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Sports and Leisure in California

beautiful sandy beaches are just miles
away from snow-capped mountains in this
coastal state hi I’m Rebecca Brayton and
welcome to and today we’ll
be showing you sports in California
California is home to a variety of
activities year-round this States Coast
offers fantastic surf its whole length
these same waters are also beautiful for
sailing and boating each of the state’s
411 beaches is distinctive and at the
same time typical of California travel
the boardwalks which are complete with
amusement parks or simply lay in the Sun
on California’s sandy coast you’ll find
suitable trails that will let you take
advantage of horseback riding as well as
mountain biking and hiking the skiing in
Lake Tahoe is world class and is
frequented by visitors because of its
beautiful vistas many of the most famous
golf courses in the United States are
located in California including Pebble
Beach and torrey pines and because of
its distinctive geography there are a
variety of golf experiences available
such as desert golf and ocean Gulf
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