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Top 10 Most Romantic Moments In Video Games

romance is in the air even if that air
is entirely digital welcome to t’s down the top ten most
romantic moments in videogames no Arthur
I should have ran away with you years
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the description for this list we’re
looking at the moments from our favorite
video games that made us get all
misty-eyed some people may think that
games are just about violence and
destruction but these touching moments
prove those people wrong but given that
not all video game romances end in a
happily ever after
beware of spoilers for the games ahead
number 10 Cortana’s death
halo 4 come on chief
take a girl for a ride the romantic
aspect of halo protagonists Master Chief
and his AI companion Cortana has never
been overtly romantic though they’re
deep and powerful connection is
certainly on display for those willing
to see it but when it came time for
these two to finally part the creators
of the fourth installment in the series
gave us one of its most touching and
sentimental moments moments before her
Cortana creates a hardlight hologram
allowing her to touch her stoic
companion for the very first time
something she’d always wanted to do to
do that a bittersweet moment but then
the most romantic moments often are even
number nine the Hawaii dates persona 5
to tell you the truth it was it
particularly eager to go on this trip if
it’s like this I think I’d like to come
again we’ve all dreamt about escaping to
the sunny tropics for a much-needed
and if anyone truly deserves some fun in
the Sun it’s the Phantom thieves of
persona 5 after all fighting the
manifestations of your enemy’s twisted
psyches from within their own minds is
kind of a stressful lifestyle as part of
the mechanic that allows you to build up
your affinity with your fellow party
members you can pick one to take on a
day out and Hawaii where you can enjoy
delicious coconut shrimp and taking a
frankly breathtaking sunset I guess it’s
because they have someone special to do
it with it almost makes the horrors
danger in the rest of the game worth it
well almost it’s not the best souvenir
but it will remind you of the memories
we made today
number 8 Arthur and Mary’s last date Red
Dead Redemption 2 unless you’re one of
those absolutely crazy people who ignore
the side missions and rock star smash
hit cowboy him up you undoubtedly got
familiar with Arthur Morgan’s lady love
marry though their romantic history is
rocky to put it mildly Arthur or at
least our version of Arthur still came
to her aid when she needed it
culminating in one last day together in
scenic st. Denis it wasn’t that I didn’t
love you Arthur you know that Oh Arthur
we were so very young think how
different life could have been the two
can take in a show together at the
opulent theater Ella giving players a
glimpse of the spark that once brought
them together but sadly the life of an
outlaw doesn’t leave much time for
romance and the two are forced to part
once again I know you won’t
away but it’s a pretty dream number
seven natan Elena patched things up
uncharted for a thief’s end how’s the
Malaysia job going Nate seems like
you’re a hair off course you’d think
that after sharing numerous
globe-trotting world-saving adventures
in which they’d saved each other’s lives
countless times
uncharted hero Nathan Drake would know
not to lie to his love interest turned
wife Elena but when his estranged
brother re-emerged Nate’s still fed
Elena a bogus story before setting off
on another caper naturally Elena
eventually catches on and tells her
hubby that he tacked up big time if
you’re done lying to me then you should
stop lying to yourself after being
reunited in the lost city of Liberty
Leah the two are able to talk it out and
put it all behind them after all what
mends a broken marriage better than
gunfights and mayhem in a lost city
founded by pirates
maybe couples therapy come to think of
it you said you almost didn’t come back
well I couldn’t leave when you are
clearly in over your head number six ico
and yorda
ask a videogame fan what their least
favorite kind of mission is and there’s
a good chance they’ll answer escort
missions without hesitation this
much-beloved ps2 classic is basically
one long escort mission but we’re not
actually complaining true we’re
stretching the definition of moment a
bit here but there’s just something
touching about the way the titular hero
protects his love interests from all
manner of harm taking her gently by the
hand and leading her out of danger a bit
old-fashioned sure but sometimes
something as innocent as taking your
partner’s hand can be a more romantic
number 5
Johnny and River go to the moon to the
no it isn’t a video game adaptation of
the honeymooners this endlessly charming
2011 indie game follows two scientists
gently rewriting the memories of a dying
man in order to grant him his final wish
that being a trip to the moon as the
game progresses you learned this isn’t
just about walking in Neil Armstrong’s
footsteps no the truth is much more
tragic sad tale of lost memories and a
marriage fraught with tragedy a get to
the games ending and you’ll see that
dream realized in the sequence that when
you know the full significance is a
moment more heartwarming and
heartbreaking than you might expect
number 4 the carousel ride the last of
you’d think that there’d be precious a
little time for romance when a
terrifying fungus is turning people into
growling clicking mushroom headed
zombies but in the Left Behind DLC for
The Last of Us protagonists Ellie and
Riley have a touching moment on an
abandoned carousel despite it all the
ride sadly breaks down after only a
minute but the moment is saved when
Riley breaks out a book of wonderfully
terrible jokes taking the adorkable
factor of this moment up to 11 what did
the triangle say to the circle what is
that you’re so pointless it sadly isn’t
too long before things start to get
hectic and scary again which honestly
makes this moment all the more touching
and meaningful you know you might just
be my favorite person again just sayin I
know my girl just fan number 3 Colin
gets a dog Dragon Age Inquisition you
found a dog they don’t breed Mubarak in
LA the merchant said he was abandoned
perhaps his owners tired of the novelty
like most Bioware RPGs this entry in the
Dragon Age franchise lets you woo
various party members adding a dash of
romance to your fantasy action epic if
that’s what you’re looking for one of
these is Colin the protagonists
lantern-jawed military advisor who makes
an adorably nervous marriage proposal at
the end of his romantic quest line and
to make the whole thing even cuter
becomes moments after Colin adopts an
adorable dog I don’t need a plan I need
to know if you would I would Cullen I
will you will now true workplace
romances are kind of risky even when
that workplace is a fledgling order
dedicated to combating dark magic but
could you say no to those eyes we mean
Colin’s eyes by the way not the dogs I
swear until the maker and the holy
undress day to love this woman the rest
of my days number 2 to kill a
it’s important to remember the romance
isn’t all about big moments of soaring
emotion set against epic backdrops
sometimes the most romantic thing of all
is just curling up with your partner for
a quiet intimate moment Jackie a
staccato gets such moment with his
girlfriend jenny has the to stretch out
on the couch to watch classic 1962 drama
to kill a mockingbird and we don’t mean
like clips from it or a CGI recreation
using the games engine you can actually
watch the actual entire film in-game if
you choose not to interrupt the scene
all the romance and intimacy but without
your arm falling asleep under your
partner’s head
before we draw back the curtain on our
number one pick here are some
heartwarming honorable mentions time to
wake up she was beautiful
I hated her for making me feel this way
I never stopped wanting to you me
so I think I got on the phone for that
oh hell yes
are you comfortable sharing number-one
romance in the lake Final Fantasy 10 I
always thought that this would be easier
somehow I thought that everyone would
help me with all my friends together
beside me the Final Fantasy series
overall has a lot of romantic moments to
choose from with squall carrying rinoa
also being worthy of a mention but as
sweet as that sequence is it pales in
comparison to the 10th entries most
memorable moment in this quiet moment we
see titus trying to comfort Yoona after
she had been betrayed by the religious
order she had devoted her entire life to
they slip away from the rest of the
party and share a peaceful and romantic
moment in Lake Mack Alania culminating
and arguably one of the most beautiful
cinematic sequences ever seen in a video
Jpop song and all
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