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What’s Your Why?

what’s your purpose what is a bigger
picture I can talk about that for an
hour on well my purpose is but I’m
driven by history but that didn’t happen
overnight you know the saying goes
sometimes on a way to a dream you get
lost and find a bigger one a bigger
dream you think it was all about the car
you think it was all about the
recognition you think it was all about
the fame you think it was all about the
status you think it was all about
landing that girl you think it’s all
about all these other things but it’s
much bigger than that then all of a
someone day you have a conversation with
somebody or watch the video and watch a
movie or meet someone that just boom
hits you in the face and say wait a
what the hell have I been thinking about
I was put on this planet to do dot dot
dot now you’re talking purpose
now you’re talking purpose very few
people reach this level wide very simple
too lazy to actually spend time thinking
about it
they’re afraid what if I could do it and
they don’t process the issue well so
they don’t take time outs to ask the
question what do you really want to do
with your life you know what do you
really want to do with this you know I’m
around a lot of different people a lot
of different people and I’ll sit there
and have conversations you know what I
just party with jay-z last week and
jay-z is a human being you know I just
did this and I just did that I love nice
cars cuz I love the history and the
engineering I love it I got a narrative
Center painting cure I’ve got things
some Ayrton Senna fans that send me all
the time why cuz I’m fascinated by the
guy died and I think mater in 1994 you
know from a race that he was on signal
may for some aether 1995 the age of 34
years old after being a three-time
champion and he should have been for
time against Prost and his mom in a clip
says I’m just so proud of my son because
he’s made us and you see him trying to
wipe his tears and the day he won the
race and spitting in Brazil oh he had
never won in Brazil and he won the race
in Brazil and his shoulders you can pull
up his shoulders and he gets out her
nieces asking for his dad asking for his
dad and he hugs his dad and says dad my
shoulders are tight and he doesn’t know
how to lift up the ship I mean that’s
that’s emotional that’s exciting to me
that’s fascinating to me for a human
being to truly want to find out what’s
their maximum capacity where the entire
was emotional when Senna died I mean
people said we are Wonder poorest
countries in the world we have nothing
going on the only thing we have going on
with Ayrton Senna and other that’s
that’s purpose I want to make an impact
that’s bigger than that but it only
happens if you’re actually willing to
sit down and ask some of the questions
the important questions in life and I
think unfortunately so many times you’re
just going going going going going going
going so eventually you don’t ask the
important questions in life until it’s
your funeral it’s already too late and
just so you know about seven billion
people do this every eighty years I
suggest you not be part of the 7 billion
you’d be part of a small community of
people that says you know what maybe I’m
not gonna start a company but I’m gonna
be part of a company and you better
believe that company is gonna be
impacted because of what I’m gonna do
and one day I’m gonna own a piece of
that company that’s fine maybe I am
gonna be a founder maybe we aren’t gonna
take the money that I’m making and I
want to go back and teach the world
about entrepreneurship that’s what I’m
gonna do last level level number four so
as you process this and go through it
again I’m doing a short video this is
not a long video here you can ask
yourself the question but this is the
evolution of your wine and don’t you
think it’s time for you as you’re watching this to have your why evolve
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