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Top 10 Controversial SNL Monologues

sometimes one person’s joke ends up
being another person’s insult welcome to and today we’re counting
down our picks for the top ten
controversial SNL monologues
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content for this list we’re looking at
opening monologues from Saturday Night
Live that were considered shocking or
which otherwise made pop-culture
headlines for their content number 10
Kumail Nanjiani attacks racists style
phobias kind of like Will & Grace in it
was huge a while ago and then we thought
it was gone and done and now it’s back
and bigger than ever
an NBC actor comedian writer and podcast
host Kumail Nanjiani attacked hate
groups and racists in October of 2017 on
the main stage of Saturday Night Live
the Silicon Valley star focused a
particular segment of his monologue
specifically against the rising tide of
Islamophobia in America hilariously
pointing out that many of those who have
harassed him don’t even recognize that
Nanjiani is actually of Pakistani and
not Indian descent my Twitter mentions
were a little bit of a nightmare after
the movie a lot of people will like go
back to India which I’ve never been to
India his observations were both biting
and culturally relevant reflecting that
years turbulent political climate I am
so glad you laughed today otherwise it
sounds like I’m just giving a very
divisive speech Islam is the only true
shouldn’t drive
number nine Sam Kinison let’s loose
Sam Kinison was one of a kind a
firebrand comedian who frequently butted
heads with censors during its 1980s
heyday censorship certainly came into
play in a 1986 episode of SNL as
Kinnison found himself on the wrong end
of a battle with network execs when it
came to his stand-up material he
performed two different jokes that ended
up being cut from broadcast and the
material came as a complete surprise to
everyone backstage leading to blackouts
in the middle of his set saturday can’t
believe it NBC censors are on vacation
just a few weeks later Tennyson returned
to host the show opening with a guitar
solo poking fun at the censors and
finishing off with accompaniment by some
mounted police officers well I guess I
won’t be doing that prepared scale by
Wilbur number 8 Kristen Stewart’s
language Donald’s if you didn’t like me
then you’re really probably not gonna
like me now cuz I’m hosting SNL and I’m
like so gay even in 2017 certain dirty
words still possess a power to get
people into a tizzy or at least that was
the reaction the morning after actress
Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night
Live in February
Stewart’s monologue was actually full of
funny highlights including commentary on
president Trump’s Twitter obsession as
well as a controversial line where she
referred to herself as so gay it was the
tail end of Stewart’s monologue that
earned her the most buzz however as she
mistakenly and excitedly dropped an
f-bomb on live television
both Stewart and SNL brass laughed off
the incident but it definitely made
headlines we’ve got a great show and I
totally care that I’m here because it’s
all right cars also here and I’ll never
come back
number seven Aziz Ansari versus
prejudice I’m talking miles people that
as soon as Trump won they’re like we
don’t have to pretend like we’re not
racist anymore pretend anymore we can be
raises again
our next monologue once again takes aim
at American racism and at President
Trump and it also arrives as a very
special first comedian Aziz Ansari was
the first South Asian performer to host
SNL in January 2017 and did so with a
killer stand-up performance that was
simultaneously brave brash and very
I’m sorry didn’t shy away from humorous
material that focused upon cultural
insensitivity in popular culture as well
as the protests that were center stage
on the news in the wake of President
trump’s inauguration drop one go back to
Africa drop one go back to Mexico they
see me drop one go back to where you
came down by most accounts I’m sorry’s
monologue was a success but it achieved
this by attacking topics that were and
remain undeniably controversial change
comes from large groups of angry people
and if day one is any indication you are
part of the largest group of angry
number six Dave Chappelle provokes the
censors but America has done it we’ve
actually we’ve actually elected an
internet troll with our president at
this point you’re likely seeing a theme
with some of the monologues on this list
as a number of them deals specifically
with the aftermath of Donald Trump
ascending to the US presidency Dave
Chappelle had the unenviable task of
hosting the very first episode of SNL
after the 2016 election how you feelin
got to tell you this job looks like it’s
gonna be a lot harder than I thought
really it’s not that hard I mean least
get to be white while you’re doing it
Chappelle to his credit was cool calm
and collected in his monologue and even
controversially commented that he was
gonna give Trump a chance Chappelle also
commented on gun violence as well as the
black lives matter movement
refusing to shy away from incendiary
topics the gamble paid off for Chappelle
as he later won an Emmy for Outstanding
Guest Actor in a comedy series I’m
wishing darling some luck
and I’m gonna give him a chance and we
the historically disenfranchised demand
that he’d give us one to number five
Norm Macdonald returns the people here
asked me to do the show you know I gotta
say I felt kind of weird you know I
don’t know if you remember this but I
used to actually be on this show talked
about poetic justice less than two years
after cult comic icon Norma Donald was
fired from SNL for reportedly quote not
being funny he returned in what can only
be described as a truly ironic twist
they then brought back McDonald to host
the show then it occurred to me I
haven’t gotten funnier the show has
gotten really bad well Saturday Night
Live certainly got what they paid for as
not only was McDonald his usual witty
hilarious self but he also totally
skewered the show during his monologue
among his many insults were openly
calling out the show as bad and
deliberately referencing his firing only
18 months or so prior this one truly
must be heard to be believed
number four Chris Rock and the Boston
Marathon tomorrow’s the New York City
Marathon yes Gary you know what could go
wrong there Chris Rock is a fearless
comedian and he proved that in November
2014 when he hosted an episode of
Saturday Night Live’s 40th season no one
was spared during former SNL star Rock’s
fiery monologue as the comedian joked
about such controversial topics as 9/11
and the still recent Boston Marathon
what set Rock’s monologue apart from
others was how effective it was and how
it reminded us once again that the
trailblazing comedy program rose to
prominence by being unafraid to ruffle
feathers or offend just about anyone’s
delicate sensibilities I don’t care if
you see me talking about disease I got
it number three Larry David’s Holocaust
humor many of the predators not all but
many a Jews the mid 2010’s were sure
controversial times this one is from
guest host and Curb Your Enthusiasm star
Larry David in November 2017 the
Seinfeld co-creators started off strong
with some bits about love and dating
before delving into the current sexual
assault allegations against high-profile
Hollywood players like Harvey Weinstein
I don’t like it when Jews are in the
headlines for notorious reasons I want
in Stein discovers the theory of
relativity sock jours polio what I don’t
want Weinstein took it out the bit then
somehow took a left turn into the
imaginary scenario of picking up girls
at a concentration camp during the
Holocaust a bit that got David into
really hot water with some critics and
fans the next day do you think I’d love
to take you out for some walkies you’re
like what what I say is it me or is it
the whole thing
number two louis c.k talks pedophilia
like if i go to a pizza place i’ve never
been to before and it’s run by four
black women I’ll go like hmm some topics
are controversial no matter what during
his first SNL hosting gig back in 2015
louis c.k found this out firsthand
thanks to his opening monologue during
which he talked about growing up in the
1970s his own mild racism and child
molesters there’s no worse life
available to a human that being a caught
child molester and yet they still do it
which from you could only really surmise
that it must be really good
CK’s reputation as a Comics comic didn’t
save him from backlash from the press
and on social media but he stuck to his
guns delivering a similarly edgy
monologue when he returned his host two
years later of course once Louie was
accused of and admitted to sexual
misconduct in 2017 all of his comedy
took on extra levels of cringe and
controversy if somebody said to me if
you eat another mountain where you’ll go
to jail and everybody will hate you I
would stop eating them because they do
taste delicious but they don’t taste as
good as young boy does
number one Martin Lawrence
Bend boy it’s crazy though I gotta talk
about some things the daggone senses are
following me everywhere around which
they get off my ass oops damn did I slip
sometimes a guest host can rebound from
a controversial monologue on SNL other
times well they get permanently been and
become persona non grata that’s what
happened to Martin Lawrence when he
hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1994
Lawrence was riding high at the time on
the success of his TV show Martin so
maybe this could explain why he played
so fast and loose with network censors
Lawrence’s stand-up open with then
topical jokes about Lorena Bobbitt
before devolve into some very graphic
talk about feminine hygiene
in summary Martin feels or felt at the
time that the failure of many young
women to bathe thoroughly is a serious
problem that demands our attention the
segment has never been rebroadcast with
most airings of the show featuring a
text crawl referencing how Lawrence
almost cost everyone at SNL their jobs
Martin has never been back on since and
he likely never will look yeah we got a
great show for you tonight
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