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Top 10 Worst Things Vegeta Has Done

feels like only yesterday he was trying
to blow up the planet outside flies I’m
Ashley with WatchMojo and these are the
top 10 worst things Vegeta has ever done
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this list we’re going to be taking a
look at all the terrible things that
Prince of Saiyans got up to you over the
Dragon Ball franchise well I didn’t say
I wouldn’t hit you now did I drunks no
that’s not to say we don’t love the
prideful bastard
that’s no denying he’s got some dirty
laundry now let’s get to that list I
refused what number 10 freezing up
against Rolly yes yes yes we’re very
much aware that the latest Dragon Ball
super movie has completely wrecked on
this particularly shameful moment but
we’re not gonna miss out on an
upon the reveal that Brawley was the
legendary super saiyan instead of
immediately stepping up to the plate
Vegeta spent the majority of the film
suffering a complete mental breakdown
due to all of us
why because Brawley is just that
seriously watching Vegeta shudder like
that is just don’t be coming get your
head in the game man what do you think
you’re doing why don’t you stop whining
like a baby and fight like a man why
what for number 9 not saving his wife
and child nowadays we all know that
Vegeta is practically the perfect family
man in his own special way however that
wasn’t always the case
every time you stick your geeky little
face in front of trumps you make him cry
I on his own power after finally
becoming a Super Saiyan VG’s to became
so obsessed with taking down the likes
of dr. Jarreau that it almost cost Bulma
if not for Future Trunks leaping into
the fray at the last minutes Vegeta
would have lost his family in Jarosz
retaliatory attack though at this stage
we doubt he would have noticed whoo-hoo
Bulma and your side oh then I have more
important things to worry about the net
foolish woman in her blasted child
number 8 the mustache admit it’s this
piece of facial hair is as much of a
crime as any of the deaths of vegeta has
inflicted during his time as a bad guy
seriously what was he thinking
he’s got tall spiky black hair a widow’s
peak and and a creepy little mustache it
looks so weird and yet we can’t stop
looking at it like some kind of hairy
black hole that moustaches got to go it
makes you look like it even became a
damn plot point when vegeta finally
shaved it off only for nobody to notice
at least we can take some solace in the
way that he pronounces mustache I shaved
my mustache you idiot jaw number 7
killing racoon and bird sir so the ginyu
force weren’t exactly the nicest of
people and after all the damage they had
caused the likes of raccoon and company
cently deserved to get their comeuppance
which they ended up receiving courtesy
of goku these guys might walk funny for
a while but they’ll recover just fine
of course with Vegeta being Vegeta he
wasn’t content with just leaving their
bodies broken and their spirits crushed
they went in for the kill
heystop make all the arguments you want
about these freezer lackeys deserving to
live or not but killing them while they
were practically comatose doesn’t
exactly paint you as a symbol of true
strength what’s your deal you know how
to receive mercy but you can’t give it
too bad I was hoping you might have
changed number six
killing nappa the tragedy of watching
this great man die hitter’s Oh Lud nappa
was one in a million
it’s over 9000 9000 there’s no way that
could be right a loyal soldier a
powerful saying a warrior through and
through that may have one day risen
above the rest to become a champion
orchid aspire to he was more than just
an insurgent with a habit for making
weird mind children explode he was a
friend well except for that little guy
and then Vegeta tossed him in the air
like a frisbee before blasting him into
pieces after his usefulness had run out
monster number 5
letting cell achieve his perfect form
quite possibly the most poignant example
of how dangerous Vegeta’s pride could
really be his overwhelming confidence in
his power proved to be his undoing after
letting the ultimate Android fulfill its
purpose so be it
you’ve managed to arouse my curiosity
now go and absorb your Android oh no by
letting cell absorb Android 18 he
achieved a form that was even too much
for the Saiyan Prince to handle not only
did this result in cell shattering both
Vegeta’s body and his spirits but also
paved the way for all the deaths that
came after including that of his future
son number 4 blowing up a bug planets
Vegeta and nappa zerney to earth wasn’t
without its obstacles at some points
they ended up taking a detour to a
planet made of insectoids are you sure
you can get a high price for this planet
doubt it this little adventure included
them being imprisoned breaking outs
killing a massive bug beast overthrowing
a monarchy and actually doing some good
for the populace you have freed our
planet from centuries of bondage
at last our Lea is a place where a new
beginning can be made from now on you
two visitors from space will be known as
heroes among our people how did it all
Vegeta blowing up the planet without a
second thoughts this planet has a
serious bug problem you know considering
what happened to his own world he really
shouldn’t be throwing stones or Planet
busting key blasts in this case
there’s nothing like a little fireworks
when you say goodbye
number three killing a crowd of people
and that’s certainly one way to
reintroduce yourself as a bad guy after
allowing himself to be controlled by
Bharati vegeta uttered in his new
Martian form by killing a whole group of
innocent bystanders at the world martial
arts tournaments also proved that the
it’s a rather shocking sight and the
perfect demonstration of just how eager
Vegeta was to embrace his chance of
establishing himself as a bonafide
number two
killing namekians while the blame for
the massacre of the namekian people
often falls upon the likes of Fraser and
his minions there’s no escaping the fact
that Vegeta also contributed to the body
pile he may have put the genocide
business behind him but his desperate
search for the Dragon Balls didn’t leave
room for much Missy hence why he killed
anyone who came between him and his
this unfortunately included plenty of
civilians along the way you can’t be an
antihero without breaking a few green
apparently number one nearly destroying
the earth it’s easy to forget it signs
that before he was defending universe 7
from annihilation Vegeta was one of the
biggest threats the earth had ever seen
on his mission to recover the Dragon
Balls the Saiyan elites finally met his
match in his fated confrontation with
Goku given the absurd level of arrogance
that he had back then the Prince of
Saiyans eventually decided that the only
way to best his foe and prove his
superiority would be to blow up the
so can you ever forgive Vegeta for these
terrible things let us know in the
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