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Top 10 Ways Game of Thrones Could End

the end is near but what kind of ending
can we expect hey guys it’s Phoebe from
watch mojo and today we’re counting down
our picks for the top 10 ways Game of
Thrones could end think you know Game of
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examining the roads this HBO epic could
take on its final stretch and warning
spoilers ahead number 10 Tyrion
Lannister wins you enjoy the game I do
last thing I expected and you play it
well I’d like to keep playing it while
he seems way too smart to actually want
the Iron Throne it could still happen
fans have theorized that Tyrion isn’t a
Lannister at all but a Targaryen Tyrians
father Tywin was hand of the king to
King Aerys ii who in the books lusted
after Tywin’s wife Johanna
Tywin even quips that Tyrion bears the
last her name because Tywin cannot prove
that he isn’t a Lannister Tyrion has
already shown that he can touch a dragon
without getting his hand bitten off
could he also ride one when my father
told me loves dragon had died century
but here you are and could his bloodline
give him the throne he’d certainly be
the smartest king Westeros has had in a
long time how do you know this that’s
what I do I drink and I know things
number 9 the Iron Throne and monarchy
rule is thrown out as the noble houses
play their game of Thrones we hear very
little from the people they’re supposed
to be lording over the small folk
after years of neglectful rulers petty
squabbles between houses and civil wars
it’s about time the small folk say
enough is enough we’ve already seen this
unrest gradually spreading throughout
King’s Landing those who survive the
night King’s invasion might just decide
that they’ve had it with kings and
queens altogether heck maybe some of the
noble houses will even support the
motion after all the bloodshed of the
war of the five kings
we have no names no family every one of
us is poor and powerless and yet
together we can overthrow an empire
number eight miracle baby Targaryen wins
it’s been made clear that Daenerys can’t
have children after what happened with
Miri mazdoor
at the end of season one my child was
innocent Doosan he would have been the
stallion who mounts the world now he
will burn no cities now his khalasar
will trample no nations into dust
however by the end of season seven there
was a lot of chatter about children and
lineage leading some fans to believe
that maybe with John
Daenerys might get a sort of miracle
and yeah yeah we know they’re related
eel but it wouldn’t be the first child
in the show born of family relations
depending on how things end up it would
take at least a generation for Westeros
to get back on its feet and maybe this
little wolf dragon will be destined to
carry on the torch number seven Sansa is
queen in the north
Sansa finally made it back home wiser
and stronger than before we think that
she’ll continue to support John when he
learns that he’s their rightful heir to
the Iron Throne you have to be smarter
than father he needs to be smarter than
Rob I loved them I missed them but they
made stupid mistakes and they both lost
their heads for it and how should I be
smarter by listening to you don’t be so
down after all the hell that she went
through though we can understand why she
might never want to head south again to
King’s Landing and after all a stark
must always be in Winterfell surely
shall become warden in the north but if
Westeros is slightly broken up again
during the upcoming conflicts maybe
she’ll just go ahead and declare her
sovereignty and the snows fall and the
white winds blow the lone wolf dies at
the PAX wives number six
Daenerys goes mad Chris you stopped
your grace for the targaryen madness
runs in the family in the books it said
that when a Targaryen is born the gods
flip a coin with insanity on one side
and greatness on the other given her
quick rise to power
Daenerys his greatness is arguably a
given about her approach to politics
often wavers between diplomacy and
tyranny she tends to be kind to small
folk and those who are loyal but can
deal brutally with those who challenge
her that goddess could losing one of her
dragons flip the coin the other side up
how will she react when she learns that
Cersei is plotting against her will she
like her father decide to burn them all
only time will tell
Shekhar’s number five
Cersei wins speaking of Mad Queens the
show has been bleak and heroes aren’t
always victors in this outcome
Cersei becomes the new ruler of Westeros
after John and Daenerys have defeated
the night king then again given her
pragmatic and manipulative nature maybe
she’ll ally with the night King and
become the night Queen the survivors of
the war would have to leave Westeros
across the Narrow Sea or risk becoming
White’s just as the doom saw Valyria
consumed by fire maybe the doom of
Westeros will see it covered in ice now
the monsters can’t each other while they
battle in the north we take back the
lands that belong to us and then what
and then we rule number four it was all
brand new me the night king he saw me
Brandon is a common name in the stark
family in fact when bran was young old
nan used to forget which brand she was
talking to inspired by this fact the all
brand theory states that all the
Brandon’s throughout history are in fact
the same person time-traveling bran
a similar theory speculates that bran
might actually be the night king having
traveled back in time and warped into
the men whom the children of the forest
made into the first white Walker it’s a
wild theory but it would be a heck of a
twist when the long night comes again I
need to be ready number three the night
it’s the bleakest possible ending but is
it totally out of the question
this is Game of Thrones after all with a
huge ice zombie horde at his back and
the ability to create more whites
incoming battles the night King might
actually reach King’s Landing with an
army too big to stop plus he also has an
ice dragon it would be thematically in
line with the larger idea that Game of
Thrones his hat and play all along that
titles land and wealth mean nothing in
the face of tragedy in this theory any
survivors would have to leave Westeros
it would be unsatisfying for sure but
number two Jamie kills Cersei and vice
many characters point to Jaime
Lannister’s Kingslayer moniker as a mark
of dishonor but when you consider the
fact that he killed the Mad King to save
thousands of innocents from a fiery
death it puts the deed into a whole new
light as the years have progressed the
Lannister twins have drifted to opposite
ends of the morality spectrum
it seems very possible that Jaime will
kill Cersei for much the same reason he
killed the Mad King making him not only
a Kingslayer
but also a Kinsler and a Queen Slayer
knowing Cersei wouldn’t go down without
a fight in a poetic twist then just as
Jaime and Cersei were born together so –
could they die together our children are
gone her father is gone it’s just me and
you now this one moment ago before we
unveil our top pick here are some
honorable mentions when people ask you
what happened here
number one hot pie assumes power
establishes a democratic government
hello haha
get ready for some hot and flaky
democracy just kidding number one John
or Daenerys dies your grace everyone you
know will die before winters over if we
don’t defeat the enemy to the north as
far as I can see you are the enemy to
the north I’m not your enemy both John
and Daenerys would die for their cause
and there’s no shortage of characters
willing to help them do so they’ll need
steady hands and hearts to make it
through but what if learning of John’s
true parentage sends the lovebirds off
the deep end or the family madness
causes Danny to make a fatal mistake at
a crucial moment then again even without
those distractions John may well do
something heroic but fatal on the
battlefield especially with the lives of
family or his new love at risk with
either death we can pretty much
guarantee one last knowing look between
them as part of a bittersweet ending
that leaves the other poised to sit on
the Iron Throne he loved her
and she nothing thank you guys so much
for watching let us know what you
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