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AGAINST THE CLOCK Trailer (2019) Dianna Agron, Andy Garcia Sci-Fi, Thriller Movie

don’t start to worry what happened when
he came home okay and what happened when
I always come home dozen high-ranked and
terrorists are planning one hell of a
exactly when and where we do not know
but what we do know is that there is
information out there and I’m gonna
saying you go get it yes sir this is a
one-way ticket these are my orders Peter
this is a suicide mission
Kelly is it a coma is the intelligence
fully retrieval we would destroy our
agent the process that was the risky
with my dad tonight
when he upset that this is final they’re
gonna have to kill me if they want to
kill him what was his mission
it’s classified contestants looking for
the wife has attempted to get
don’t get in our way you have
you have to accept the reality of the situation here
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