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Trapped – Official Trailer (2019) – Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon, Norman Reedus Movie

I miss you mr. love wouldn’t be in love
with you
if you weren’t in love with him – what
sorry did I don’t know what’s wrong with
you will do the graveyard or you won’t
have a job either he goes or you both go
what’s it gonna be I’m out of here
you nasty exit off the premises both
you’ll have a cold cops should have
woken me up rich I just lost my job
you’re blaming me for trying to help you
help our baby I ain’t takin care of no
drunk and plus a baby on top of that
who’s gonna take care of me I’m gonna
take Carrie are you gonna do that stuck
in that thing all day long you can’t
going out with again two men out there
in the kitchen fighting over and you
should be happy they love you that ain’t
I’m going to take care of you told you
you [Music]
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