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English and Chill – LIVE English Class!

every time every time every time the mic
I never remember to turn it on my mic
has no chill but we have chill because
today it’s English and chill I’m really
glad to be again with you guys on this
lovely Sunday
I hope you guys are having a lovely
Sunday I am this is going really well
if it weren’t for everything in its
wrong place let me just quickly change
that it’s good that’s good it’s in the
right place and that has been moved and
now everything’s fine wasn’t before so
how are you guys doing hey in Poland
where are you guys from let me know what
you’re doing today how everything’s
hey Betty
hey Jose hey Amit hey Thomas hey man you
Morocco Colombia hey Evelyn hey Malaika
in Algeria
hey Tiago and Brazil era ain’t Ukraine
whoa people from everywhere today
um Basque Country hey Vivian
as I going how you doing so the aim of
this whole thing the whole deal with
this is English and chill so every
Sunday I do this stream to help you with
your English whatever you want to learn
whether it’s pronunciation vocabulary
grammar let me know let me know in the
comments and I’ll teach you right here
oh no this is already going so wrong
look at this let’s just messy so
anything that you want to learn you just
let me know if there’s something you
need help with pronouncing let me know
so I was binge watching your videos and
then you went live Wow
well you’ve got me for another hour I
don’t expect you to be here for an hour
but that’s how
I’m here for just letting you know in
India wow people from all over the world
yeah really
so yeah pronunciation cool cool cool but
let me know what you want me to
pronounce if it’s a single word fine if
it’s a certain sound that you have
trouble with let me know I have
something that’s just for you I think I
do anyway I do have a mouth so I can
show you exactly what happens inside the
mouth with pronunciation which is very
useful because a few languages find it
difficult to make certain sounds that we
have naturally so it really helps to
demonstrate what happens inside the
mouth when you make certain
pronunciation motions how to use gotta
Lootera da silva is asking how to use
gotta and you know i have a video on
that so I probably won’t get into that
today we might I’m not saying definitely
no but that we might how do you say
often is the T silent you can say it
both ways sometimes often no most of the
sometimes if I’m speaking more slowly
then I’ll say often that often happens C
so it just depends it’s not like a
British or American thing it’s not
formal or informal it’s just sometimes
this sometimes that de jakke is good to
see you too dude hey Emily how’s it
going amber Oreo Hayden how do you
pronounce I pronounce it meme ME ME I
pronounce it mean I know some people say
mem a Richard Dawkins made that word he
was like the one that coined invented
that word
I’m not sure how he pronounces it so I’m
kind of sure
however he pronounces it that’s how we
should say it but I don’t know I’m
flabbergasted them what a great word
flabbergasted how do you use the word
flabbergasted okay nice and quickly the
word flabbergasted let’s have a look
also if you find that it’s difficult if
I don’t here if I don’t see here if I
don’t see your message there is a super
chat option that you can use just below
the chat I will always see your message
if you use their option so if you’re
like oh my god you don’t read my
messages use the super Chopin I’ll see
it so flabbergasted really really good
word so we’re here is that in short it
is good flabber
gust it okay really quickly what does
flabbergasted mean it just means
and why is she so shocked what the hell
happened oh my god
some crumbs ran my mouth
so I’m messy eater oops
so we could say in a sentence
she was flabbergasted pronunciation
flabbergasted flabbergasted American
English would be flabbergasted but I
don’t think they use this word if you’re
American in the comments confirm that
I’m not really sure but yeah
she was flabbergasted that let’s
continue this sentence that he ate her
birthday cake so that’s the meaning of
flabbergasted yeah he never heard this
word it’s not common to use this is not
a common word so we wouldn’t use this
every day this this is for special
occasions this one is just really for
wow wow oh my god this is crazy I am
flabbergasted that really happened I’m
so it’s an extreme adjective how do you
pronounce certain high n how do you
oh no birthday cake yeah if you saw my
last video that was probably not a great
example for me to use expense money
traveling okay let me read some of your
comments and we’ll get back to the TGT
what’s the difference between I win and
I won after you win that is a good
question right so you win something
which one should you say I win what I
won that is a great question
okay so in this context you can use both
yeah I mean present simple makes you
think well it’s not a regular thing
right but when you win something you
would just say I win um you could say I
won but it just we use both okay nice
sharp pencil yeah it’s nice little shot
how are we pronounced AG you’ll check
your spelling check your grammar they’re
not how are we pronounced how do we
pronounce how do we pronounce end and
then and so that’s that’s the difference
between a that’s a and aa check my
Instagram see at the bottom where would
it be over there over there at Papa
teach me check on my Instagram on my
highlights I think check for
pronunciation on the pronunciation tab
did you do leader you can someone ask
him that’s this guy my name is Ali hello
if you don’t know me already so how do
you say procrastination quite difficult
one because you’ve got to rap sounds
procrastination procrastination
procrastination how do I pronounce
to learn how to express my situation if
I want someone to eat lunch with me
Ismail Herrick great question yeah it’s
always nice to have someone eat lunch
with you that’s always nice so if you
want someone to eat lunch with you um
that’s very sweet by the way so let’s
say this is lunch okay there’s a few
we’ll start with nice and informal nice
and friendly
when eat with me
pronunciation let’s let’s do that one
with me so it’s slowly and then speed up
one eat with me I use a glottal T you
don’t have to this is not necessary one
eat with me you can say the T wanna eat
with me it’s okay
it might sound more natural to use a
glottal T ya wanna eat with me so that’s
informal that’s friendly that’s cool Pam
let’s make another one so you want
use present perfect so this question
have you in luck have you eaten lunch
have you eaten lunch yet this implies
that I’m going to invite you have you
eaten lunch yet if you say no I won’t
say like okay go go eat lunch then right
no I’m gonna I will invite you to eat
lunch with me so you can say this this
have you eaten lunch yet so that way
that is a bit more subtle but still kind
of direct so this way if you’re
embarrassed for example if you think ah
but they’re going to say no that they
don’t want to eat with me don’t worry
this question this one will have you
because have you eaten lunch yet that
person can decline without insulting you
the person can say oh yeah I’m not
hungry or yeah no I ate already
I’ve eaten already so have you eaten
lunch yet it’s a great way it’s a great
way to invite someone to eat with you so
not just lunch dinner breakfast have you
eaten anything yet even quickly Mikhail
says how do you pronounce obvious that B
you don’t need to pronounce the B of of
guess you could also say have you had
lunch yet absolutely yes if you remember
my I have had had had with a meal have
you had lunch yet that’s absolutely yes
a great point who said that one and radu
us any great point really good really
good well done yeah I recorded or I
speak any language other than English I
speak a little Spanish and a tiny tiny
amount of Japanese
Alexandra Phan freed a highly how do you
pronounce exited is it usual to use the
verb to exit ie is it’s also not it’s
kind of formal though so like he exited
the building that sounds very formal
right um I would just say he left he
left the building that’s why I would say
he left the building
hey can I make this one of it right I
brainless better much better there we go
how do you pronounce vulgar vulgar
that’s a a schwa sound at the end Olga
vulgar I wish you could teach English
for business devi good question i it’s
not a question but good point i will be
making some business videos not today
but i will be a roux Nika how do you
pronounce bowl and ball again check my
Instagram I have that exact question
under my pronunciation tab on my
Instagram I answer that exact question
so follow me on Instagram a Papa teach
me you’ll find your own so ready be
really fun okay so back to the you want
someone to eat lunch with you right it’s
used for variety let’s use the word
shall shall we now remember when you use
shell that’s inclusive if it’s an offer
to do something it’s always shall I
shall I help you shall but if it’s an
invitation it’s inclusive of the speaker
and someone else shall we shall we get
shall we get lunch
now notice my pronunciation there I
change the L to more of a ooh
sound shall shall we so those two words
they blend nicely together shall we
shall we shall we get lunch
shall we get lunch okay when can we use
the word ain’t ain’t is short for have
not or be not I have a whole video on
look at my was it spoken contractions
video check that one we use shall in
let’s with let’s and question tag tags
to so like let’s go shall we
absolutely yeah because again it’s like
inclusive Elena can I say shall I
continue reading yes yes so again that’s
an offer you offer something shall I
shall I continue reading absolutely yeah
if you offer something shall I yeah not
will I will I continue reading no shall
I continue reading really good really
well done can I use both oh this is a
great question
alia Alia Katya Katya likova can I use
both American and British pronunciation
in IELTS absolutely absolutely you can
for IELTS your regional pronunciation
doesn’t matter remember I said this last
time IELTS is mostly about communication
if you can communicate you’re doing well
it doesn’t matter with an American
accent with a British accent Australian
Canadian South African
it doesn’t matter if you can communicate
that’s more important so absolutely you
can use their in IELTS same goes for
oh no I just missed it down we just saw
should you use get an IELTS writing yes
kkkk let’s have a look cockney video
Solaris Thank You Sophie n arena is
asking do shall I and may I have the
same meaning no shall I that’s an offer
Mayotte I see what you’re doing with
this I see where you’re going with this
great there’s a great who sir who asked
that arena right arena arena you know my
my Russian is not good enough to read
your name I’m so sorry but that’s a
great question shall I may I
what a fantastic question that is okay
where are we here we’re inside here
let’s go damn it there it’s about right
so um let’s do how they differ then
we’ll finish with how they’re similar I
think that’ll be a really interesting
way of doing it okay so shall I there’s
an offer okay so you have an offer
that’s shall I may I is asking for
permission whoops
ask for permission so example in school
uh and teachers love to do this when we
were in school when we’re like really
young we always ask a teacher excuse me
can I can I go to the toilet please and
Pat em Thank You Pat em that’s very
sweet of you
Pat em always with the super chest thank
you so much you’re such a sweetheart and
let me just see what your question was
there I wasn’t but it’s a super stick oh
thank you so much Pat em that is that’s
very sweet if you want to send any super
stickers super chats I will see your
question or comment and I’ll answer you
and you really help out my channel and I
will thank you for the rest of my life
thank you so much so um yeah when we
were in school when we were younger I’d
say excuse me can I go to the toilet
please and my teacher every time they
love to say this yeah of course you can
because of course can might be for
permission it might be for ability right
so I teachers love to do that so they
would say instead of saying can I you
should say may I uh it was so annoying
so our teachers from a young age would
insist that we said may I
if we’re asking for permission so let’s
use a
let’s imagine it’s been it’s been a
tough day
tough day of work she’s just tired just
came home from work she doesn’t want to
do anything she just wants to sleep and
eat pizza I’m hungry and tired this is
me like every day even if I don’t do
anything this is my standard mood this
is my default position I’m tired and I’m
hungry but she has really good friends
and you know he’s super supportive
so he’ll be like oh don’t worry I’m
super cool you know I’m gonna do this
guy this guy right here me shall i order
pizza shall i order pizza so again it’s
an offer so usually with help offer
shall I shall i order pizza and noticed
that verb that verb is in the infinitive
which means the original verb no changes
shall I order pizza it’s an offer
keep that in mind we’ll come back to
that in just a moment
because may I is asking for permission
so let’s say that the same girl and
they’re ordering pizza now okay you guys
are going to help me with this one what
is the worst thing to put on a pizza the
worst thing that you can put on a pizza
for me it’s anchovies if you put fish on
a pizza I will throw you out of my house
fish is the worst thing to put on a
pizza so if you what is the worst thing
that you could put on a pizza let me
know fish Thank You Jenny thank you yes
fish it’s disgusting why would you put
fish on a pizza absolutely disgusting
and pineapple I I forgot I forgot
there’s a huge this controversy again
this one this is going to get me in
trouble I think
pineapple extra two extra tomatoes omit
Winchester white extra tomatoes why is
that the worst thing
why is extra tomatoes with pineapple and
fish no I agree with you actually yeah
when I get a pizza and there’s like
slices slice re about that slices of
tomato I’m not a fan it makes it seem
like a salad and not a pizza I don’t
like that pineapple pineapple pineapple
I K watermelon who puts watermelon on a
okay so fish and pineapple seems to be
the common we all agree with fish and
pineapple will do that okay so let’s say
that actually her favorite is fish and
she really wants fish and pineapple
so he’s on his phone he’s ordering a
pizza but you know what she’s had a hard
day she deserves she deserves something
fiction pineapple what a combination can
so again like I said with can you can
say for permission can or may right
and again our teachers like in Lower
School in England they really want you
to use may instead of can even though
probably they do it too even though
everyone just uses can for permission
but you know she’s asking for permission
she’s had a hard day but that doesn’t
mean she’s earned fish and pineapple on
a pizza that’s disgusting and quite
rightly he’s reconsidering this
friendship I don’t know if I want to be
friends with you anymore but look
may I have also the form it’s exactly
the same you’re using infinitive here
have do drink go it’s always the
infinitive may I or shall I
it doesn’t change okay only a pregnant
will be like totally totally and I can’t
imagine anyone actually asking for fish
and pineapple would be disgusting okay
so this one he’s offering to order pizza
this one she’s asking for permission
please vision pineapple you know this is
very dark I’m gonna turn the light on
you sure I’ve really glad I put pants on
today should if I didn’t put any pants
hey you Verne I’ll thank you so much for
the super chair thank you so much and
awesome comic zone thanks bud ok I don’t
have a light go light now is that too
bright I don’t know like it looks
alright ok it’s about rain ok so that is
where they differ that’s where these two
things are different but where where do
they merge where are they the same well
we can use both of them ok ok you know
she understands that that was that was
she’s like yeah she’s really tired but
did I spell that that doesn’t that’s a
weird word it doesn’t look like it’s
spelt right I mean it is spelt right
o rder IDI is spelt right it just
doesn’t look like it’s spell right it’s
very weird but you know now this is –
bit better there we go
he’s ordered the pizza but she same
friend she is saying now she wants to
pay for it she wants to pay for the
so she’ll say may I may I pay for it may
I pay so she’s asking for permission she
could also say shall I shall I pay so in
this case it’s I can offer oh look don’t
worry you agreed to the fish and the
pineapple strange combination shall I
pay this is an offer but but but if you
ask for this if you ask in this wait
shall I pay it’s it doesn’t sound like a
nice friendly offer it’s like shall I
pay then like huh I guess I should so it
might not sound too great for that
reason she’ll say may I’m um may I pay
a free pizza is better let’s just say
that but she’s using the permission
meaning it’s like I want to do this may
I pay like you you don’t pay up
I’ll pay may I pay so in that case was
it arena right arena ask that question
so arena an answer to your question you
can use both but just know the meaning
is different there is a different
feeling to these words okay
so I want you to try your own examples
in the comments irena there you are
I mean I’m gonna try and say a word your
name sorry
pig pig pig girl a pig you Levitch arena
Pegula bitch regular fit Pig Olaf Irina
Pakula bitch is that your name my my
Russian so so bad I’m so sorry if it’s
wrong don’t kill me please don’t
unsubscribe you can always take the
pineapple off it any cheater sir – sir
that’s a good point yeah the people who
complain about pineapple MPs oh yeah
just take it off it’s a desert put some
yoghurt with it why not I shall do it
next afternoons it’s still used should I
use will instead Alexander states great
question first the spelling nutshell
with an e its shell with an A I shall do
it next afternoon not next afternoon
tomorrow afternoon keep that in mind
tomorrow afternoon not next afternoon
and I shall do it tomorrow afternoon
that sounds very old-fashioned and very
formal no use will like you said you
will I’ll do it
tomorrow afternoon that’s what you
should say I’ll do it tomorrow afternoon
at Andrea Pits Alice best teacher ever
thank you and you aren’t you just lovely
and rapers Alice thank you so so much
you are just too kind to me dude that’s
really really nice of you thank you so
much why are you guys so nice to me it’s
like it’s incredibly nice of you and now
I’m not the best teacher ever there are
teachers so much better than I am I can
just make nice graphics that’s pretty
much it
but thank you anyway that’s very kind of
right so tickler shall I pay no don’t
worry I’ll do it that is a great great
example yeah great example Salim Iver in
I don’t understand the difference
between shell and shoot great questions
so shall remember it’s an offer okay
let’s go back down no let’s start back
shallow you’re a pizza that’s an offer
right should I order pizza so in some
contexts it could sound exactly the same
shall ensured it could have the same
feeling but just know in principle the
basic meaning of should means is it a
good idea is it better to do this is it
a good idea is it better to do
bla bla bla so should I order pizza like
all he’s asking is is it good if I order
pizza right that’s basically it so Salim
II hope that answers your question and
let me know if it doesn’t I’ll give you
outright to give you other examples and
Alexander I’m offering private lessons
not at the minute my I’ve booked off for
summer for my skype lessons YouTube
basically is taking up too much of my
time so I will not be doing any Skype
lessons over someone just but I will
only be on YouTube and this every Sunday
hello from Russia hello Russia how you
doin let’s order a pizza or let’s get a
pizza delivered use both these both M
depends which one you want to say so if
I say shall I give a lift to the station
it sounds rude no no absolutely no
absolutely not and like look at this
example shall I order pizza that’s an
offer of help right and when I said this
one it doesn’t sound rude but all I’m
saying is without context without the
facial thing it might sound rude so if
for example in a text it depends how
that person reads it they can’t see a
face behind there right so it could be
taken in a rude way but generally it’s
not don’t worry don’t worry
ya know shall I shall I give you a lift
to the station that’s more of a think of
it this way it’s more a proactive offer
oh sure like if you lift to the station
if I ask that it’s like no no come on
I’m taking you it’s more ever know if
this is happening right how do you
pronounce and use the word
claustrophobic first two pronunciations
I hid claw stretch what foe bit
claustrophobic claustrophobic it’s an
adjective so you’d say I am
claustrophobic or I’m feeling
claustrophobic that’s how you would use
it my name is Ali Ali is short for
Alistair it’s a Scottish name my parents
aren’t Scottish I thought the Scottish
but yeah
and what a make a question tag like we
should keep cautious when we’re visiting
a zoo shouldn’t we yes absolutely that’s
a good question tag Nick Oh Yusuf yes we
blah blah blah shouldn’t wait great
question tag Oh Nick
Khan thank you dude that’s so kind of
you how may you explain to us don’t
forget to breathe explain explain to us
the gradation between different words
meaning friends friends fellow comrades
how often are they used cob raid is more
used in a funny way because in English
it’s not that common to say right so we
don’t need users like maybe I don’t know
like your army friend like a military
term so my comrade it’s like my ally
against an enemy friends fellow fellow
is very old-fashioned some countries use
this don’t they they say fellow you
should not say fellow this is a really
good point actually
this is one of my like stop saying
things oh yeah but friends is fine
friends everyone uses friends so you can
use friends is fine but yes
stop saying fellow I hear that quite
often and that’s really odd I hadn’t
thought about that before but yeah so
short answer comrade it’s more
militaristic it’s more like and we are
together against an enemy you all my
comrade let’s fight the enemy fellow
very old-fashioned don’t say it and
except if you’re singing the song for
he’s a jolly good fellow at someone’s
birthday friends that’s fine that’s
always been fine it probably will always
be fine and thank you very much for that
question he at Manuela
Bharani thank you so much I love your
sticker how’s it going now is that a
that’s the question here is that pair or
not how’s it going thank you so much
it’s going well and everything’s great
today actually you know what every time
I start this livestream I’m like oh it’s
so gray and it’s rubbish weather outside
today it’s not today it’s like bit
warmer a bit bluer it’s a bit sunnier
it’s a great day it’s just a great day
and thank you so much in Manuela where
are you from a Manuela okay can I say so
not Papa Ali if you call me Ali I’ll
answer your question not bad huh how do
you pronounce water and better Kate
Turku how do you pronounce water better
I will say water better there are two
vowel sounds between the T so I
pronounce it a true T water better
however cockney might do it glottal e
war are better oh wow crikey thanks dude
I can’t read your name and is there a
message I can’t read them thank you
whoever donated ten Hong Kong dollars I
can’t read if that’s the name or a
message but thank you so so much that’s
very sweet of you thank you so much I
would give you a hug if I could but I
can’t and I just want to thank you so
much for that is very very sweet of you
it’s very very sweet of you okay let’s
could i order pizza is that correct oh
hell yeah I mean you can always order
but yes yeah that’s fine why Popeye it
was the first and worst idea I had for a
channel name that’s the short story just
like I call it Papa teach me I’ll think
of a better name later and I never did
Ali is it never mind as to words or
never mind as one word well duh it was
Nirvana the Nirvana album it’s one word
but in a sentence it would be two words
wait would it never mind never mind no
it’s two words Wow okay I’m having a
little mind moment it’s two words right
Karolina thank you for your lessons
teach myself I’m very inspired thank you
so much Carolina Rodriguez where are you
good ass yes that’s my amable of you
the coins which Game of Thrones Ola of
course I’m going to which Game of
Thrones and where is that is that
Wednesday I think it’s Wednesday right
I’m very very excited for Game of
do you think people would hate on a
cherry pizza I wouldn’t I’d love that on
I would like to try it at the very least
just put that cherry pizza all over my
face you tell me the meaning of fluke
he was tell me the meaning of defeat it
means win or loss defeat means you lose
well that’s a great question that’s not
that obvious is it yeah Wow okay so in
whether you use it as a verb or not that
it will depend whether it means win or
loss so let’s say like well there’s been
any good like sports things that’s
happened recently because like I don’t
really watch much sporting events so if
if there’s been any sporting events let
me know and let me know what happened
who won who lost because I need to I
need to be up to date with sports you
know what I need to do I need to find a
sport that I really enjoy because MMA
fine it can get a little bit twat E and
annoying at times but I’m just curious
alley is Papa no god no I don’t have
patience or energy for kids no I’m not
Tottenham wins a Enya and banana thank
you so much you always show me such
kindness and yeah and I’m really
thankful for that you’re very very kind
thank you so much and say hello to
banana for me so yeah to fear
thank you I know that’s very kind of you
so defeat let’s look at it as a verb
Maria joined the patreon there oh that’s
never come up on the stream before
that’s so cool hey Maria
so you see Maria joined patreon on my
patron you can get extra English
you can always practice extra with the
with the videos for example the last one
was that have had had had have has all
those things right and what’s my
favorite British football club I this is
what I’m saying like I don’t watch
football I don’t like football just
really boring so I don’t watch it I need
your input I need your help with this
tell me some sport things what happened
who won
okay so AM France beat Croatia in the
World Cup not beated so Bray and Lobo
it’s not beated it’s just beat keep that
in mind France beat Croatia in the World
what was the score for that you remember
am I gonna have to Google this Croatia
it was for two that’s embarrassing okay
so it was for two
okay so the way we’d use it as a verb
we’d say France defeated it’s a regular
verb so just Edie in the past France
in that case that means that France won
now defeat that needs an object that
what does that mean
I cannot say France defeat it that is
not a complete sentence I must have an
object subject-verb-object
this it’s what we call a transitive verb
needs an object so in this case Croatia
France defeated Croatia in the World Cup
what’s an example of an intransitive
verb 1
I can end the sentence after one that
doesn’t need an object so France
defeated Croatia in the World Cup or
France won so um as a verb it means it
means win against someone right in a
fight in a sports match game whatever or
in a passive let’s use this as a passive
Croatia was defeated if you don’t know
the passive what do we need that verb be
in this case it’s past tense because
this happened a year ago I’m not sure
defeated that’s the verb 3 but it’s a
regular verb so it stays edie it’s nice
and easy really good we like this type
of verb we like regular verbs in a
perfect world every verb would just be
IDI right France was defeated by Croatia
was defeated by France Victor Victor has
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man welcome to the family
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France was defeated but why do I keep
saying France Croatia was defeated by
Paulo I’m coming to in just a moment and
let me just finish my thoughts otherwise
I’ll never get round to it
Croatia saw defeat right we could also
use it in that way
so it means Croatia saw defeat it means
they lost basically right so two
different ways you can use it as a noun
or as a verb and so I hope that’s clear
for you
also a bit about transitive and
intransitive verbs so Paolo thank you so
much for your support of the channel and
thank you for your super chair how long
have you been having this job versus how
long have you had this job
they’re both correct right great
question Paolo great question how long
have you been having Paolo didn’t watch
my last video Paolo that’s so bad
no remember with possessives the
possessive have you don’t put that in
continuous so and by the way those of
you wondering this is all recycled paper
I only use recycled paper and I re
recycle so don’t worry nothing’s being
wasted yes
how long have you so already we know
this question is from a past time until
now how long have you from a past time
you’re still doing it right now that’s
but it’s in a way okay
this job what’s this what’s just
happened hey Caroline Rodriguez you
joined the patreon welcome to the
patreon family how long have you been
having this job or how long have you had
this job great question
but Paulo Paulo my man you didn’t watch
there have and have had video did you
it’s terrible of you because in that
video I explained this one yes so when
we when we talk about the verb have as a
possessive we don’t use it in the
continuous form don’t use that in a
continuous form if it’s a possession
right same same question like how long
have you I don’t know okay let’s use a
it was this this may have been the
example I used in the video actually
it’s more like a pig than a dog but this
is not a good picture of a dog oh my
it’s like a little wee Pig this is not a
dog okay let’s just pretend that I drew
can’t I can’t draw today this is
terrible it would be the same thing is
my point as saying I’m having a dog
again present continuous that have that
implies a possession again so we don’t
want to use possession with a continuous
no this is wrong this is a mistake I
often hear this but but he says
hopefully oh you know I should do I
should make that bigger let’s make that
bigger that helps a little bit
this guy is in the shower and remember
we say have a shower right have a shower
so he can say Vicenza a bitch ends oh
thank you so much
I never thank you enough for your help
hope one day to have some private lesson
in London which would be very helpful
things I forgot to mention we’re gonna
do a meet-up at the end of this month if
you’re in London announcement coming
very soon we’re gonna do a meet-up it’ll
be a big conversation practice it’s
gonna be fun we’re gonna have like beers
good times Tom from eat sleep English
you think dreaming that she’ll be there
we can have good times I’m having a
shower so yeah thank you for chen’s oh
that’s so sweet of you thank you so so
so much it’s very nice of you okay this
one is not okay this one is okay why we
use present continuous we use present
continuous but once I came once not well
the answers right here for possession
have no we can’t use that in continuous
this one’s not a possession though this
is the action of half that just
collocates joins it connects with shower
so collocations actions that’s okay so
in action
yes continuous is fine possession no
that is not okay so just keep that in
mind it’s very important it’s a very
important difference between those two
CS Vicenzo if you’re in London I’ll put
the announcement on Instagram pre later
today you’ll see it’s gonna be great
we’re gonna have like a great big meetup
in London it’s an a super super cool
super cool can I say I’m taking a shower
Rafael great question Rafael Carvalho
seeing you can say and taking a shower
yes so shower collocates with have a
don’t think of any other verb it colic
and spitting so much today’s is gross
manuela I’d love to take part in one of
the meetups you need to know a few
months in advance
yeah I’m sorry this is like it’s two
weeks in advance I’m letting you know
hey Marcel welcome to the stream hope
you’re having a good day
will you give slang classes – yes Amir
I’m filming one today actually after
this I’m going to be filming a London
slang class which you’re really gonna
like it’s kind of an updating of my
English slang pronunciation videos I
arianna Andrea Annie that looks like a
cup of blood
is anyone seeing this Ariana Andrea
honey thank you so much for that super
sticker that definitely looks like a cup
of blood though am i right but an area
and rainy and rainy
thank you so so much that’s very kind of
you and you’re supporting this this this
is my job I don’t have I don’t have time
for another job this is my full-time job
and so I thank you so so much for that
hey Romina Bravo welcome to the patreon
family find your worksheets and there’ll
be tags on the left of it look under the
tags for PDF you’ll find all the
worksheets we’ve done by in the process
of putting them all together making a
nice ebook that’s more visually
appealing it’s just better for everyone
carrying retreat I’d like to invite you
as a guest teacher for my lessons in
college can be online DM me on Instagram
Karenina and put a proper teach me DM me
there send me the details they’ll be fun
then we could be fun I’ve done that
before it’s really really fun to meet
people that I would not otherwise meet
um also new members I didn’t
I completely forgot to mention new
members if you’ve just joined you can
use customer mode
you have like a choice of all these cool
things I think my personal favorite is
the Becky I don’t know why I mean Becky
lives her life you know continuous
tenses temporary that sounds like that
sounds like a life philosophy how do you
pronounce squirrel squirrels this was
like a big thing I don’t know if you saw
if you saw queer eye on Netflix but
there was a whole debate about how do
you pronounce squirrel because Americans
say squirrel squirrel and it sounds very
strange we say squid roll squirrel
hey silly alleys hey doing hey Kate so a
difference between finish off and eat up
yes absolutely so you’re eating dinner
and okay a parent would say this to a
child cannot finish off your dinner like
it needs to be completed to finish off
means to complete so not just food it
can be anything really eat up that is
just a food eat up right so eat up again
it means finish if you saw my phrasal
verbs with up lesson um yeah
it also means complete your meal it’s a
pronunciation difference of saw
so-and-so good question Martina Maia
great question so the difference between
saw as in the past of see saw or saw
so-and-so so part of see saw or like
horse or more war right so oh so same
with this one
so o or o see with these two my mouth
has to change shape this one is one long
area area 78 how do I pronounce bite
bite and bite all the same by exactly
the same okay
this is a good question Highlander STG
why do British people pronounce drawing
as draw ring should I pick that when
speaking in a British accent that is
very of you that’s very smart that’s
very um what am I looking for here when
eagle eyed but eagle eared observant
that’s the word I’m looking for when you
notice things that other people wouldn’t
notice you are very observant you
observe well great question great
question yeah
oh thank you yes TomTom Thank You Sonia
so we say draw in as draw ring so if I
show you the spelling first of all am I
am I in am I in they are so that’s the
spelling of this word draw in but
British people yes we pronounce it draw
ring ring draw ring draw ring now if
you’ve seen my connected speech videos
hiccups see my connected speech videos
well you’ve got a vowel sound which
links to a vowel sound so instead of
saying drawing we link it with a wrap
draw ring
why because phonetically let’s look at
this phonetically we’ve got a jerk some
of you might be lost here don’t worry
that’s this that’s the word draw okay
draw draw that sound and same in saw or
draw but when we link it with a nother
vowel sound or a drawing drawing
something about that doesn’t it doesn’t
hit the ear right so drawing it’s a good
drawing but yeah I don’t know why it
just doesn’t feel right so what we do is
we link it with an R because it’s two
vowel sounds basically traditionally two
vowel sounds will be linked by a
consonant sound in this case a row why
because or or is usually how we finish
our words for example and more or or
wore see that our sound is often reduced
to or or so it’s quite easy to just put
an R in there drawing yeah cool
hey Angie hey Alan hey Monica Zapata he
doing Heinrich how you doin hey Becca
Becca hello from Kyrgyzstan the sentence
was in your worksheet yes yes exactly
oh so you did see the worksheet Paulo
yeah well that I hope that explains why
cool I’ll answer one more question then
I definitely have to go I’m very hungry
shall I order a pizza
hmm oh that’s a good point actually
shall not only for offers it could just
be suggestions so I order a pizza it’s a
suggestion yes or no simple question I
don’t say will I will I order a pizza
no that’s about speculation in the
future shall I it’s better okay it’s so
do one more question is make it a good
man there are so many carpets to go
through I’m sorry if I don’t read yours
I try to read them all but it’s very
difficult meaning of make out just just
just cut 99 make out it means kiss in a
very passionate way Elena wish I had I
had a teacher that pronounced year the
same way as air without the year sound
really really posh people would
pronounce year as yeah I hate that I
hate that look I hate the way of
okay let’s quickly find her I’m trying
to scroll through like a billion
LCS re from Mexico hey you’re a teacher
too that’s awesome that’s so cool what
sort of age what ability do you teach
it’s really cool to meet other teachers
okay glory what means no your question
should be what does bla bla bla mean so
what does here goes nothing what does it
mean here goes nothing
you are going to do in a short space of
time you’re going to do something big
you are not sure if you will be
successful or if you will fail so it’s
like okay let’s do this right it’s like
that here goes nothing it’s like I’m
going to try and maybe it will fail
maybe it will succeed but maybe it will
fail so here goes nothing that’s what it
ever been to Coachella no I’ve read I
what word should one you all is a great
question Santa what word should one use
when referring to someone whose gender
is not known in my native language we
only have one word that gets used for
both males and females what language is
I’m that’s interesting so oh okay I’m
coming back to that mo just underneath
who says I’m having problems studying
phonetics any advice so before my when I
did my English teaching course had the
night before the course I crammed which
means I studied a lot in a short time I
just taught myself the whole chart take
a sentence break it down phonetically
just practice practice practice take
someone’s speech that sentence okay how
do I put this into phonetic symbols um
you just keep practicing it the same way
I learned the Japanese hiragana and
katakana it takes practice but you can
do it use real-life examples that’s the
key way to do it so back to Sana’s
question you don’t know someone’s gender
what should you say so if you in English
if we don’t know someone’s gender or if
we don’t know you know if someone calls
you from a company and the genders not
important so if you don’t know the
gender or the genders not important it’s
the same pronoun they just say they for
example I’m seeing a friend today oh
where did they live you don’t know them
they live in West London they live in
West London so that person doesn’t know
the gender I’m saying the genders no
important so both of us use they don’t
use it
I have said someone’s baby once they
didn’t like that much yeah
so they is good don’t say it should I go
to UK despite break so I at this point
in time I think breaks it’s not gonna
happen there’s no real solution for it
so it won’t happen
they’ll have their live er cancel it all
right which we great or they’ll have
another referendum and people will be
like yeah no please no more breaks it
please no more talk of it let’s never
speak of this again okay I can explain
the passer from Chiara after this lesson
go back to about 40 minutes in I think I
explained a little bit about the passive
are you you can ask me anything you want
buddies okay let’s take one more
question and then I promise then I’ll
promise I’ll go to Kurt please say hi to
my husband
Giulio please hi Giulio Giulio am i
pronouncing it right Giulio hello I hope
your day is going great I hope you order
a pizza
with fish and pineapple on it to make
touka happy because touka really loves
oh and did you do soar a good one is so
Ali is brakes ting now he just said Oh
Vito you watch and cooking this teacher
yeah yeah yeah I love this he just said
that you would leave now but he’s still
with us that is yes bricks to bricks it
I love this verb I love this verb yeah
if you don’t already follow em cook
English tea she’s a good guy he’s a good
post regular vocabulary cool okay final
one G from South Korea of us did say hi
before going to bed s min I am really
Juhi I’m coming to Korea next month I’m
gonna see all of you in Korea I’m gonna
do a meet-up in Korea it’s gonna be
really fun
we’re gonna have a lot of fun it’s gonna
be great I’m so hello in Korea and
goodbye because yes I finally I will no
deal breaks it right now see you guys
I’ll be back here not next weekend next
weekend here is a holiday so I won’t be
here next weekend but I will be the
probably from Korea no I’ll be here
still so I’ll see you guys later
if you haven’t already if you’re new
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