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Top 3 Things You Missed in Season 8 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones

maybe that’s what Podrick did to those
high in the holes of the Kings who are
gone Jenny would dance with her go
welcome to aunts and
theories the man newest episode of Game
of Thrones
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this list we’ll be taking a look at
season 8 episode 2 a night of the Seven
all my life I’ve known one goal the Iron
Throne number three the title sequence
tracks the White Walkers progress winter
is here and in case we needed any more
indication season eights new title
sequence drives the point home the
redesign intro features a lot of new
content including the interiors of
Winterfell and King’s Landing
and new astrolabe bands the band’s
illustrate the destruction of the wall
the red wedding and show four dragons
with a shooting star as we zoom through
the breach in the wall the sequence also
attracts the army of the deads progress
using blue tiles in Episode one these
had only just reached the last half and
we all know how that ended to hope
in a night of the seven kingdoms these
blue tiles completely surround the last
half and are inexorably flipping over
towards Winterfell expect them to
advance further in Episode three s
opening sequence and hopefully stop in
their tracks by Episode four
number two the stark and Baratheon
houses finally joined iron Gendry
together at last in George RR Martin’s
original outline for the book series he
had AIA
falling for John their illicit passion
would continue to torment John Anaya he
wrote throughout the trilogy
fortunately Martin change his mind about
both John and aya and the whole trilogy
idea or the show would have been a lot
shorter ayan kendrys hookup actually
fulfilled a hope laid out in the very
first episode just not in the way that
anyone expected in the crypts of
Winterfell Robert tells Ned that the
stark and Baratheon houses should be
joined although he thinks that it’ll be
through Joffrey and Sansa we were meant
to rule together if your sister had
lived would have been bound by blood
well it’s not too late I have a son you
have a daughter instead it could be
brought together at last retire and
Gendry why your blood I’m Robert
Baratheon’s busted if they live long
enough to make anything of it before we
get to our top moment here are some of
the best lines from this week’s episode
and fall for you tonight
arise Brienne of Tarth
a knight of the Seven Kingdoms
I stole a considerable number of books
in the Citadel library number one
Jenny song storytime with tormund
offered one kind of surprise
I killed the Giant when I was 10 then I
climbed her right into bed with his wife
but pod had yet another of his leave
turns out that this new badass season 8
pod can not only fight but also sing eat
your heart out Eddie the song he chooses
is all too fitting the Jenny of the song
Jenny of old stones was the wife of one
Duncan Targaryen to marry her Duncan
gave up his claim to the throne and
broke off his betrothal to a Baratheon
daughter inciting a short-lived
rebellion he was killed at the tragedy
at summer Hall when king aegon’s
experiment to bring back dragons burnt
down the castle in the books the song a
song tore wood which whose probably also
behind the prophecy that a prince who
was promised would be born from the
bloodline of heiress and realtor garyun
Daenerys as parents and John’s
grandparents some readers think the song
was actually written by Rhaegar and was
one he sang two Liana everyone told me
he was decent and kind he liked to sing
in other words the story behind the song
basically includes all the major
elements behind Game of Thrones as plot
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