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Kevin Hart | 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE (DON’T MISS IT!!!)

we’re all writing a book what’s your
book look like there is a way to do more
to get more to obtain more but I
personally don’t want to lose all that
I’ve been able to get we’re all writing
a book what does your book look like
your life is a bulk you got a bunch of
chapters in your book but when they
close that book how good was the book
what was the ending to your book all of
the things that can be associated with
you and your existence become a part of
the chapters in your book why not that’s
the thing all I’m doing is sparking the
awareness and others to go why not why
can’t I create why can’t I start why
can’t I be a business why can’t I be a
CEO why can’t I be a tech guru why can’t
I can create cooking products lotions
since there’s so much that some people
just don’t understand they can do and
schooldays to tell you all the time
information is key read these books
there’s so much knowledge at a certain
age you just may not be receiving it
correctly but then it clicks you may
gain information differently and what
you do with that information it’s up to
you but people have different roles they
can go down the education wasn’t my pick
of choice it didn’t do it for me but the
knowledge in the common sense that I
have naturally allow me to gain
information apply it differently it
allowed me to grow smart in so many
different avenues to where I said oh my
god I found my niche I found my talent
and now there’s other things that my
talent can take me to I don’t have to
all the knowledge and awareness I can
some people to do that can teach me
because now guess what learning is cool
learning and knowledge is power they
used to tell me this when I was ten now
I finally get it
the mental approach that you have with
life and people not understanding that
your biggest enemy is you my whole book
is about you battling yourself people to
understand is you agains you the only
person that gets in your way is you
nobody else it’s you people aren’t
taking the time to sit and think through
what I’ve understood is that what people
are doing has nothing to do with me I
should always be a step ahead because
I’m thinking differently because I’m
thinking about myself making myself
better puts me in a position to make
others better be the example not the
problem the best way to take away the
problem is to a lien eight yourself from
it and at the end of the day yeah we all
agree we all should think that we’re
great there’s no reason for you to not
think that you’re great if you don’t
think you’re great
ask yourself why why don’t you think the
highest of yourself
if you’re in school and you’re going to
class I’m not asking you to get straight
A’s I’m asking you to get the best grade
that you can possibly get you don’t
start things enough tension you don’t
there’s nothing that comes out of
quitting besides knowing that you didn’t
finish if you’re gonna do it do it to
try and be the best not be better than other people be the best for you
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