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È la Verità o è la TUA Verità?

there is an online historical video that is that
on steve ballmer when he was head of
microsoft and the interviewer asks him
just came out the iphone
what is your opinion steve ballmer
watch the interviewer laughs at us
basically says these gentlemen do not
they go nowhere with this
cell phone for various reasons and starts to
explain also in a very competent way
very logical because the iphone would not have
never taken the first foot iphone not
had a keyboard and cr blackberry times
you remember it
and you if you were a manager haven division
of the keyboard no to browse through
then he writes number one no manager
never would have used the iphone because
a fundamental tool was missing
number two
the iphone had installed base 0 while
Microsoft for example had already understood
made his mastruzzi cruci to his
partnership there was already a basis
installed mobile devices and so on
etc. windowsmobile bla bla bla and then
old steve rightly said
attention then this would be the
cell phone more expensive than history but
who buys a cell phone to that one
today we all know that he is a ballmer
who was the microsoft supreme leader
he dominated at that moment he was wrong and
apple like the iphone was instead right
the same steve ballmer later
in subsequent interviews he has clearly
admitted that he had not seen this pass
train is admitted that it should have
ride the cell phone train a lot
first in the smartphone train though
he did not do it because he had that
that short feld in this article that there
I recommend going to see defines
the croods versus york steve ballmer in
other words had its truth in
contraposition to what was the
truth I will point out something to you
I’ve interviewed many of them
years ago when he came to Italy me
thing that struck me also steve
ballmer was a fucking phenomenon it was not
a cretin whatever it was not
to see skilled that we agree but
I guarantee you it was one out
category a multi planetary vision
of the market knew any kind of
topic detail possible
imaginable 1 with two balls so not
he was just a naive and had
around him
a team of super phenomenal people with a
gigantic cervellone equally has
caught a giant crab if this is the
time for us normal human beings
quiet small small business owners
enterprising is the great lesson he has
I am tenderly making a decision
based on my truth or based on
truth are two very different things and
unfortunately I do not know you all the time
I make decisions based on mine
truth that I do not know I have remained inside
but they have nothing to do with i
facts and the problem of facts recalls
bre sweatshirts so very wise and that i
facts do not have feelings
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