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Does This STAIN Dry Ice?

in today’s video we’re doing a few more
experiments with the ink removed from
ballpoint pens a while back we took
1,000 ballpoint pens and removed all of
the ink from them and collected and we
still have probably 800 pens worth of
that ink maybe a little less but we’ve
got quite a bit this is just a pool of
pen ink and since we did that we asked
what we could do with it and we had
several responses so today we’ve got
five common requests and we’re gonna try
them out and see what happens with our
pen ink I still think my idea was the
best your idea was to paint your nails
with it I’m just painting my nails we
have to what pen ink she’s thrilled I’m
not going to paint my nails with pen ink
but here’s hoping that works out for you
it I guess it’s a really cool metallic
black top recolor here’s the basic idea
we’ve got five suggestions of things to
try with ballpoint pen ink we’re gonna
go through the one by one and see what
the results are let’s go through our
comments one at a time our first comment
comes from Sharlene McClintock who asks
us to do a test see if pen ink is
magnetic Callie has a very powerful
magnet in her hands let’s show the power
of that magnet off a little bit for a
second I’m pretty sure this magnet has a
100 pound pull strength which means if
it’s on a flat piece of metal that it’s
attracted to it takes a hundred pounds
pulling it straight away from it
obviously the way to remove it without
that much force is to use leverage twist
at an angle pull it off so very powerful
magnet let’s see if it wants to do
anything at all to our ink I’m sticking
to my nails nails no effect that is a
very very thin layer of ink and it’s
true this is probably like less than a
drop of ink guys this stuff has great
coating power this however is about a
cup I think so let’s see if we get any
result I’m gonna start by putting it on
the side of the glass so it doesn’t just
stick to our magnet if
magnetic anything can you feel it pull
at all nope you know no pull
I see no ripples in ink without the
glass in case the glass is what’s
causing the lack of magnetism well
whatever is in this ink that’s making it
metallic it’s apparently not magnetic
it does look metallic and maybe there
actually is real metal in ink I don’t
know the full chemical composition of
the game but not all metals are magnetic
the three elemental metals that are
attracted to magnets are iron nickel and
cobalt and some of their alloys steel
for example is an alloy of iron and
carbon and sometimes some other things
that usually is attracted to magnets
thank you for your suggestion it would
have been really cool if it were because
that would have been like a really cheap
source of ferrofluid know magnetism here
alright so for our next comment we’ve
got one from mama’s boy 99 how would
elect Rissa tea work in the Pennock so
you can see when I touch the two metal
pieces together it’s a very bright
little light that we’ve got there put
something in the way of that like my
tongue lights up a tiny bit not as much
not as much so there’s something in the
way alright so first as a comparison
control test just regular water so
here’s how bright it is without anything
and then in the water very light glow
now pure water distilled water probably
would give us no result but this is tap
water it’s gotten minerals in it
imperfections but now we’re adding salt
which hopefully will we make it even
better oh that’s quite a bit yeah okay
still not as bright as the wires
touching however let’s try the ink and
into the ink there actually the time
in purple oh you’re very Victorian
here’s my reflection yeah so you can see
that the wires are about two inches
apart in the ink and that’s giving us an
extremely low but not nothing glow on
our LED it’s much worse than saltwater
and it’s actually worse than non
saltwater so mama’s boy ninety nine we
do have conductivity through the ink but
so little that it barely counts our next
comment request comes from icy paw who
says try putting dry ice into penning
I’m just gonna dip it and see what
did not stick sticking to the pliers
yeah the players are getting stuck to it
but look at that it’s actually oh it’s
freezing ink and streams try and try and
let’s see if we can likes capture wires
it together oh that’s weird so odd
cuz it’s still liquid guys we’re just
freezing it bottom where it’s actually
in contact I think it’s yes started to
freeze Oh No yeah let’s see you like
suck my glove immediately see if I can
flip it over
no it’s stuck by hand ah oh no is weird
because it’s like partly frozen so it’s
like gummy this part starting to dole
that’s actually how it is look at that
you’re actually using all the way to me
alright I’m going to try and pull it off
of that look at that just a bit chunky
I’m gonna destroy my gloves but that’s
fun clay is a really good description
but except it’s melting too sticky if
you were to mix clay and slime but it’s
um it has this gives of like a gummy
candy almost except it’s it is it is
warming up rapidly and quickly just
destroying my gloves yeah this elastic
texture is not something that I was
aha I win
you get it out I did good well I think
we should progress to mixing even more
dry ice in that was the comment is try
putting Dreyse into the penning we’ve
done everything but that so here goes
yeah dry ice yeah that’s kind of what I
was hoping you would have do so I got
some pretty good shots blowing bubbles
into the ink last time but now as it
seals up over the dry ice it just makes
its own bubbles as the dryest tries to
expand so well Nate plays with that
we’ve got another comment request I
apologize if I butcher this name I
believe it as ha slang junk mix it with
soap and then Glo ink bubbles it’s so
cold now from the dry ice that we still
got this pulp taffy consistency yeah you
can already see that there’s like this
cool gold shine happening ok so if
anybody ever wants to make their own
homemade galaxies and condition we are
going to try and blow ink bubbles but
this may be a little too viscous this is
just inking soap so we’ve added a little
bit of water to this one let’s see what
well that’s a neat bubbles so ink and
soak together not really making bubbles
but his eight soap and water is with
that weird mixture that Nate’s got it
really just looks like he’s blowing
blood bubbles that’s freaking cool well
now I’m going to start popping bubbles
because I don’t want them to expand FF
here wait hang on this was an awesome
idea it didn’t go quite the way we
planned but it was still cool
our last request is from Oliver’s 7 5 8
grasps if we can dehydrate the pen ink
we’ve got 2 things we’re gonna try one
we’re gonna throw some ink in our
dehydrator on a little dehydrator
machine we’ve used before and the other
is the reason that this has been on the
counter the whole time is this is our
freeze dryer we’re gonna see what
happens if we freeze dry ink we don’t
know how this is gonna go we don’t know
how far this is gonna expand so we’re
just gonna do a small amount into a very
large jar and hope it contains it you
may remember when we first vacuumed some
ink it public a lot and the clear sides
of the cup that was in just turned
completely black immediately and then
you couldn’t really see what was
happening inside anymore there’s a
decent chance the same thing is gonna
happen here we’ve seen some liquids
bubble up a lot will ink do the same
thing we’re not sure we’ve seen how
rigid it gets when it gets cold and the
freeze dryer does get very cold it might
be enough to stop it from moving at all
we can see we can look at it after 24
and see if we think it’s doing well side
benefit we’re testing out what happens
if you put a GoPro in a freeze dryer it
may not survive and I know the burning
question you all had did my nails
survive this experiment yes they did
our ink has been running through the
freeze dryer and the dehydrator for
about a day and a half now coming up on
two days at this point actually and if
we think that at least one of them is
finished very cold first off with our
GoPro survived the battery is almost
certainly dead at this point
it’s very cold GoPro I just wonder if we
can turn it on again that’ll be a fun
experiment we’ll see if this lifts okay
this is my new favorite thing ever
so obviously this part is all very very
dried this is very cold the hope you can
see is it’s frosting up still getting
ink marks this might be the prettiest
stained glass thing ever
kind of going a gummy interesting okay
around the edges it’s still a little
squishy that’s some fairly warm water
not too hot we don’t want to risk
breaking the cup or anything like that
this is from our internal GoPro which
apparently did survive its trip through
the vacuum chamber warp and there goes
we’re just funny because like it doesn’t
look like there’s any air bubbles in ink
for a while but apparently there’s
enough that D gasses in low pressure
that it just creates all those little
egg off obviously a ton of bubbles that
was insane
oh and you can see what it’s done to our
perfectly clear glass Wow
at this point the glass is warmed back
up it’s not frozen there this is the
same powdery dry substance here
however down at the bottom now that
you’ve warmed it back up yeah it was
frozen in there and we saw with the dry
ice how it gets really thick when it
freezes but now this is warm back up
alright so we’ve exhausted just about
everything that we can do with the
freeze-dried ink now we want to see what
happened to our dehydrated
well that’s cool you can see all of the
places where the ink hasn’t dried yet of
my handprint okay seems fairly liquid
this is our common request asking if we
could dehydrate the ink it has very
thoroughly become inundated with ink
yeah in the freezer yeah this is the
rest of our ink and everything that was
freeze-dried so you can still see like
the viscosity here but now I do the same
thing to what we put in the dehydrator a
little gum here does look like it’s
sticking a little bit more but that’s
about it it’s still it’s still inked in
our first video where we took the ink
out of a thousand pens there were dozens
and possibly hundreds of comments saying
that instead of taking the ink out of
the thousand pens we should have just
bought the ink online and you can buy
ink online but it’s not this kind of ink
pen ink that you buy online is much much
thinner it’s designed for like a quill
pen or a fountain pen that you dip into
the ink or you refill a well and then
you try and draw with that it’s not the
same thing this would not work in a
fountain pen this stuff is as thick as
corn syrup and this is not the
consistency that you normally have in a
bottle of ink so Wow it would have been
easier to buy a bottle of ink it’s just
completely different we wouldn’t have
learned what’s inside ballpoint pens we
wouldn’t really know anything about that
ink because it’s just too different
another thing to mention is that when it
comes to India ink the reason people
like it is the quality of the honestly
the blackness of the color it’s very
very dark and there’s no shine to it
ballpoint pen ink is usually known for
having the sort of metallic quality
you’re not gonna get that with Indian or
true Indian guys that’s it for today but
you know the fun doesn’t end we’ve
always got more for you to see that box
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