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Top 10 Scenes Where the Villain Saves the Hero

who says being one of the bad guys means
that you can’t have a heart welcome to where the villain saves
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videos for this list we’re looking at
characters considered big screen baddies
or those who share villainous traits
that did a good deed we’re basing our
picks on a mix of danger personal
sacrifice and the circumstances that
made each patty help the hero the scenes
are full of important surprises so a
spoiler alert is in order number 10
thrash kills close The Hunger Games when
care packages appear at the cornucopia
every tribute left and the Hunger Games
come sprinting towards them after a near
miss with another tribute
Katniss makes a break for it and grabs
her bag as soon as she leaves however
clove comes right at her and puts a
knife to her throat instead of killing
Katniss cliff torments her over Roos
death clothes words get the best of her
however when Thresh brutally kills her
Katniss is in shock but Thresh insists
he saved her as payback for Roo the act
of goodwill in the midst of a bloodbath
make this moment both intense and moving
just the staunch wolf number 9
after saddam hussein and satan musically
reconcile their relationship they come
to the surface to take over Earth armed
with Hellfire and demons the evil pair
quickly make humanity bow down to their
power saddam however hogs all the glory
for himself
upsetting satan as he goes back on his
promises when saddam is backed into a
corner he uses the same line on Cartman
that he used to win Satan back
brokenhearted Satan finally stands up
for himself and throws the dictator into
a fiery grave
between the bizarre power dynamic and
Satan’s personal triumph this finale is
oddly satisfying I have you to thank Lee
the one you showed me that I had to get
away from him number eight mr. white
casino royale when the chef’s kaluza’s
all of his investors money in a game of
poker he’s forced to take drastic
tying bond to a chair the chef who
proceeds to torture him by whipping his
boom family jewels James doesn’t break
character however refusing to give the
ship his bank password despite the agony
bond even toys with his captor asking
him to scratch his itch finding the
strength to laugh bringing an unexpected
but welcome end to the pain is the
sudden arrival of mr. white who after
informing the ship that he had lost his
promptly shoots bonds torturer the
utilitarian mr. white may not be the
savior bond once but when tied to a
chair best not to be too picky money
isn’t as valuable to our organization is
knowing who to trust
number seven batty saves Deckard Blade
taking revenge for his fallen comrades
replicant Roy batty chases Deckard
through a building in a game of
batty terrifies Deckard throughout the
hunt even punching through a wall to
break some of Deckard’s fingers unable
to shoot Deckard jumps off a rooftop as
he tries to escape from baddie hanging
from a beam Deckard stares in fear as
bad he watched him struggle to survive
right as Deckard Falls however patty
grabs him and lifts him to safety
having instilled and Deckard the same
fear that all replicants feel patty
surprisingly spares his life is a lesson
in power responsibility and compassion
number 6 Kahn fights Klingons star trek
into darkness when the hostile Klingons
turn on the crew of the enterprise
almost killing ahora a lone gunman comes
to the rescue with the help of the very
man they were pursuing John Harrison the
crew of the enterprise slowly gained the
upper hand
Harrison shoots down Klingon soldiers
and even a ship easily overpowering all
those who dare oppose him of course
given his terrorist activity his
decision to fight the Klingons doesn’t
make sense at first when it turns out
that Harrison is in fact ton and that he
only rescued them to save his frozen
shipmates the fact remains that Kirk
Ahura and Spock wouldn’t have survived
without his help iku is my family Kirk
is there anything you would not do for
your family number 5 magneto holds the
on their way back to xavier z’ mansion
the iconic x-men aircraft is tailed by a
swarm of jets storms tornadoes
eventually get rid of the fighters but
not before a few missiles are fired off
and while Jean Grey manages to knock out
one rocket the Blackbird is ultimately
hit by a second one as the ship hurtles
towards the ground rogue is sucked out
of the x-jet only surviving thanks to
night crawlers quick thinking even so
the x-men are hurling towards certain
doom when the Blackbird suddenly repairs
itself their hero Magneto
who then also stops the jet from
crashing though he saves his enemies in
the name of an alliance magneto still
can’t help but make a joke at their
when will these people learn how to fly
number four
Vincent saves max collateral in this
neo-noir action thriller hitman vincent
forces max to drive him around to his
assassinations tying his hands to the
wheel at their second stop of the night
yelling for help max calls over some
thugs who attempt to rob him
the men take Max’s wallet and Vincent’s
briefcase unaware of who they’re messing
Vincent returns just in time hollering
to get his briefcase back just when it
seems like Vincent might be in trouble
he guns down the thieves like it’s
nothing since losing the briefcase would
have likely gotten max killed max is
number 3 made a sacrifice a view to a
kill only minutes more a cop
nothing can stop it now as part of his
plot to flood Silicon Valley Bond
villain max Zorin plants a bomb in a
mine along several fault lines
saurons partner and henchwoman Mayday
guards the mine only to be trapped with
James Bond when Sauron collapses the
tunnels betrayed and in danger matey
decides to help James remove the bomb as
revenge when their hand cars brake
malfunctions made he sacrifices herself
by riding out with the bomb to make sure
it detonates safely foiling Zoran’s plan
mayday is proof of just how dangerous a
woman scorned can be number two Bucky
Barnes saves Captain America Captain
even while the two trade blows Captain
America refuses to give up on his old
friend Bucky Barnes lucky for his part
can’t shake his conditioning or his
anger and continues to attack until
Steve falls into the Potomac River
unconscious from the brawl
Captain America sinks quickly and
appears to drown just when Steve seems
as good as dead however a metallic hand
comes through the water to save him in a
move that proves the real Bucky is still
in there the Winter Soldier drags Steve
from the river before walking away
not only does Steve live to fight again
but he gets further reason to believe in
his friend before we unveil our top pick
here are some surprisingly honorable
number one Darth Vader saves Luke
Skywalker Star Wars Episode six Return
in this iconic scene Luke defeats his
father Darth Vader looking at the Fallen
Sith Lord severed hand and his own
robotic appendage he finds himself at a
crossroads the emperor encourages him to
give in to his dark impulses and finish
the job but Luke ultimately denounces
the dark side disappointed the emperor
tortures his would-be new apprentice as
Luke screams in pain
Vader can’t help but be moved by his
sons suffering turning on his sick
master Vader throws the Emperor to his
death taking the brunt of the electric
shock in the process
Vader’s sacrifice coupled with his
character shift combined to make this a
powerful and moving moment not just
between father and son
but hero and villain as well I’ll not
leave you here I’ve got to save you do
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