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peace and Finnick waters diving deep
once again beautiful deep divers we are
out here in the heart of nature baby
just woof breathing in that good ass
prana baby shout out to you deep divers
now every single day we have a choice to
make deep divers and that is between two
emotions and there are only ever two
emotions love or fear you see love
serves us and fear keeps us a prisoner
where love is fear coexistence where
there is love coexistence fear is false
evidence appearing real and every single
day I’ve seen that Ralph yes you’ve got
a choice to make are you gonna live your
whole life in fear be afraid and attract
negative energy lower vibrations or are
you gonna choose love you see love is
always more powerful than fear because
love is a higher frequency love will
serve you fear will distract you love
will set you free
fear will keep you in bondage
love will help you open up to other
people fear will keep you in the ego the
three-letter word that can destroy a
12-letter word cold relationship so
every single day ask yourself do I want
to live in love or do I want to live in
fear I’m choosing love because that’s
the only way to evolve to become your
greatest version and deep divers once
you realize that well you’ll just say
you’ll just say he’ll so get to be a
live baby can I get a hello beautiful
deep divers we are out here chillaxing
in the heart of nature baby shout out to
everybody diving deep stay well I want
one room shout out to everybody who’s
been getting the amazing good-ass prana
shucks at Ralph smart calm / clothes
check out the new amazing book on Amazon
feel alive by Ralph smart deep divers if
you’ve got a question you’ve got a
message Instagram me at infinite waters
choose love deep divers choose love have
a beautiful day infinite waters diving
deep once again stay well stay healthy
peace you it’s love or a sphere I’m
[Music] you

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