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World’s Biggest Tootsie Roll?

in today’s video we are going to see if
we can make a giant tootsie roll and if
we can what else we can make using the
same recipe
guys they gave me a new kitchen because
we’ve destroyed the last one not really
but we do have a few new sets for us to
play with so it’ll be very interesting
for you to see what else we might be
able to do in the coming videos but for
today we are going to be using this new
setup so the goal for today is to see if
we can make a giant tootsie roll I’ve
looked up lots of different recipes
online and I found one that seemed to be
the easiest and also tastes the best
it’s pretty simple it just involves
chocolate corn syrup and flavoring so
that’s what we’re gonna start with
here’s the basic idea we want to see if
we can make a giant tootsie roll so we
have found a recipe involving chocolate
corn syrup and different types of
flavoring we’re gonna see if we can make
this and if we can do that see if we can
make some edible play dough too now as
I’ve said I have seen jumbo candies made
in the past and they are awesome but I
want to make not just a giant tootsie
roll I want to make it look like one of
the miniatures scaled up so that’s gonna
be the goal today and when I say big I’m
talking about probably a full footlong
log so let’s see if we can do that what
we’re gonna start with is we’re gonna
have our chocolate chips and our corn
syrup this recipe is so simple for every
12 ounces or about a cup and a half of
chocolate chips that you use it’s just a
half cup of corn syrup we’re gonna
probably quadruple that or more just to
make sure that we’ve got enough let’s go
ahead and get everything melting on the
stove so medium to low heat when you’re
working with any type of sugar you don’t
want a full high heat you can if you’re
making like hard crack candy things like
that medium is still preferred try not
to burn it you keep from burning I’m
gonna go ahead and add a little bit of
the corn syrup first yes that will burn
too but I want that slight bit of liquid
so one of the bags that I got was
accidentally 36 ounces instead of 24 so
to make this very simple
one batch alone is going to be twelve
ounces of chocolate chips to 1/2 cup of
corn syrup so 12 ounces is a cup and a
half to make it easy so this is why I
let the corn syrup heat up a little bit
before I added the chocolate because I’m
not using a double boiler and when
you’re trying to melt chocolate without
a double boiler it can be a little bit
challenging to try and melt it without
arching it there are still a few chunks
in here not everything’s fully melted
but I am gonna take it off the heat
again just to make sure that nothing
scorches or burns I’m gonna go ahead and
pour it out and as it’s cooling the
warmth from all of the melted chocolate
is actually gonna incorporate any
chocolate that hasn’t melted yet perfect
while we let this cool there are a
couple of other things I want to try if
you didn’t notice before I do have some
white chocolate here as well there’s
another type of candy made by the same
company called fruity rolls I’m gonna
try and make that recipe but we’re not
gonna make fruity rolls alright so we’ve
got our white chocolate base that you
used to make fruity rolls however we’re
gonna make a giant tootsie roll I don’t
want to make fruity rolls themselves so
I have another thought let’s see if we
can make edible play dough alright so
we’ve got our mix we’ve got our
playdough we’ve got red yellow and blue
and colors we’ve got a couple of
different flavorings however I’m not
entirely sure just how much I need to be
mixing here now an entire container says
it’s 16 ounces I’m gonna go ahead and
check and just make sure I know
obviously that’s gonna be 4 ounces per
container but I want to see the volume
before I start mixing
so half cup should be about the right
amount I’m gonna make a little bit more
of each just in case so first we’re
gonna go ahead and mix our colors make
sure everything looks right and after
that we can add some flavoring something
very important to note I am NOT using a
liquid food coloring and I am not using
a flavoring extract what I’m actually
using is a flavoring oil and a gel color
the reason why is because the
consistency once this cools all the way
and has a little bit of time to settle
is gonna be the correct consistency and
we don’t want to hurt that so these have
a little bit less of a liquid content
now these colors might not match exactly
but if you’re trying to prank friends
this won’t be a neon yellow so now I
would mix these a little bit more you
can still see a few swirls here and
there but we’re gonna be adding some
flavoring now that’s gonna mix it some
more watermelon for our red we’ve got
some lemon oil for our yellow and then
shockingly it was very difficult to find
any sort of blue fruit flavoring so
we’re gonna go ahead and go with
raspberry because you see blue raspberry
everywhere okay something to note if
you’ve ever baked you use flavoring
before if you are using flavoring oils
don’t make the same mistake I did when I
was mixing the colors because this stuff
is potent I’m gonna start out with maybe
two drops of each in each just to see
all right so we’ve got our different
flavors we’ve got our regular tootsie
roll flavor here is probably the most
patience required part of this entire
project well some of these only required
two ingredients like tootsie rolls
Stephens include for with the food
coloring and the food flavoring these
have to sit for about 24 hours and the
reason why is you can see just how soft
this is even play-doh
isn’t that soft and if you come over
here to our tootsie roll no tootsie roll
unless you heat it up it’s gonna be that
soft however if you let it sit overnight
everything starts to sort of solidify
and have the correct consistency that
we’re looking for I’m gonna go ahead and
cover everything up come back in 24
hours we’ll finish them all right so
it’s the next morning and everything
sort of had a chance to firm up a little
bit over the night so let’s go ahead and
see how everything turned out see if
this is the consistency that we need it
to be now you’ll notice that there’s
still a little bit of white that’s fine
that’s just solidified oil solids but if
I push it on that and then push on our
play-doh yes the play-doh did get a
little bit crunchy because I left it out
overnight so let’s look at the middle
here that’s basically the same
consistency so once we mix that up
that’s gonna be perfect all right so I’m
very excited to put these in our
play-doh containers I really want to see
just how close we can make this look
like the actual product but before that
I want to see how our chocolate tips URL
turned out that is perfect the only
difference that I’m noticing from a
regular Tootsie Roll is that it actually
smelled a lot better because it smells
like real chocolate so I’m not sure if
we have enough for one or like one and a
half but let’s start rolling this up see
how much we’ve got so this is a lot of
chocolate it’s very malleable it feels a
lot like the consistency of a Tootsie
Roll when I say I’m not sure if we have
enough for two or even one let me show
you what I mean we then just want to
make the flavor of tootsie roll we
actually want to make it look exactly
like a tootsie roll so first off your
thickness let’s go ahead and just roll
you know honestly I think that’s gonna
be the perfect amount let’s see
yup all right so just time to form it
this is difficult I’m gonna toss them
the microwave
this is a terrible idea I won’t do it
anyways ah a little bit better alright
let’s try that
perfect now I do think that the grease
from the chocolate is going to come
right through this because this is not
waxed paper like a normal 2-0 so I think
we’re gonna wrap it twice and there we
one giant tootsie roll alright so we’ve
tossed our giant tootsie roll into the
freezer to see if we can get it to
solidify stay in that nice round shape
and while we do that let’s make some
play-doh so the goal here is to take out
just as much as we have in our nice
little play-doh cylindrical shapes shape
them into the same forms and then put
them into our little play-doh containers
we’ve got everything freezing we’ve got
our play-doh ready to go now I’ve got a
little bit of time to kill you want to
touch the Royal spoon store yeah but you
good so we did freeze this so it’s quite
a bit more solid make sure it holds that
nice round shape although I will point
out a lot of these tootsie rolls nice
very round that’s not too worried about
it every time I think you’re actually
ahead of most of these in shape how
heavy do you think this is there’s your
brick a solid job 14 pounds that’s my
guess we should get the scale Oh 10 down
down to zero within like one one
thousandth of a pound as far as this
thing can measure I’m gonna make you eat
something really weird okay that’s right
it’s play-doh now I’m supposed to play
with it or heat it here’s the thing
which one do you think is the real
play-doh and which one do you think it’s
food I think this one is play-doh in
this one is food hope you’re right
because I’m playing with some of this
one and it’s very similar to play dough
consistency maybe just a little bit
a little bit not tastes like play-doh
which is good because Plato tastes and
viola not that I know what Plato tastes
like well flavor is this one
you can use okay good so guys if you
decide that you want to make play-doh
and eat it and prank your friends if you
want to carry around a giant tootsie
roll in public we want to see it so link
hey guys thanks for watching click up
there if you want to see our last video
and we’ll see in the next one talk to you then
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