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Top 10 Things We Want to See in the Upcoming Matrix Movies

ready or not it’s time to jack in again
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this list we’re looking at the recently
announced new movie set within the world
of the matrix and talking about some of
the key things we’d like to see included
and explored as this universe expands
number 10 an r-rating revisiting the
original Matrix trilogy it seems kind of
crazy that all three installments
received an r-rating sure they’re
violent and there’s some sexual content
but nothing overly shocking they feel
very pg-13 today be that as it may we’d
like to see any new Matrix films really
earn that our rating the action CGI and
fight sequences were groundbreaking in
1999 but the world has since caught up
in order to stand out from the crowd the
new film should really embrace the
darkness deadly snakes and violence of
this dystopian world unfortunately
despite the success of films like
Deadpool and Logan studios remain wary
of releasing r-rated films for financial
reasons but we think that the risk would
pay off for Warner Brothers number 9
Inception within the matrix though they
are very different films Christopher
Nolan’s inception does share some
notable conceptual territory with the
Matrix trilogy namely it made us
question the reality we inhabit for the
next generation of Matrix films we’d
like to see them borrow from inception
in kind by exploring the possibility
that fans have been theorizing about
since the conclusion of the original
trilogy that of a matrix within a matrix
just how long do you think this piece is
going to last similar to the Laird dream
worlds and inception Mike Zion and the
devastated wasteland of Earth be just
another virtual reality a program within
a program designed to pacify the most
Restless human minds who couldn’t be
satisfied in the more polished world the
machines created for them it would
certainly make for a worthy follow-up
story I only hope we understand that
before it’s too late
number eight more about the previous
versions of the matrix and the one as we
learn from the architect the matrix from
which neo escapes is not the first of
its kind the matrix is older than you
know I prefer counting from the
emergence of one integral anomaly to the
emergence of the next in which case this
is the sixth version the earliest
version of the matrix was a paradise but
it crashed the second version introduced
cause and effect and was quote grotesque
but it also failed on his third attempt
the architect seemingly got it right but
even so the matrix needs to be reloaded
every hundred years or so but rest
assured this will be the sixth time we
have destroyed it and we have become
exceedingly efficient ad central to this
cycle is the one a savior archetype of
which Neel is actually the sixth
incarnation though we already know that
each of these past iterations of the
matrix was doomed it would be
fascinating to dive deeper into that
history maybe even meeting Neos
predecessors choice the problem is
choice number seven more of the matrix
the matrix looks like our reality but
most humans plugged into the matrix live
in a megacity beyond which we see very
little but what is the full extent of
the matrix one of the other cities
referenced in the films the architect
design an entire simulated earth would
you eventually hit an impassable
mountain range or invisible barrier like
in a video game we’d love to see a
character using backdoors to give us a
better picture of this virtual world
these are backdoors aren’t a programmer
access of course if the new film is a
prequel it’ll also be interesting to
delve deeper into the implementation of
the matrix following the experience of
individuals as they were taken to be
made into living batteries the machines
turned to an alternate and readily
available power supply the bioelectric
kinetic energies of the human body
number 6
Trinity’s origins it goes without saying
but Kari and mosses character in the
matrix is much more than a love interest
dodge this she is a hero in her own
right and was actively taking the fight
to their machine overlords long before
Neos mind was freed within the matrix
Trinity was a legendary hacker and her
exploits caught the attention of
Morpheus who helped to liberate her like
he later did neo though we love
Trinity’s arc in the original trilogy we
feel like her backstory and pre trilogy
exploits warrant more attention and
would make for a thrilling cinematic
considering we don’t even know her real
name there is plenty of room for a
screenwriter to get creative using
existing interpersonal relationships
with Morpheus and ghosts to give it an
emotional core you are really ready to
dive number five easily digestable
philosophy when the Wachowski is
unleashed the matrix upon the world in
1999 it was unlike anything cinema goers
had ever seen before the action was
thrilling and the premise fascinating
but perhaps most compelling was the way
in which it worked philosophical
concepts into its narrative fabric being
the one is just like being in love no
one can tell you you’re in love you just
know it unfortunately in the subsequent
installments the franchise suffered
under the weight of its own intellectual
musings the balance felt way off the
ambiguity was frustrating and the
architects language verged into the
territory of parity you have many
questions and though the process has
altered your consciousness you remain
irrevocably human there goes some of my
answers you will understand and some of
them you will not it would be sacrilege
to make a matrix film that cut out
philosophical and theological questions
but it would be nice of these big
questions were a bit more easy to grasp
let’s aim for ideologies that are deep
but elegant in their simplicity
ergo concordantly visa B you know what I
have no idea what the hell I’m saying I
just thought it would make me sound cool
number four a better look at machine
civilization we feel like we were barely
scratching the surface of what the
machine world had to offer in the
though the Animatrix did delve into the
rise of the machines and the subsequent
war we never get a very clear picture of
what sort of organizational structure do
they have if they spread from the city
of zero one to cover the globe is their
society a strictly utilitarian one or
with the birth of AI did the machines
also pursue quality of life the program
certainly seemed to have personalities
and wants so we can only assume that
they’ve developed some sort of
interpersonal dynamics we’d love to take
number three following a battery who
wakes up in the 1999 film neo awakens
from his pod disoriented but is quickly
rescued by Morpheus and the crew of the
Nebuchadnezzar what if however you woke
up and there was no one there to get you
as we all know too well from our
personal tech lives and based on the
failings of the matrix as a program
machines are capable of error having a
human wake up from the matrix by mistake
could make for a fascinating and
terrifying chapter in the expanding
we could follow the characters they
attempt to avoid detection desperately
trying to survive in the wasteland
before meeting the resistance or yet
unheard of group of survivors it would
certainly give us a better picture of
number two a charismatic lead don’t get
us wrong we love Keanu Reeves and his
uniquely understated approach to acting
it was a great fit for neo much like it
is for John wick
I know kung foo but it’s not a stretch
to think that Warner Brothers might feel
the need to cast a similar style of lead
for future installments in an attempt to
recapture the magic and that would be a
big mistake how about I give you the
finger and you give me my phone call we
want to see the franchise boldly
venturing forward into new territory
both narrative Lee and in terms of
character development a charismatic and
passionate star could make all the
difference in the event of a prequel
young Morpheus would make for a worthy
protagonist especially with someone like
Michael B Jordan in the role a female
before we unveil our number one pick
it is only a game
so is this I know he’d love it will we
ever see him again
I suspect so number one a cohesive
trilogy telling a story across multiple
films it’s no small feat often
filmmakers come up with a strong first
installment and then go to big and
convoluted when they finally get the
green light for sequels as was the case
with The Matrix she starts to fall and
then I wake up oh the potential of this
franchise is already proven the real
risk quite frankly comes from trying to
play it too safe or to design the film’s
by committee find a screenwriter and
director who you trust and let them
develop a single well paced story spread
across three films
too many trilogies start strong only to
give way to a middle chapter that feels
like pure filler and a final installment
that’s trying to make up for past
mistakes most importantly though we just
want a satisfying ending
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