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Top 10 INSANELY Powerful Marvel Characters

when it comes to these beings you’d best
stay on their good side
welcome to to down our
picks for the top ten powerful Marvel
characters for this list we’ll be
looking at some of the most
awe-inspiring or terrifyingly powerful
villains heroes and entities from the
pages of Marvel Comics think you know
the Marvel Cinematic Universe click here
to take the new MCU trivia quiz on given that the hierarchy
and relative power levels of characters
can vary from writer to writer there may
be some debate about the specific
ranking if a character is on our list
however you can bet that they are among
the most powerful in the history of
Marvel Comics
please note for those expecting to see
Thanos we’d like to stipulate that we’re
evaluating the power of characters
without enhancements or specific weapons
formidable though he might be without
the Infinity Gauntlet the mad Titan
doesn’t crack the top ten number ten
Galactus with a title like devourer of
worlds chances are that you’re working
with some pretty high levels of power
Galactus once known as Galan is a
holdover from not only a bygone
civilization but an entirely different
incarnation of the multiverse he in the
last of the top people accepted their
fate as the multiverse collapsed opting
to end on a high note by witnessing the
Big Crunch firsthand somehow Galan
survived and was reborn as Galactus
living through the big bang that kicked
off the next cycle of the multiverse as
such he actually predates numerous
characters on our list to support his
massive need for energy in this highly
evolved state he must consume entire
planets his control of the power cosmic
makes him for biddable but his ability
to grant this power to his heralds like
the Silver Surfer makes him nearly
unstoppable number 9 CID Iraq when
talking about the most powerful beings
in the Marvel Universe the distinction
between cosmic energy technology godhood
magic and conventional superpowers
complicates things especially when the
lines between each become blurred these
scales don’t always line up but as far
as magic is concerned Saito rock is
pretty close to the top of the heap his
titles include the destroyer Lord of
oblivion and one true rage father among
others because of the infrequency of his
involvement on the earthly plane it
could be argued that we’ve never seen
his limits tested but the magical
artifacts he powers are among
strongest in the universe a God and
demon of unimaginable power Cedric is
not a force to be trifled with
especially in his own domain number
eight Myka boshi amatsu Myka bow she is
a God inspired by Japanese mythology
though a fairly recent addition to the
Marvel Universe having only debuted in
2006 Myka bow she quickly made a big
impression and has apparently been
around for billions of years according
to legend the earth was once a lifeless
void inhabited by mica boshi
and mica boshi alone when other gods
began populating it mica bull she was
banished to the nether world being a god
of evil and chaos however kee longs to
spread both though theoretically on a
similar power level to the Marvel gods
of various cultures makeable she’s
innate magical abilities and dark nature
have made him something of a god killer
after ascending to the title of chaos
king he posed a threat to the multiverse
itself number seven Franklin Richards
the son of mr. fantastic and The
Invisible Woman might seem like a bit of
an outlier but only if you’re unfamiliar
with the complicated Richard’s family
history the same radiation that gave
birth to the Fantastic Four would also
go on to affect the future son of Reed
and Sue altering him far more
drastically than it did his parents even
at a young age Franklin Richards was
quickly revealed to be among the most
powerful beings on the planet the
Celestials erase with vast cosmic
abilities and who require a mention in
their own right have deemed Franklin
beyond Omega mutant classification he
actually once turned to Galactus into
his Herald and has killed Celestials
through various means number six Phoenix
force this cosmic entity is truly a
force to be reckoned with it is in short
the force of life itself
both creation and destruction immortal
without overt Allegiance and capable of
bestowing earth-shattering power to its
hosts it’s an elemental force given
shape its purpose is simple but nebulous
it is charged with destroying and
recreating those elements of the
universe which no longer function as
they should as you can imagine this
abstract purpose of balance often puts
it at odds with the heroes of the Marvel
Universe so yeah it can basically hit
restart on whatever it deems fit
whenever it deems fit now that’s cosmic
number 5 marquee of death alright this
is a bit of a strange one but just cure
us out
born Clyde windchime jr. the Marquis was
the only mutant in his reality and an
unfathomably powerful mutant at that
when his comics were taken away his mind
pulled Marvel characters into his
he was eventually taken to the main
Marvel continuity where his colossal
powers of reality manipulation could be
kept in check unfortunately a future
version of himself has awoken and using
his incomparable abilities he spent
lifetimes wiping out entire universes he
was ultimately defeated by Doctor Doom
after being weakened by a version of
himself from the past but while he was
around Mark II of death had the ability
to end all life in the multiverse which
makes him one of the most deadly beings
in the Marvel Universe number four
eternity as we crack the top four we
really start getting into the high level
heart to comprehend characters in the
Marvel Universe so if the explanations
get a little hard to follow we apologize
eternity is basically the embodiment of
everything within a given incarnation of
the multiverse when a multiverse ends
eternity becomes the embodiment of that
next incarnation eternity can also be
seen as the embodiment of time and
reality is other half is infinity who
embodies the infinite possibilities of
existence as we said these beings are
hard to really wrap your mind around but
basically you think of eternity and
infinity as you do death and Oblivion
fundamental forces of nature personified
number three The Living Tribunal within
every given universe there are major
forces at play like those we just
discussed however the Living Tribunal
cracks the top three by being a being
untethered to a specific universe having
instead been tasked with guarding the
multiverse this cosmic entity does not
generally concern itself with the issues
commonly faced by the heroes of the
Marvel Universe it’s a real big picture
sort of character it only becomes
involved when a great imbalance develops
like a universe at large giving into
widespread evil or a specific universe
becoming overpowered relative to others
more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet
The Living Tribunal is the embodiment of
the multiverse itself within its tier
the Living Tribunal is rivaled only
perhaps by the protege number two the
Beyonder the Beyonder actually belongs
to an entire race known as the beyonders
who are responsible for the death of the
Living Tribunal just to give you an idea
of the power levels we’re dealing with
what makes them stand out
the bunch however is his involvement in
the reality inhabited by Marvel heroes
and villains beyonders are extra
dimensional beings from as the name
suggests beyond the multiverse
accidentally dragged here by some
earthly villains
the Beyonder becomes fascinated with
mankind and that which drives them he is
a manipulator of reality and in his
strongest incarnation is considered the
most powerful being in the multiverse
from the moment of his arrival
all-knowing and all-powerful he can wipe
out the multiverse single-handedly be
that as it may there’s arguably one
human who actually comes close to his
power level molecule man number one the
one above all DC Comics has the presence
Marvel Comics has the one above all as
the name suggests this character is the
force that presides over everything in
the multiverse having been responsible
for its creation essentially this is the
secular god / creator stand in for
Marvel Comics the very few characters
have had the opportunity to meet the one
above all but the Fantastic Four
spider-man and Thanos can be counted
among them of course the form it takes
changes including its gender in terms of
powers there’s really no limit to what
the one above all can do it’s their
creation and they do as they see fit
them’s the perks of being omnipotent
omnipresent and omniscient the one above
all comes as advertised do you agree
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