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The Gold Rush of California

it’s not known as the Golden State just
because of its gold colored land hi I’m
Rebecca Braden and welcome to and today we’ll be telling
you all about the California Gold Rush
the california gold rush began in the
mid 19th century when gold particles
were found at Sutter’s Mill this was a
central event in the history of this
state bringing with it a flood of people
and a boon to the economy the gold rush
cause considerable growth in this state
changing San Francisco into the
important city it is today it also
caused California to be admitted as a
state in eighteen fifty one of the more
famous mining towns is Auburn California
located 130 miles from San Francisco
this city still allows visitors to
experience the gold-mining lifestyle by
panning for gold and seeing the sights
of the town today a 44 pound gold nugget
is on display at the ironstone winery in
California the California Gold Rush
changed the history of the state and
helped lead to what is known as the
California Dream
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