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My FIRST Video on YOUTUBE (10 YEARS Ago!)

today April 14th 2019 is my 10 year
YouTube anniversary and I thought we
should celebrate together by watching
the very first video that I made on
April 14th 2009 featuring Walt Disney’s
story hello and welcome to another
edition of modeling the Masters my name
is Evan Carmichael and today we’re going
to be talking about the famous
entrepreneur Walt Disney and how you can
model his strategies to achieve success
with your business
everyone knows Walt Disney for his
movies theme parks and cast of
characters what most people don’t know
is when he first started out he had no
money he had to live in his office
because he couldn’t afford write for an
apartment and he survived on a diet of
cold beans because he couldn’t afford
food by committing to his business and
sticking with it he was now able to
build a business that has almost 40
billion dollars in revenue so today
we’re going to look at three lessons
that you can learn for wealth and
success and apply it into your company
lesson number one is find something that
you love Walt Disney grew up in the
early 1900’s on a farm in Missouri and
developed a passion for drawing so much
so that one of his neighbors actually
paid him to draw some cartoons of his
horses when Walt Disney got to school he
found that he was a good student but he
really enjoyed doodling as opposed to
paying attention to his teachers he
connected with one of his high school
papers and started drawing patriotic
cartoons for the school paper when he
was 16 though he found that school just
wasn’t for him so he dropped out join
the Red Cross learned to become an
ambulance driver an action was shipped
to France to become an ambulance driver
over there
he couldn’t lose that passion for
drawing and cartooning and he ended up
plastering his ambulance full of
different cartoon creations that he had
made people knew him on the street
because he was the ambulance driver with
all the different cartoons plastered on
his ambulance
he decided that cartooning was for him
he was going to be an artist and return
to America to start his career as an
artist so lesson number one really is
make sure you have that strong passion
for your business if you don’t really
love it it’s going to be hard to succeed
as a business owner if you look at any
famous entrepreneur and why they serve
their business it wasn’t for the money
money comes when you’re really
passionate about what you’re doing so
think about what is it that you do in
your spare time what do you really enjoy
doing what gets you going in the morning
what are your hobbies and how can you
turn those into a potential business
opportunity lesson number two is push
the boundaries Walt Disney first made
his mark in 1934 when he proposed making
a feature-length animation which had
never been done before it was called
Snow White
took him three years to make he went a
hundred percent over budget people
thought he was crazy for doing it he ran
out of money at the end and had to
actually act out the last scenes of the
movie for his bankers to get the money
he needed the clothes to finish the
movie it ended up being a huge success
it was the biggest hit of the year he
won an Academy Award for it and it was
as financial gain for him Walt Disney’s
next big project was Disneyland a 330
acre project out in California a theme
park which had nothing to do with his
movies people thought it was crazy again
why would you do this what tie does it
have to your movie business but he had a
vision he was determined to make it
happen and again it was a big success
for him then he went on to open up the
Walt Disney World in Florida and the
company was able to open up different
theme parks around the world so the
message for entrepreneurs here is push
the boundaries you need to do something
different to get your company noticed as
a small entrepreneur there’s so much
competition it’s so difficult to get on
people’s radar screens and make them pay
attention to you so you have to do
something that’s gonna get you notice
something that will help you stand out
from the crowd so what is it that will
be your equivalent of a Snow White
something that’s never been done before
it’s really gonna get you notice and get
the attention paid to your business
lesson number three is stay top of mind
Walt Disney did everything he could to
make sure people kept remembering the
Walt Disney name he did a lot of
advertising as an example so we did TV
campaigns direct mail campaigns print
ads he even did grocery store coupon
cutout so when you’re at the grocery
store you’re thinking about Walt Disney
he was also a pioneer in merchandising
so whenever a new feature film came out
that was a Walt Disney production you
would also be able to buy all the
merchandise that went along with it
today while Disney is known not only for
its movies but its TV stations theme
parks dolls toys games and a whole host
of other merchandise so the lesson for
entrepreneurs is stay top of mind you
need to do whatever you can to make sure
your customers are always thinking about
you the easiest way to grow a business
is to sell more to your existing
customers the hardest way to grow a
business is to go out and try to find
so do whatever you can to make sure your
customers are always thinking about you
you’re the first person that comes to
mind when you’re thinking about your
product or service and it’s the best way
to be able to grow your business Walt
Disney is an entrepreneurial legend
who’s built up one of the most
recognized companies in the world but
remember when he first got started he
had no money nobody believed in him he
had to live out of his office because he
couldn’t afford an apartment and he
survived on a diet of cold beans because
he couldn’t afford other food by
following his lessons though you too can
achieve entrepreneurial success so
remember find something you love push
the boundaries and stay top of mind I
hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of
modeling the Masters to learn more about
Walt Disney and his entrepreneurial
success you can visit our website at
Evan Carmichael com and you can also
check out our blog which is listed below
I also want to take this opportunity to
thank Fanta media for the great work
they’ve done in producing this video and
I hope you’ll join us for the next
episode of modeling the Masters
so I’m looking back I was so nervous to
make that video I was sitting down it
took us the whole day I’m sweating I’m
in a suit and tie and it’s been a wild
journey of the past ten years it’s crazy
to think that that’s where I started and
now here X thousand videos later we’ve
got almost two million subscribers a
quarter four billion views it just goes
to show that you have an idea you have a
passion you just start you just start it
took me 350 videos until I wasn’t
completely embarrassed by myself
I went through the journey of being able
to speak in front of a camera and have
people watch me be willing to do it out
in public and not being super nervous
it took me seven hundred videos until I
was inspired by myself where I made a
video I’m like man I’m getting pretty
good like that’s actually a decent video
seven hundred videos and so I think a
lot of people just quit too soon
I think expect to suck expect your first
video if you want to be a youtuber to
suck the first time you try anything you
will suck at it just come back and watch
this video again and see how much I
sucked when I first started off of my
career and hopefully it gives you a bit
of a laugh and also maybe some
inspiration to chase down your dream and
reminder that everybody started from the
start and not to compare your beginning
to somebody else’s middle or end so
normally I have a question the day I
would love to know what was your first
video that brought you into my channel
if you remember it or one of the first
videos leave it down the comments below
thank you guys for the past 10 years
it’s been an amazing ride and I look
forward to seeing where the next 10 take
us and if you want more Walt Disney
check out the top 10 rules remain on him
the link is right there next to me I
think you’ll enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll see you there
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