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3 Reasons You Should See Red Sparrow – Review! Mojo @ The Movies

what have you done you belong to them

they won’t ever let go I’ll find a way

welcome to mojo at the movies I’m Eric

and once again I am joined by Manny how

you doing I’m doing very good Eric so we

went to go see red Sparrow this is the

latest movie starring Jennifer Lawrence

directed by Francis Lawrence noir later

on the Hunger Games Movies I believe

yeah exactly but this is not a Hunger

Games movie this is a spy movie yes a

Russian spy movie in which she plays a

red sparrow a Russian spy she starts off

as a ballerina but quickly gets into the

spy game which we’ll get to because of a

weird series of circumstances that

happened at the beginning the move

slapping at the beginning the movie

excruciating we won’t talk about it

right that’s a bit the hashtag spoilers

but we’ll move on well power through she

becomes a spy so here are three reasons

we think you guys should see it many

let’s start with the first one for me

it’s that Jennifer Lawrence is a total

badass in this movie yeah she goes

through a good physical transformation

put on some some muscle on some muscle

tone especially from she learned to

dance ballet she learned how to do some

combat basically just what her body goes

through in this movie and it’s it’s her

it’s it’s really her like through a

bunch of physical scenes where you would

think they would use a double or

anything and it’s really her I mean it’s

well she’s great she trained with

what’s-his-name Kurt Froman who’s you

know a major player in the Hollywood

ballet scene this guy’s the biggest

player in it the biggest learn but she

so she trained for months and months on

end to learn ballet also you know to

learn to speak with a Russian accent and

I found her accent was you know I was

never put off by either her accent or or

her performance didn’t sound forced or

comedic and when she spoke in Russian

for me it sounded natural obviously I’m

not Russian so I wouldn’t know but it

sounded pretty good I heard some

reviewers talk about how it’s out a

little bit boris and natasha ich so you

know it could be ridiculed III didn’t

mind it harsh for me but

you find that she did a very good job at

it more believable than some bigger

actors trying to do accents and and you

know you mentioned her performance and

being a badass and her body I mean you

know we one thing that a lot of people

are talking about is the fact that she

does a nude scene it’s a full frontal

nude scene and what’s interesting is

that she’s now gone on record to say

that it was empowering for her because

because of what happened with the the

the photo hacks of a couple years ago

she felt that the power was taken away

from her and in this particular scene

she is in the driver’s seat she is not

only making the people in the scene

uncomfortable but without her power but

she you’re in the theater going you know

yeah you’re a little bit like in she’s

very intimidating very intimidating yeah

I think she has that intimidating

quadrille quality because of her

character and I think she just grasped

this character and it’s a very

believable performance when she emotes

in this movie you believe it there’s a

there’s a wild transformation from what

she is at the beginning of the movie

that’s almost kind of like a pushover

type of person that’s like told to do

stuff and she does it and towards the

end of the movie grabs a full control of

the entire situation which again leads

back to our first point that I think her

performance in this movie and Jennifer

Lawrence as an actress has become a

serious actress right exactly she chose

she made the decisions to to to assume

all these things in this movie yeah and

one thing is you know Francis Lawrence

you can tell she’s a bit of his muse you

know there’s a lot of close-ups on her

face it’s it’s they’re not huge facial

expressions but just these small things

in the glaze that knuckle a said glance

you know but but it just no she’s got it

and she was so in character that when

they were filming in Budapest apparently

she got into a fight it was pretty

hilarious as some guy wanted to take a

selfie and she was I guess she was just

feeling the role and she got into a bar

fight and then again we have Christian

Bale who you know obliterates a lighting

director on the set of Terminator so I

mean actors right that’s what they got

to do right exactly you know if they’re

hanging out with Kurt Froman okay so the

second point is it’s not just Jennifer

Lawrence it’s the rest of the supporting

cast yeah i solid supporting camp

you know within a couple of minutes of

the movie you’re like Oh Jeremy Irons

yeah but that’s also to my respect I

only saw one trailer and I also didn’t

read the poster so I think I was

watching it and like I turned over to

you in the theaters like oh my god

Jeremy joel edgerton is oh yeah who I

don’t always love but he does a pretty

good I mean he’s so the the American in

the Nashes ISM yeah Nate Nash most

American name ever and also he’s like

any movie comes about or they’re like

hey you know we need like a 40-something

guy who’s like in shape but not in shape

who is like all-around American and we

need him to give us a solid performance

it’s like let’s call up Joel Joel yeah

sure he’s free yeah he’s that he’ll do

it but overall his character arc too is

a bit from you it’s a bit wishy-washy

yeah but he does a good job at it I

think you know what’s really great at

Charlotte Rampling

she plays the the teacher at the school

at the sparrow school where we’re the

spies go to learn the art of seduction

or as or as I called them the super sexy

spies or as Jennifer Lawrence says I

would what you sent me to whore school

yeah it was pretty hardcore but and so

Charlotte Rampling as the as the teacher

there is she’s pretty badass – yeah way

she’s kind of has this power over the

class and over the whole students and

kind of pointing out these things and

aspects of people’s personality where

it’s like this is what you’d have to do

to exceed in this type of environment

and I was really happy to see her

because I loved shed a short run on

Dexter yep and I loved her on that she

played like a psychiatrist the kind of

understood Dexter’s character and like

opened up different feelings and

emotions and I find she took that that

character and amped it up in this movie

and I think she did a fantastic job and

also mary-louise Parker out of nowhere I

was expecting that even all the

characters are kind of of a certain ilk

and then all of a sudden she comes in

and she has this great it’s it’s like a

it’s a short scene but she still is a

short scene she’s like you said she

steals it

yeah but also it’s her character is is

such a funny wacky little character yeah

it’s kind of in a position of power and

she knows she’s in that position of

power and she’s kind of using that


everybody else that she’s trying to

manipulate it’s not really anything for

the story but I mean like her character

plays a key turning point in this story

and it was just fun to see her come out

and do that type of role and speaking of

turning points our third point you know

another reason to see this is that it

really hits all the right spy movie

beats yeah and how do we say this it

puts a twist on iMovie Tom the spy movie

twist right yeah it it really it goes

through like the common paces like the

common pace where oh I’m not really a

spy but then I’m really good at being a

spy and then it’s like oh here’s my

hidden agenda on why I’m doing this and

this is how I’m going to execute it and

know I learned everything so quickly it

goes through all those paces but it does

keep you on your toes it does there’s

some really intense fight scenes and

situation and that lot of hyper violence

yeah when the scene is violent it is

violent yeah and that was kind of like

and it kind of gives like a good shock

factor to every violent scene it but the

violence is not overdone to where it’s

Gore porn it’s more like this is how you

would have to go through this type of

situation you know I’ll say one thing

the movie is two and a half hours long

and so I found it too long I feels it

feels two-and-a-half hours long yeah I

think they could have you know they

would have benefited from shortening it

and throwing some things on the cutting

room floor and but essentially it does

feel like one of those spy movies where

you’re like you know you’re kind of

following the action and and and you

like the fact like we said there’s a

twist at the end it’s a twist on the

twist and and that really got me I mean

how memorable is this movie going to be

in the grand scope of things I think I

was telling our director Phoebe before

it’s the type of movie that I saw in

theater because we get all these cool

passes thank you very much Eric I don’t

know if it was a movie I would run out

to see I would see it and I don’t think

I would run out to watch it on digital

download or rent it on the PlayStation

Network I think it’s really like Oh red

Sparrow got added to Netflix let me

watch it again

movie okay it’s not a Netflix movie

mm-hmm I think you should see it yeah

you should see it if you like spy movies

okay that is my review now how

she compared to for example atomic

blonde I find Charlize Theron’s is like

next level actress for me I always have

like a bit of a soft spot for her but

two atomic blonde I think it’s not

really the same type of movie atomic

blonde is an action movie that’s kind of

being like hey remember the 80s wasn’t

it cool let’s do all this cool stuff

this was more of throwback to the 70s

this was more like a throwback to those

old-school spy movies where it’s story

and then whatever happened there was a

reason for it to happen it wasn’t just

an action set piece everything drove the

story forward or pushed the illusion

that Jennifer Lawrence’s character was

trying to build to go to that next step

to hit that next story be an atomic bomb

was more like here’s a fun story classic

classic type of action movie story and

here’s a great bunch of action set

pieces that are really fun to watch that

escalate throughout the movie goes well

I’d be curious to hear what you guys

think let us know in your comments

thanks Manny and we’ll see you guys next time

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