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SEE YOU YESTERDAY Official Trailer (2019) Sci-Fi, Netflix Movie HD

when we get this up and running we gonna
be out of here Stanford Morehouse
Spellman this is something I’m saying
spit his entire life trying to do we
proves that time travel to the past is
possible if we just give it some time
scare you but you inspire me
you go in place the CJ says pops is born
I gotta make sure that you get dude I
don’t need you always playing Big
Brother I’m the only Big Brother you got
Calvin Walker a 19 year old black teen
was allegedly shot and killed by an NYPD
officer Walker was armed with nothing
but a cell phone I’m so sorry about all
of this I could go back and fix it I
would if we just go back get them out of
there then he saved I really have so
many times to get this right
everything’s gonna need to be perfect
that’s today’s date June 28th Sebastian
this has to work what Richie way it’s
about controlling something we obviously
have no control over my brother didn’t
deserve this
just missing you how many times if you
where is the justice we can’t do this
we only have two jumps left
where’s the justice for our sons and our
when will it end for the whole nation
you gotta listen to us you’re going to get killed
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