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Who’s the GREATEST? Oprah Winfrey vs. Gabe Newell | Round 1

who is the greatest billionaire
entrepreneur you guys get to decide
what’s up believe nation it’s Evan I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so today we’re kicking
off round one of a new series where I
asked a question who is the greatest
up today is Oprah Winfrey who went from
working in local media as a news anchor
to revolutionize in a TV industry with
her talk show and Oprah Winfrey Network
she’s worth two point nine billion
dollars she’s up against gabe newell who
went from being a Microsoft employee who
helped develop the Windows operating
system and then Co found that Valve
Corporation with dominates the video
game market he’s worth three point nine
billion dollars who’s the greatest
billionaire who gets to move on to round
two you guys get to decide also if you
want to know what Oprah and other
successful entrepreneurs have to say
about building unstoppable confidence
checking my 250 for confidence series
where every day for the next 254 days I
will send you a morning video for free
to help you build your confidence to
link the join is in the description
below figure out where your power base
is key to success is what you believe is
true for yourself they think that
success is supposed to happen like that
okay let’s kick it off with real number
one from Oprah work on your self I say
to the my girls all of the time that
your real work is to figure out where
your power base is and to work on the
alignment of your personality your gifts
that you have to give with the real
reason why you’re here that’s that’s the
number one thing you have to do is to
work on yourself
and to fill your self up and keep your
cup full keep yourself full now I used
to be afraid of that I used to be afraid
particularly from people who say oh she
said she’s so full of herself she’s so
close or so and now I embrace it I
considered a compliment that I am full
of myself because you only when you’re
full I’m full I’m overflowing my cup
runneth over I have so much I have so
much to offer and so much to give and I
am not afraid of honoring myself you
know it’s miraculous
when you think about it let’s go to rule
number one from Gabe don’t stand still
there’s always this temptation to assume
that the way things are today is the way
things are going to be and having been
through this long enough in the games
industry I think I and everyone at valve
know that you know that you’re only as
successful as what you’ve done lately so
you know
the idea that this team is somehow
anything’s the answer to digital
I think ignores the fact that the you
know every two or three years
something’s gonna change dramatically
it’s like along comes the we and that
overthrows a bunch of ideas along comes
social gaming you know that throws over
a bunch of ideas about what things are
like you know I think steam is the same
way it’s like if you stand still and if
you’re not looking to the future and
doing the things that you need to to be
valuable in the future to customers and
partners you’re gonna get left behind
really rapidly so that’s what we
focusing on is what do we need to do
next what are the tools and services and
features and capabilities to make gamers
happy and other software developers
happy rule number two from Oprah master
your craft the number one lesson I could
offer you where your work is concerned
is this becomes so skilled so vigilant
so flat-out fantastic at what you do
that your talent cannot be dismissed
stop comparing yourself to other people
you’re only on this planet to be you not
someone else’s imitation of you I had to
learn that the hard way on the air live
anchoring the news one night in my 20s
when I first started broadcasting I was
moved to an anchor by the time I was 20
and I was just pretending to be Barbara
Walker Walters I was just trying to talk
like Barbara act like Bravo Barbara hold
my legs like Barbara and I was on the
air and I hadn’t read the copy fully and
I called Canada Canada and I did that on
the air I crack myself up because I
thought Barbara would never call Canada
Canada and that little break through
that little crack that little moment
that I stopped pretending allowed the
real me to come through your life
journey is about learning to become more
of who you are and fulfilling the
highest truest expression of yourself as
a human being that’s why you’re here
rule number 2 from Gabe collaborate with
others you’re testing your ideas you’re
stimulating each other that’s what makes
us successful it’s not some flash of
brilliance by somebody who then codes 24
hours a day for three weeks it’s what
happened the magic happens when we’re
all on the same page collaborating and
building something together now I’ve got
a very special bonus cut from both Oprah
and Gabe that I think you’re gonna enjoy
but before that it’s time to vote who’s
the greatest billionaire who moves on to
round two cast your vote put it in the
comments below I’m excited to see who
you’re cheering on well I first started
making money and it was you know my
salary or my earnings were published all
over the place I mean the first year I
was like really did I make that much
money oh my god it was very difficult
for me to figure out where my boundaries
were because I’d grown up poor and
didn’t have anything so it’s easy when
you don’t have anything and people ask
you for money and they say I need 500
I don’t have it because I’m just trying
to get my rent paid it’s harder when
you’re multi billion dollar salary is
now into paper and you get a lot of
friends and cousins you didn’t have
before so how do you set boundaries for
yourself I was having trouble setting
boundaries myself for myself for even
strangers people would just show up at
my door in Chicago and say Oprah I left
my husband please help me and I would
because she knows I haven’t so don’t try
that now though okay don’t try that now
I figured it out so what I learned was
is that oh the reason why people keep
showing up is because my intention is to
make them think that I’m such a nice
person that you can ask me for anything
you can get me to do anything I’m gonna
say yes I’m gonna say yes so when Stevie
called me this time I thought I try out
my first no on Stevie let’s start big he
wanted me to donate some money to a
charity and I didn’t want to donate to
the charity because I have my own
charities and I care about a lot of
people but the problem is when you you
have money everybody thinks you just
want to give to everything so every
letter I ever get starts with we know
you love the children
yes I do love the children but somebody
else is gonna have to help the children
so I said to Stevie I said to Stevie no
and as a person who has that disease to
please I was waiting for him then just
to say I will never speak to you again I
will never call you I will never sing a
song for you and he didn’t he just said
okay okay okay it’s okay he said okay
check you later and what I learned from
that is many times you will have angst
and worry about things and put yourself
in a state like someone said this
morning because her phone went off they
were mortified over a phone I said
really you will put yourself in a state
when the other person really isn’t even
thinking about you so learning that I
could specifically determine for myself
what the boundaries were for me what I
wanted to do give my money give my time
give of my service to who I wanted to
give it to when I did that I get to make
that decision and just because you get a
hundred requests a week doesn’t mean you
have to try to fulfill all of that just
because you have all of these demands on
your time and on you doesn’t mean that
you have to say yes you get to decide
because you’re the master of your fate
the captain of your soul is William
Ernest Henley said in Invictus and
understanding that really change the
meaning of my life and that I was not no
longer driven by what other people
wanted me to do but took charge of my
own destiny making choices based upon
what do I feel is the next right move
for me there wasn’t some magic pioneer
fairy who hit us on the head and allowed
us to do pioneering work it’s really a
consequence of a bunch of other decision
you make along the way how your games
are being funded how you select your
colleagues how you organize your teams
are really the things that are going to
allow you to do pioneering work in our
case we’ve designed the company in such
a way that we really not only give
everyone who works there the opportunity
but they all have the expectation that
they’re going to be doing original and
creative work if you want to learn the
ten habits to adopt in 2019 to achieve
success check out the link next to me I
think you’ll enjoy that video continue
to believe and I’ll see you there if
you’re gonna watch The Godfather people
I watch The Godfather for what what did
you watch The Godfather for what did you learn when you was watching it
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