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Interview with Co-Creator of Repo: The Genetic Opera

hi and welcome to i’m your
host leila i just sat down with
co-creator and musical composer of repo
the genetic opera Terrance is a do niche
to find out how this hit stage show came
together on screen my name is terrance
ado niche I’m the co-creator and
composer of repo and in the movie I play
the character of great problems what
hope do you realize this short stage
rock opera could be successfully adapted
into films as Darren Smith I were
writing repo I think we always wrote it
bigger than what we could actually
achieve at whatever time that was as
such just by writing something that’s
futuristic it’s sci-fi involved gore it
involves techno elements in the music
those are all things that were very
difficult to pull off at a live stage
show and we also wrote it as sort of a
screenplay type format so i think all
along even though we didn’t necessarily
know how was gonna get there I think we
always knew that we were writing it as
though it was a movie how much material
from the original stage offer I made it
into the movie I don’t know the exact
number over the years we’ve rewritten
and rewritten repo and we’ve had songs
that have come and completely gone
extinct so we tried to maximize well how
do we use the film medium how do we have
locations play a part of it how do we
have visual effects play a part of it
and so as such we were kind of upping
the ante on all the songs and not just
content wise but actually the techniques
behind the songs but i would say
percentage wise i would say we rewrote
the script about fifty percent for the
you had a bad record 17 lives why were
the other songs recorded in separate
timing you want to have all the elements
be as discreet and clean and perfect as
possible and in the case of something
like repo because it is such an amalgam
of sounds and styles we actually were
seeking you know if we knew this
particular song needed to sound rock
hard rock and then another song needed
to sound jazzy we would seek out players
they were appropriate to those sounds so
there might be one drummer on one song
another drum on another song 2
soundtrack alone i’m guessing features
about hundred people and some really
great names so we had people from
bauhaus coming in clown from slipknot
did some drums yet stephen perkins from
jane’s addiction so we have such a
diverse amount of talent and i think at
the verse amount of styles we needed to
cover that doing it piecemeal is really
the only way to do it and the song that
you talked about the reason we did that
with that particular song is it needed
to sound punk rock and punk rock I think
by definition is not clean and perfect
so we’re like you know we need to get a
punk band in here and these need a jam
and if it’s sloppy and it’s not perfect
it’s perfect
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