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All Is True – Official Trailer (2019) – Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench Movie

there is no corner of this world you
have not explored no geography of the
soul which you can’t look now the game
mr. Shakespeare I don’t want to pester
you good excellent news
cheerio I just wanted to ask you if
that’s where to get started as a writer
is to start writing no really glad you
see I don’t have a favorite play I
admire all my fellow dramatist equally
and yes I do think women should be
allowed to perform the female roles as
bees the practice on the continent now
please if you’ll excuse me no more
stories left to right I’ve lived so long
in imaginary worlds I think I’ve lost
sight of what is real
well you’re miss Church here don’t find
you your talent has a greater scope than
all the other poets
and if you lived the smallest life
family is everything it’s love not
ambition that will blossom in this
garden well something has to I’m not a
good gardener it’s true my husband
thinks you’ve come for him to die I’ve
just bought a pension I can’t die for at
least 10 years where I’ll be ruined
he went to London and became this great
writer with a wife at home you were
hardly here it was you’re a guest
good night husband retirement hasn’t
exactly brought the peace we might have
hoped for
and he was right again about people need
you my soul was empty
this all is not empty further your soul
why are you stop writing I’ve never let
the truth get in the way of a good story
who easier is worried about your
reputation have you even once considered
minor you might see if I broke saving
fortune to this house ahead of this
if you’re honest with yourself and
whatever you write all is true [Music]
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