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Top 5 Developers That Hate Their Own Games!

making games for a living seems like a
dream come true but for some it could be
a nightmare welcome to and
today we’re counting down our picks for
the top five game developers who hate
their own games before we begin we
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this list we’ll be looking at those
individuals who turned their backs on
their own creations over creative
differences studio politics or even
because of huge success number 5 Leslie
Benzies the Grand Theft Auto series
sometimes leaving the company you helped
leave to success is amicable and
everything is smooth this was not one of
those situations
Leslie was a developer at Rockstar Games
who helped turn it into the massively
successful studio it is today after the
release of GTA online trouble began to
brew between Leslie and the rest of
rockstars leadership he alleges that he
was forced out of the company and his
due over a hundred and fifty million
dollars the lawsuit claims that the
company encouraged him to visit strip
clubs and take sexually compromising
photos in order to create grounds for
his potential termination Leslie has
since started at a brand new studio and
is now working on a new open world game
titled everywhere but suffice to say
he’s not so crazy about GTA anymore it’s
not normal but in this crazy crazy world
it’s normal so good huh number 4 Markus
Persson minecraft where the only limit
is your imagination
let’s go wherever you want to go there’s
a little game out there which has become
a worldwide cultural phenomenon maybe
you’ve heard of it it’s called minecraft
the indie creator of the graphically
simple but massive game sold it along
with a company Mojang – tech giant
Microsoft maybe you’ve heard of them for
2.5 billion dollars according to several
social media posts since the sale person
has expressed his disillusionment with
making games and the industry in general
on top of that apparently being a
billionaire is kind of a bummer person
has talked about how having such a large
pile of cash has hurt his social life ah
bummer maybe we could take some off your
so you haven’t sold out and become like
you’re not publicly traded company or
anything no Wow
number 3 Phil fish Fez it feels like
waiting like ended everything feels
longer feel like I’m about to throw up
in his short time on the indie game
scene Phil fish has become one of the
most polarizing figures in the industry
he garnered notoriety for his behavior
and some of his comments in both panels
and on Twitter we’re starting to think
this Twitter thing might not be very
healthy for us to use as a species have
you seen what knotch posts at one point
Phil decided that he’d had enough and
proclaimed his hate for the gaming
industry as a whole and even canceled
the sequel to his critically acclaimed
hit offense this was all over an
argument with a journalist
it’s scary I really don’t like it
number two peter molyneux fatal series
and there’s a huge amount of unique
drama that we see I don’t think you
would have seen any game before mr.
Molyneux has garnered a reputation over
the years of promising grandiose titles
and under-delivering while promoting
fable 2 he through fable 1 right under
the bus claiming quote it sits in my
pile of shame and when that game didn’t
deliver when promoting table 3 he
slammed fable 2 as well as calling most
of the game quote rubbish then after
leaving Lionhead Studios to work on
goddess Peter then proceeded to you
guessed it slag off fable 3 who wrote
the gem that was in my mind has never
come to be it’s always flawed in some
way PT maybe you should try coming back
down to earth with the rest of us before
promising the universe number one Howard
Scott Warshaw ET the extra-terrestrial
we found a treasure trove of Atari 2600
cartridges look it’s never easy creating
video games sometimes things just don’t
work out the way you planned but you
should be proud of your game regardless
right unless that game is ET following
the worldwide success of the Steven
Spielberg movie Atari in the full midst
of a bubble set out to make a game based
on this lucrative property they brought
in Howard who had great plans for an
innovative annotation unfortunately they
only gave him about five weeks to make
it the result is what many claim to be
the worst game ever made it was so bad
that they buried all of the unsold
copies and its failure is often cited as
the reason Atari went bankrupt and the
video game industry almost died I can’t
speak for Atari because I certainly
wasn’t with them way back then but I’m I
think there was a little bit of shame
involved do you agree with our picks
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