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cassie was like a thousand years ago I
fought my way out of that cave became
analysts said no more surprises but I
was really hoping to pull off one last
all we can do is our best
I keep telling everybody they should
small chance
we owe this
everyone who’s not in this room to try
I always thought I could protect her
it’s back
you stumbled upon an opportunity
I can make you rich rich enough to
what would I have to do there’s a Cave
of Wonders
bring me the land
oh great one who summons me I stand by
my oath loyalty two wishes three I’m
kidding brushes
hey can you make me a prince there is a
lot of gray area in make me a prince I
could just make you a prince oh no you
look like a prince on the outside but I
didn’t change anything on the inside
no I’m in charge okay I say when it’s
I thought a princess could go anywhere
I know everyone thinks were these scary
creatures who committed these horrible
crimes but we did what we have to do
I need your help with the Manson girls
over the special security unit good
morning ladies I’d like you to meet
Carlene faith hi Carlene what is it you
can really do for them
just want to remind them who they were
before they ever met Charles Manson like
being home again but family before the
what do we have here
unless we I think we should let her stay
Lulu we don’t talk about our past our
lives started with a man Charlie problem
that love here we got no secrets
you got no shame sometimes ask to be
seen Death himself changes
tears ha
do I know you you’re ready to fight and
if will you come
Charlie taught us the death and life are
the same thing so there’s nothing to be
afraid of me thrust and jab like you
mean it
rust jab you wanted to believe something
big was gonna happen so baby you’re on
if you can’t afford me we’re gonna go
out when we’re gonna get it right there
are real victims in this present maybe
these women are victims too
what time is now man
we did what we had to do right and take
Secretary of State started field of the
United States of America
so were you like dating the Prime
Minister of Canada no no no it’s weird I
know this great little place not too far
from here
oh it’s called a mini bar and it’s in my
you wanna know hey I booked up with my
fair share of world leaders to try 69
Fidel Castro once you thought his beard
was big so how does that work with you
to like date guys don’t really want to
date women who are more powerful than
them it’s a big shrimp lair Dick’s
traveler is my favorite Batman villain
though so you gonna ask why I’m still
just breathe
the optics of you and Frey would destroy
your entire career it’s pretty woman but
she’s Richard Gere and you’re Julia
Roberts you got destiny on your side ah
I feel so scared I’m gonna try to
conduct myself in such a way that does
not risk global humiliation she bought
me this shit it’s a traditional Swedish
suit don’t you another fuckin Sweden
dressed like this I’m the Smurf down
right I need you to come work on that
speech with me right now
am I being too bossy no no we’ll do
exactly what you are imagining and then
good morning winner take a deep breath
visualize the mountain of your success
and look down at everyone who’s ever
doubted you
fuck those losers fuck them in their
stupid fucking faces she’s got a really
cute smile
ami-chan knows how many girls are gonna
be up your vagina not sure every time I
come to visit you you’re gonna be
scissoring a different girl dude
scissoring is not a thing
don’t knock it into night don’t knock it
until you’ve tried it it’s the last day
we got you through high school I need to
go a fan of your budget numbers man we
just graduate head off to college that
should do it right I can’t hear you
I can’t soundproof glass we have to put
a little party to me what nobody knows
that we are fun we didn’t party because
we wanted to focus on school and get
into good colleges and it worked
irresponsible people who partied also
got into those colleges I’m incredible
at hand jobs but I also got a 1560 on
the SATs anything we haven’t broken any
rules name one person whose life was so
much better because they broke a couple
of rules
kasa he broke our rules Rosa Parks naman
your hand sanitizer happy chap stick
that mace listen it is very important
what the fuck is this oh my god
well it seems excessive shotgun just
kidding I don’t have one don’t see we’re
having a date night hi it’s funny your
parents think we’re boning what you do
have is fashion we are going to show
each other how much we care about each
other well probably just do a korean
face mask I don’t need to know all the
words [Music]
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