hopefully
what is this thing called we have one
right now so we have a rode videomicro
on the loom xph 5 yes it’s basically
shocking like yeah mini shotgun mic this
zoom is really nice because is poppin
esta tarde in there micro SD
and we have a Sony microphone earlier
like just basically flip it here cuz I’m
doing tests outside being able to
capture audio on a secondary device yeah
I’m gonna tell you if you need to get
anything get something like this for
audio if you buy a DJI Osmo you have to
get another mic the audio on this thing
sucks but if you go around someone like
if I go behind him if I go to the side
no matter where I go there’s always
gonna be clean audio that’s about
seventy dollars fifty used on eBay if
you go for it and that so Neil off mic
um it’s it’s like 20 bucks now you can
find them a little bit cheaper but make
sure you get the right one
it’s stereo there are counterfeits out
there so watch out for that but once
again audio is so important it’s
something that we’re hoping to improve
upon on the channel it doesn’t matter if
you run out of like iPhone battery
doesn’t matter whatever I usually leave
it to have an audio track the entire day
so I can edit or sync up stuff and when
it comes down to ear plugs or ear comes
these are cheap these are like in Powell
phones or 40 bucks on Amazon you know
unless you’re looking to spend hundreds
of dollars I mean these work fine for me
these are bluetooth so I use this to
edit the videos because you want an
isolated sound source or something like
this okay I like the scene I’ll let you
down easy I don’t use this audio this
were editing but I think this is
probably the coolest Bluetooth headset
that I’ve ever used and actually it’s
really nice whenever I’m trying to have
a phone call I’m trying to just you know
be on this thing that was easily because
as a really good microphone and it’s
able to pick up all the sound real nice
that it’s comfortable
yeah yeah how pretty is key look if
you’re using YouTube if you’re using
something more than eight hours a day
the phone in your pocket your keyboard
your mouse for doing editing which you
can take powers anything
for one video invest in quality but yeah
this is probably the best house it’s
really comfortable there’s another box
on here that I have yeah yeah that opens
up everything yeah you can program this
this is a Logitech MX map or map MX
master Logitech MX password yeah I love
how we use this thing to eat hours a day
and we completely forget the brand name
so you’ve got this thing I know nothing
about this yeah it’s a mini condenser
mic yeah this is the Samsung go Mike
probably the best microphone that you’re
gonna find for a beginner now it’s still
gonna be capturing pretty good audio
really fault but I’ve had is that it’s
really hard to find a little screen for
this basically like like a pop filter
yeah pop filter plugs right in here
computers so that cooks up to a laptop
what’s up do you use math so this
actually was recommended by the YouTube
channel gizmos slip Brandon in his name
I believe it’s the msi GS 300 6rf
stealth bro we’ll put a link to this in
the description I use this thing this is
an Acer it’s basically their e 15 gaming
machine but I like this because it has a
dedicated graphics card that has a data
dedicated graphics card to cure editing
4k you need a dedicated graphics card
I’ve not had much of a problem this
thing it’s pretty sturdy but I mean it’s
not metal you know it’s plastic you you
can feel it you know that feels like way
better but for what
I use this for which is they leave video
editing everything
it hasn’t really led me wrong so the
last thing would probably be just
storage of course everyone knows these
guys these are small hard drives these
are nice but you need us as these you
know I’ll take these on little shoes
this is probably one of the most magical
things when it comes to long-term
storage you told me to buy this thing I
don’t even buy it all the spork’ footage
now we’re gonna throw you on the cloud
where’s the cloud the clouds in your
heart yes there is on Antarctica okay
Amazon glacier Amazon glacier thing in
our two graduations so the way we do
video production right now is by the
time you see this first few days first
week it’s actually on our laptops it’s
one SSDs those are extremely fast and
pretty much doing everything we are
currently buying with 4k this camera
memories not cheap we just spent $300 on
a single SD card because we’re trying to
film it better be worth it it’s ass
the black three elementary part but it’s
a it’s gonna last
yeah so so we bought it because we’re
gonna try to film in anamorphic vlog
format we’re gonna see if we can do
color grading and you know just do like
more cinematic look and feel to some of
our videos but you most likely do not
need this you do need something which is
you know rated for 4k those are pretty
cheap even micro SD cards and do it as
storage is one of the most important
things you can consider it’s one of the
hardest things get right I used to hang
out with iJustine back in the day when
she was live-streaming and carrying a
laptop with her she comes from
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I was at the
same coffee shop we hung out at crazy
mocha when she did 300-page iPhone bill
and you know when you’re a video
professional or any professional
back then we both were doing freelance
gigs you’ve got a store all your
projects you can put up to four hard
drives in it is this currently is 16
bytes 7,200 rpm but it’s what we store
things once they get off the SSD drive
once we’ve uploaded on and then
eventually we upload them to the cloud
so that means Amazon glacier Google
Nearline something that’s pinnies a gig
and then we can just forget about it you
know the worst thing is not having a
backup wanting to do a callback episode
wanting to show you some of the stupid
things we did and just spoofed earlier I
told them to buy one I use it and it’s
only about $110 we’re gonna have a video
on it
storage super-important it’s how we do
it you look in the background of Casey
nice that’s videos you’re just gonna see
things that say 20 TB which means
terabytes this is 16 you don’t need that
huge thing you can put this together for
a few hundred dollars just buying used
hard drives from data center is not even
that that’s how we do it I would never
go buy you stores really no no it’s fine
because they use it for about a month
away they’re like Brandon yeah so a lot
of my friends a lot of this equipment is
like some of it you can get really cheap
used because videographers have broken
dreams you know not everyone thin not
everyone does their project or you know
they’re they’re like getting rid of it
or they only use it for one thing and
then they just crash it they get rid of
it they’re like we did our weekend shoot
that’s all we got it for and they just
treated it like a rental your coffee
would you do coffee here well I put this
thing here this is like the like reward
I’m gonna drink after with this anyway
the cell phone in your bucket most
important thing if you buy one
make sure it’s 4k everything’s gone 4k
at this point YouTube actually promotes
4k content over 1080 a present live if
you have to
I don’t think anyone’s gonna tell you
that but us I joined the team because I
watched the channel I like the content I
I’ve seen his book he has so many
projects that he wants to do let’s just
beyond the scope of a week right and
that’s beyond what you can do alone and
if I can leverage some of my skills to
get you to that and to get you all
viewing it
that’s that’s why I’m here
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