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“My ADVICE is to Not QUIT… EVER!” | Brad Lea (@TheRealBradLea)

you talk a lot my advice is to not quit
ever period to get more you have to do
more it’s that simple
I was looking for a magic pill it
doesn’t exist you can get abs I can get
abs how come we don’t have them because
it’s freaking hard work it’s
uncomfortable I don’t want to do it need
motivation watch a top 10 with relief
what’s that belief nation it’s Evan I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so let’s get your
motivation to attend and get you
believing in you grab a snack and chew
in today’s lessons from Amane who went
from dropping out of high school at age
16 with dreams of becoming a movie star
in LA to going broke then becoming a
salesperson making $300,000 a year then
transitioning to becoming a successful
entrepreneur and the main behind
Lightspeed VT he’s Bradley and here’s my
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one do more here’s how you make more
with leverage that’s it so if someone
says well how do we break that down okay
let’s say you sell cars for example yeah
okay now people come on the lot and you
sell cars
well not everybody buys so if you talk
to a hundred people and you smell 20
cars would it make sense that if you
talk to 200 people you’ll sell 40 cars
so if you want to make and you get paid
every time you sell a car mm-hmm make
more money you talk to more people like
well that’s easy
exactly it’s not difficult if you make
money doing podcasts and you want to
make more money do more podcasts if you
make money selling homes and you want to
make more money sell more homes people
like well that’s no that’s not so that’s
exactly what it takes
it’s called common sense now what you do
from that point is you have to break it
down into incremental steps and actions
that that lead to the money so if if you
sell homes and you only talk to 20
customers in a month how many homes
could you possibly sell in a month torna
yeah more than that but if everybody you
sold a home to you asked for five
referrals and then now you’ve got an
additional hundred people to talk to and
you talk to 120 the next month more than
likely you’ll sell more homes to make
more to get more you have to do more
it’s that simple
mmm looking for a magic pill it doesn’t
exist that’s a little harder rule number
two never quit I talk a lot my advice is
to not quit ever period if it’s what you
want to do and you keep going you know
you’ll get through like I say you know
you knock on a door for long enough
it’ll fall down it’ll open but most
people give up man what about I’m broke
I’m broke I got an idea for business so
I want to go into business should I
borrow the money in my opinion yeah you
do whatever it takes
should I borrow from my family whatever
it takes I think yeah I don’t know if
you agree I agree I go to the bank and
borrow money I’m sure if they loan it to
you yeah yeah I mean like me they
wouldn’t owe me any money they only loan
people money that don’t need it yeah but
at the end of the day I would do
whatever it takes
rule number three learn to listen give
me a couple of things what makes a good
closer a good salesperson a good
persuader the ability to listen first of
all because a lot of salespeople really
don’t listen and they’re not even
prepared to ask good questions in order
to get good answers so I’ll give you an
example what when I used to train people
I would carry around a quarter a dime
and a nickel so they can put this on the
screen if you’re editing this but
pretend this is a quarter okay and this
is a dime and this is a nickel now I’m
gonna ask you a question I want you to
listen okay Bob’s mom has three kids
the first one is Nicholas the second one
is Demetrius what’s the third one’s name
I don’t know what is it okay well I’m
gonna have you listen again okay do it
again Bob’s mom has three kids
the first one is Nicholas second one is
Demetrius what’s the third one’s name I
don’t know see yes because you’re not
really actively listening okay now
actively listen to me okay Bob’s mom has
three kids
the first one is Nicholas the second one
is Demetrius what’s the third one Joey I
don’t know listen closely stop it with
give us sister Bob’s mom Bob’s mom Bob
there you takes me a walk so you know
they don’t take you out you’re not
listening actively I’m struggling with
my IQ issues but I got it eventually I
guarantee it’s not that it’s been people
do it people do it all the time they’re
not listening actively because we’re
having a conversation and you’re you’re
not trying to sell me anything right but
when someone says what makes the best
salesperson Oh everywhere all of you
just watching they go what the hell is
wrong with me or were any of you with me
on that like it’s at least 5% with me
that you did not know Bob my damn name
I’d say 90% because what is the trick is
there’s a dam and a D and a Q so you’re
throwing me off with the kita well
that’s why I have
a quarter in the niccola so people just
are trying to because they’re not
listening so if you’re if you’re if you
want to be great in sales first of all
you need to learn to listen closely and
actively and then secondly learn to ask
the right questions rule number four
pivot to many people out there think
that you know I’m gonna focus on one
thing and go after it until I get it and
the problem with that is ya attention to
the data and the information they’re
receiving I on the other hand doing that
on a regular basis so if you’re not
making pivots I think you’re gonna end
up smashed up against the wall I mean
think about driving down a highway and
there’s some obstacles in your way man
you got it you got him you got a steer
route you know like for example if I
would have kept doing what I set out to
do I’d probably be out of business and
if I wasn’t I would be limited
you wouldn’t be interviewing me and
nobody would know who I was you have to
pay attention to what’s going on in the
world I mean you have to listen to the
feedback in the data that you’re getting
I started out as a training company
mm-hmm to an online training company
then I went to a software SAS model
platform yeah those are three major
adjustments and if I didn’t make those
adjustments I’d still be deep my head
against the wall trying to compete with
my competitors rather than having them
as clients rule number five master sales
how important do you think sales is to
whoever is listening to whatever they
want to do in there
the most important if you ask me
uh-huh it all starts with sales no
matter what your business is someone’s
got to sell someone on something period
either you’re gonna sell them or they’re
gonna sell you at the end of the day
sales is everything at the end of the
day I have a I have a client that’s a
dentist right yeah one of the brightest
most brilliant dentist on the planet it
has a hugely successful practice knows
exactly how to drive traffic into into
his practice knows exactly what to do
builds a VT it’s been going on for about
four and a half years obviously he’s
busy but finally gets it done that he
wants to basically teach other dentists
how to how to grow their business
absolutely he wants to teach other
dentists how to grow their business and
do it he did yeah yeah because a lot of
those dentists out there you know
they’re not making much money Yeah right
and they could be oh they could be if
they do exactly what he teaches he
didn’t get there because he didn’t know
sales he got there
because he drove traffic right
understood that numbers are what matters
uh-huh got it so he drove traffic to his
dentistry he’s not doing the same thing
with the he drove job this is dentistry
and he trained his treatment
coordinators how to close business yeah
rule number six put in the work what do
you think are some of the real core
things that hold people back from from
building their businesses in my opinion
mainly it’s because a they were taught
wrong they that their belief system is
backwards and then B they don’t want to
be uncomfortable they don’t want to put
in the words white why doesn’t it why
doesn’t everyone have ABS yeah it’s not
it’s not rock it’s not secret
information on how to get abs you can
get abs I can get abs how come we don’t
have them because it’s freaking hard
work it’s uncomfortable I don’t want to
do it well you got to make those choices
and sometimes you know not having the
knowledge will be the reason and the
other reason is they don’t want to put
in the work yeah they want to use
excuses rule number seven innovate I
think you know my journey was kind of
not intentional but it just worked out
I knew inside that I had to be rich I
had to be successful and I wanted enough
money to where I decided what happens in
the life I started out in the car
business started selling cars doing
those type of things ended up selling
artwork so sold RVs I sold a lot of
things I got very good at sales and I
was running a car dealership making
about $300,000 a year and a lot of these
different dealers from around the
country heard about me and the success I
was having at these car dealerships yeah
so they wanted me to train their
dealership and so they would pay me five
or ten thousand dollars to show up for a
day and I thought well hell I’m only
making 300,000 a year I could make a lot
more showing up and getting 10,000 a day
problem was I wasn’t thinking that that
even if I was employed full-time working
every day I could only make 300 thousand
a month so I was limited and then when I
started I I quit my job and went out and
started training people and then when I
started training people I realized very
quickly that this is a very inefficient
way of training people because there
wasn’t enough repetition there wasn’t a
I didn’t have time to practice and
roleplay with everybody that I was
training and so I knew that the training
wasn’t actually gonna stick one day plus
they had turnover so every time they
hired new people now it was people that
I trained not very well that we’re
turning around trying to train these
other people which which doesn’t work
and I just again I went back to when I
was 6 years old this is a this is a
situation that isn’t gonna last I’m
training people for five or ten thousand
dollars a day and I knew that the
training wasn’t and if it wasn’t gonna
stick then you know they’re gonna get
pissed they’re paying me 10 grand and
I’m not training their people it wasn’t
what I was training it was how I was
training it’s how most companies train
now they train inefficiently even if
they don’t realize the fundamental
requirements to get a trained employee
is not you know having a one-day trainer
come in and talk for a day hmm it’s an
ongoing thing training isn’t something
you did it’s something you do so so I
set out to basically create
an online interactive training platform
for myself because there wasn’t anything
out there at the time so I had to create
this this technology for myself so I
could actually deliver yet I was being
paid to deliver and work so well for me
it my company started growing and now
I’m like wow this is cool I don’t have
to be there yeah we’ll train them but
really what happened as I started
running into competition and the
competition these guys were in love with
these trainers so nothing I could say or
do would convince them that I was better
than their heroes so I thought well
screw it I’ll just go to the heroes show
them the technology and then take a
little piece rather than the whole thing
I’ll be nice
so I started showing it to other
trainers my competitors and and they
started going out and selling these
people I couldn’t sell because they were
in love with them they said yeah I just
got a little piece I call it a sliver to
deliver rather than the whole piece and
I thought listen it’s better to
collaborate than compete so that’s when
I said look I’m gonna private label my
technology so they can look like mayor’s
they’ll go get all the people I can’t
get and collectively I’ll make more and
that’s really when it took off and
that’s when I started really being
quote/unquote entrepreneur yes now we’ve
got Tony Robbins
you know Grant Cardone then the list
goes on Jeff forget him or anybody that
I think has a big name in the industry
problem using our technology to train
because our technology trains people
better rule number eight take business
seriously you’re asking for my mistake
yeah yeah stay sure trying to have some
sort of balance like I should have just
pedal to the metal floor out and I
should have blown out anybody and
everybody around me Wow it had any
negative to say give me a guy you I
don’t need his name I need his position
well my CFO yeah
so why about you know if you had no
business being a CFO but because I let
him invest in the company through a
little money you know he’s my buddy and
I thought you know hey why not give him
the job title I mean I should have took
business seriously another thing is you
should have took business seriously
meaning you didn’t
hell no I mean looking back I’m talking
about moving forward oh yeah I thought I
was quite serious uh-huh but but you
know trusting the wrong people you know
given given you know worrying about
others more than I should have
like that sounds harsh cold reality but
now looking back I think I could have
made better decisions I would have cared
about them more by letting them go find
their win a long time ago but instead I
just let them ride my coattails for
years drag the whole company down rule
number nine have a strong why well I
come in every day every day yeah I’m
here on weekends we will you first of
all the buildings open 8:00 to 5:00
Monday through Friday I’m usually here
eight to eight to seven Monday through
Friday sometimes I’m a little early just
depends on the day but I’m here every
single day and I when I work weekends
but but I also work at home and I also
work when I’m on vacation so to me I’m
working 24/7 I just don’t think it’s
work though I know because you love it
yeah because again I mean it did I would
do this if I didn’t get paid yeah yeah
and the way it would absolutely because
because believe it or not what’s crazy
is most people don’t know my real
motives here see I think personally I
want to be able to fix something in the
world before I go so I want to be able
to fix like poverty like there’s no dude
on the planet or female that should feel
what it’s like to not be able to afford
a Christmas present that’s just me
you see bums on the street and you and
you think like how can they not make
enough money to have an apartment the
answer is they don’t want to which those
guys can can hang out and do what they
want or they don’t know how to and and
surprisingly I’ll bet you the majority
is they don’t know how to and the reason
they don’t know how to use our education
systems messed up we force our students
to learn a curriculum that has
technically no bearing I mean dude
George Washington had wooden teeth so so
what how come they’re not teaching me
how to leverage my credit you know I had
bad credit till I was about 26 years old
and it cost me a lot of time and money
if why weren’t they teaching me these
in school and they weren’t figuring out
personality styles they weren’t figuring
out interest they were forcing us to sit
and learn what we supposed to learn how
to communicate right so part of the
technology that we developed allows the
curriculum to adapt to the student I
love that rather than forcing the
student to adapt to the curriculum and
that’s what we do today in our schools
even colleges believe it or not you know
your electives well here’s your
electives choose one mm-hmm well what
about what if I don’t like those what if
my talent lies over here but you have me
forced over here so I want to fix
poverty through fixing education and
rule number ten the last one before a
very special bonus clip is know what you
want I think my number is Oh at least a
billion because I want to get in that
Club yeah and then what then what
happens then I don’t care I’m just gonna
travel and help people figure out how to
get ahead and again a lot of people want
to help I want to help financially I
want to be able to like wouldn’t it be
cool if I’d a billion dollars and I
could give you all like a hundred grand
just for showing up and not E and not
even blink when I left the building
because giving you all a hundred grand
wouldn’t be wouldn’t even put a dent in
it like that’s what I want to do I want
to be able to help people financially
put my money where my mouth is and
change lives that way because most
people want to change lives by you know
doing good things or teaching you things
but guess what sometimes a hundred
thousand dollar check will help you
and I wanted I want to be that dude to
now I’ve got a really special bonus clip
from Brad on how to keep going that I
think you’re really gonna enjoy but
before that it’s time for the
three-point landing questions time to
move from just watching another video to
taking action in your life for business
and if you’re feeling bold leave your
answers in the comments below here we go
question number one what do you want
number two what is your strong why and
number three where do you need to do a
I remember when I thought a million
dollars a year I cannot wait I’ll be
it’ll be amazing mm-hmm
you know now a million dollars a month
would disappoint me so it’s like well
that just means you’re never satisfied
no that doesn’t mean I’m never satisfied
I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve done
but I’m not where I’m going so it’s just
like when you get up in the morning to
go to the bathroom hmm why don’t you
just stop in the kitchen and take a piss
well it’s cuz you’re heading to the
bathroom you know that’s where you want
to go that’s where you go
why don’t you need to remote of ate
yourself all the way down the hallway
and through the house like you get to
the kitchen man should I take a piss
here now let me keep going how about
here in the living room now let me just
keep going see me end up at the freakin
bathroom where you were heading to go in
the first place if people say well how
do you stay motivated how do you stay
motivated pick where you want to go and
when you get there fifty bucks says
if you like this video check out the top
10 rules for a grant cardone I think
you’ll enjoy the link is right there
next to me continue to believe and I’ll
see you there
always say this pay the price today so
you can pay any price in the future pay the price now okay pay the price
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