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What is Bikram Yoga?

it’ll have your heart racing your body
covered in sweat and it feels really
good hi I’m Veronica the
and today we’re speaking with a heat
yoga instructor Mike Johnson
what is Bikram Yoga Bikram Yoga is a
classic hatha series and it’s an
accumulation of 26 postures to breathing
exercise created by a guy named Bikram
Chowdhury from India and we do it in a
hot room is it safe to be in the heat
for the 90 minutes extremely safe the
reason we do it in a hot room is to
protect your muscles because sometimes
when you stretch you’ll tend to think
that you can go far when you can see
heat actually protects your muscles
allows you to go a little bit deeper
into the postures what should you wear
to class as little as you feel
comfortable in because you will be hot
you will be sweating what can you do
after your class to restore your body if
you’re practicing a lot of Bikram yoga
it’d be important to replenish your
electrolytes which are substances that
you lose when you sweat like potassium
sodium so you replenish those along with
the water and then you should be fine
we know that yoga’s popular among women
is it also a good choice for men I
really believe this is actually the yoga
for guys a lot of men in the past have
been turned off by yoga because they see
it as sort of a lot of meditation a lot
of breathing this is a rigorous physical
activity 90 minutes of an intense
exercise you can gain a lot of strength
a lot of core strength a lot of strength
in your joints which is good for also a
lot of men who are practicing sports who
find one as they get older it’s tougher
for them because they’re getting knee
problems and ankle problems they come
here they strengthen their joints and
they’ll be able to continue doing their
sports for a lot longer if women want to
lose weight is this a good choice this
is one of the most appealing things
you’re burning calories at a much higher
level when you’re in the hot room
somewhere between a thousand and 1500
calories in an hour and a half which is
quite incredible so what can you expect
from your first class you can expect a
really tough time it’s gonna be hard
your first class isn’t gonna be fun
if you don’t hydrate enough you may find
yourself crashing really quickly in the
class so we ask that the one thing you
do do is stay in the room for 90 minutes
cuz a lot of time your mind will be
screaming at you saying oh my god what
am i doing in here it’s way too hot and
if you relax you go to your mat you take
it easy
you allow your body to get used to the
idea of working out in the room so the
first class is tough second class is
better and then it gets a little bit
easier before it gets harder again is
anybody who shouldn’t take this class no
the only people who really can take the
class is children who haven’t gone
through puberty because they haven’t
developed their sweat glands enough
other than that Bikram always says
you’re never too old you’re never too
fat it’s never too late to start from
scratch once again
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