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“MOST People Never GET RICH Because They DON’T Value TIME!” | Dan Lok

I got rich when I started valuing my
time most people never get rich because
they never value their time we have to
understand the world revolves around
value you don’t need to be ready to do
something you don’t have to get it right
leave motivation watch a top ten with
belief nation what’s up belief nation
seven I believe in you and this channel
is designed to be part of your daily
success routine so let’s get your
motivation to attend and get you
believing in you grab a snack and chew
on today’s lessons from a man who went
from immigrating to Canada as a 14 year
old with no money and without knowing
English at all to failing at 13
businesses before finding his first
success becoming the king of high ticket
sales and one of the highest paid
consultants in real estate he’s dead
lock and here’s my take on his top ten
real success vol 8 enjoy also if you
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okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one be a macro sinker number one small
entrepreneurs they never micro manage
now I want you to imagine back then when
you are starting your business now I
remember when I was starting my first
few businesses I was a control freak
where I was the king of micromanagement
I wouldn’t know all the details because
in the beginning of your career your
business career you are doing everything
you’re the one-man one-woman show you
are selling you are closing you are
doing the invoice you’re doing the
marketing you’re meeting with people you
are doing the fulfillment you’re taking
a phone call you’re dealing with the
receipts right and you are trying to
make sure everything don’t fall apart
you’re talking to everybody and you have
to micromanage because that’s what you
need to do but after a certain point
their behaviors even as you grow stay
because that’s how you know that’s what
it takes to grow business I gotta know
everything I gotta micromanage but then
what happens is as your revenue grows
you will hit a glass ceiling and that
behavior as a rugged individualists
that’s a control freak that’s not serve
you if you want to go to the next level
you have to let go now you can no longer
manage in a small details kind of way
you cannot micromanage anymore so smart
entrepreneurs you have to learn and we
know we are macro thinkers what we need
to do as a small entrepreneur is we need
to figure exactly where we are going
what’s our vision that’s your job you
figure out the vision number one and
number two you now we could and higher
talents to help you that you know they
have the capabilities and the right
attitudes the right culture to help you
to execute that vision that’s number two
and number three you as a leader very
important allocate the resources the
capital to execute that vision to help
your team execute their vision that is
it that is it when you are micromanaging
you cannot do that because you’re too
close to your business
you got to step back and think about the
big picture what is the vision who do I
need to have on my team to execute this
vision and how do i allocate my
resources that will help them pirate
eyes they will help my team to execute
that vision and that is it so small
entrepreneurs we don’t micromanage
rule number two provide more value we
have to understand the world we evolved
around value so if you understand the
world revolves around value the business
of making money is nothing more than a
value and value exchange once you
realize that that is how money works and
that’s how the game works so what we do
is we trade our time if you’re an
employee our products or services our
expertise that’s the entrepreneur right
our skills we trade that in exchange
that with other people for money what it
means is the more value that you could
provide the more money people are
willing to trade you with it it’s that
simple so instead of just focusing on I
want to make more money I want to make
more money being all desperate and all
panicking once you focus on is instead
of becoming a person of success become a
person of value if you want to make more
money the question you have to
constantly ask yourself is how could I
be a person of value how could I become
more valuable how do you become more
valuable to the marketplace once you
understand this money is not an issue
because the marketplace is always always
willing to pay good money for a good
value and you notice people who don’t
make a lot of money people who are
struggling or people making minimum wage
they are easily replaceable this is
someone working at
a West wrong a waiter waitress maybe
they good they do very good job they
work very hard but if they leave or the
boss the manager finds them they could
be easy we place when you could be
easily we place you are not very
valuable they’re more difficult you are
to replace the more available you are
that’s the secret
they will guarantee if you’ll be broke
or you’ll be rich rule number three find
great partners be very very careful who
you select as a partner you cannot do a
good deal with a bad partner either a
few will a few partnerships in my life
and the ones that are good they are very
very very good we have a good
relationship we made a lot money
together we we create lost success
together but the handful that are bad
they hurt me tremendously one one bad
partner that I that I had actually had
to to a point where we were fighting
he stole my customers and I actually
shut down the company and start a new
one and clean up everything that I have
set up a new entity walk away with a lot
of money just because of the bad
partners that I have so a good partner
is great but you cannot do a good deal
with a bad partner in fact you can I
would rather do and do an ok average
deal but with a great partner because
with a great partner where we source for
we we collaborate we mastermind we work
together and that I mean that we can
turn any bad deal in into into it into a
good deal
rule number four stop saying someday the
one word that holds you back from
success is exactly that word someday you
see unsuccessful people they say someday
someday I will take that vacation
someday I would pay off that debt
someday I would quit my job someday I
would stop that business someday I would
be able to provide for my family it’s
always someday and someday think about
in business if you say to yourself
someday I will get that customer someday
I would close their cell how much money
have you made
zero none I want you to look at your
calendar from Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday I want
to look at the calendar where is some
day it doesn’t exist it is a made of
thing that we do to procrastinate
there is no some day on your calendar it
doesn’t exist so unsuccessful people
they use some day successful people use
today today is going to be the day today
I’m gonna take action today I’m gonna
make it happen today I’m gonna close
that cell today is the day that I’m
gonna make happen I’m gonna get done
write this down procrastination equals
property procrastination equals property
you see unsuccessful people it’s always
well yeah I’ll do it later
I’ll do it tomorrow I’ll do it someday
successful people we say today you see
when you use the word someday why is
this so destructive it’s simple it is
when you use the word someday you might
think it makes you look noble on the
outside because you are putting off your
dreams your goals where you’re making of
excuse because simply saying well
someday because I am not ready so
someday I will do that later and someday
never comes and you’ll never be ready
you don’t need to be ready to do
something you don’t have to get it right
you just have to get it going you do
know I have to get it right you just
need to get it going it doesn’t exist it
makes you look nobody inside when you
think and you lie to yourself that is
the responsible thing to do that I’m not
ready I don’t want to take any risk I
don’t want to take any chances
when it is the most selfish and
irresponsible thing that you can do to
yourself and to your family it doesn’t
exist eliminate that word from your
either say you know what I’m gonna do
today or I’m not gonna do it
rule number five don’t expect support
from others so what do you do when
others don’t support you in your life it
reminds me of the story this this
Fishman and he goes out there to the sea
and he would catches these buckets of
crab and one man walks by and sees he’s
got this bucket right and there’s no lip
and the the man is asking this fissure
in the wall if when you catch a
different crabs aren’t you afraid that
why don’t you have a lid on the crabs
gonna crawl out and the Fishman is like
yeah if I have one crab that one crab
will crawl out however if I have a bunch
of crabs no I don’t need to worry about
it because they will make sure that that
any single crab tries to crawl out the
other crust would pull their crab right
back down with with where they are
inside the bucket that’s the the theory
that the story of the buckets are crap
guess what you have a lot of crap people
in your life they try to pull you down
they try to drag you down to try to keep
you where you are today they don’t want
you to get out of that bucket now why is
that you have to understand if you are
seeking validation you’re seeking
approval you are waiting for someone
else’s permission where yeah you know it
would be nice I want to accomplish all
these great things I want to do these
things and I want to you know create all
these things I want to achieve all these
goals but uh but the people around me
they just they don’t support me so what
don’t expect them to support you that’s
not their job to support you if you need
the emotional support to do what you do
you don’t have what it takes
rule number six listen to your customers
you see you don’t have to be the
marketing genius and your customer is
the marketing genius they will tell you
what they want they will tell you what
they like and they would also tell you
what they don’t like and what are they
willing to pay for they vote with their
wallets that’s the best bet you see most
entrepreneurs they spend so much time
working on the thing or making their
thing better but they don’t spend enough
time listening to the customers
is this even what they want did they
tell you that that’s what they want are
they are they giving you feedback or you
building something that nobody wants and
that’s how most entrepreneurs fail now
you might say well then what about Henry
Ford B when he invented the cart Ford
Motors right what about back then you
know he said if I was asked what my
customers want then everyone would say
faster horses
well this exception if you are selling
and you offering some kind of disruption
technology that’s a different story
because then you’re anticipating the
needs of the marketplace and you are
essentially creating your own market I’m
not talking about that that’s a very
small percentage of the entrepreneurs
for most entrepreneurs we are more
tapping into the existing needs the
assisting desires that people already
have and we’re tapping in to that that’s
how we make most of our money so small
entrepreneurs we never stop listening
paying attention to what our ideal
customers one and what they need rule
number seven value your time rich people
we value time more than we value money
poor people they value money more than
they value time and that’s why if
there’s something we do with my Bentley
and oil change or I gotta go do
something or fix the car I’m not gonna
do it because it’s not worth my time my
time it’s much more valuable
I have other activities that I could do
that could bring in more money now you
may be saying that while easy for you to
say you’re Dan Locke you’ve got money of
course you could do that that is not
true you might be thinking cuz you’re
rich that is not true I got rich when I
started valuing my time most people
never get rich because they never value
their time remember eight don’t be
arrogant once I started learning and I
started having more success in making a
few dollars I was I was becoming more
arrogant I was becoming more you know
that I felt I was invincible that hour
now I’m so smart okay so get look at me
and and I’m all this money coming in and
and I was way more sex
for then every all the people around me
right and I thought you know what my
doesn’t stink I thought I well I was the
man right an invest in a bunch of
companies well guess what all ten
companies all of them lost money not one
of them made money and it wasn’t so
invincible anymore and that got me into
into quite a bit of trouble so that’s I
what I would say don’t don’t be arrogant
get out of the ego be humble stay humble
be open-minded you can learn something
from everybody rule number nine
use the DI G concept let’s say this year
and you say you know what Dan I have a
certain financial goal an income goal
maybe you want to make $50,000 $100,000
you $200,000 a year half a million
dollars that you all you know what you
say this is a year I’m going to make a
million dollars a year whatever you go
is let’s take simple math a hundred
thousand dollars a year let’s say let’s
make it even simple onion 20k distich
10k a month $10,000 a month that’s your
goal so don’t use the new year
resolutions concept here’s the concept I
talked about in my book if you money you
can go get the book from Amazon but
we’re gonna teach this to you right now
and that’s the concept of di g di g it
stands for daily income goal daily
income goal so let’s say you take 10,000
a month and you break it down you divide
it by 30 days each day you got to make
about 340 somewhat dollars let’s just
run it up 350 bucks
that’s your the IG daily income goal
three hundred and fifty dollars that you
need to make every single day if you
want to hit 10,000 dollars a month now I
want you to think about this when you
get in the morning the first thing that
comes to your mind the first question
you have to ask yourself is what am i
doing today
there would make me three hundred and
fifty dollars today what do I need to do
what do I need to focus on what what are
my objectives am i hitting my daily
income goal what does massive action
look like
what would Dan Locke do ask yourself
those questions guess what if you’re not
hitting your daily income goal you are
not hitting your weekly income goal
you’re not hitting your income goal
you’re not hitting your monthly income
go if you’re not hitting a monthly
income goal you’re not hitting your
yearly income goal you don’t need to
wait till December and you look at a
calendar and say oh you know what I
screwed up I am way behind I’m nowhere
near making $100,000 what is going on I
know exactly what’s going on you’re not
hitting your daily income goal you can
look at your progress every single day
what am i doing today to hit my daily
income goal
oh well kind of none doing anything
today well then don’t blame and don’t
bitch when you’re hitting you go oh well
you know what today I’m excited I’m
fired up I’ve hit my income goal you
know what not just I exceeded my daily
income goal instead of thirty and fifty
bucks a day I hit five in a buck today
good for you
good job that means you have 250 bucks
buffer extra that’s good doesn’t mean
tomorrow you’re like all slack off and
slow down it means okay
I’ve exceeded that today because there
are some days maybe you hit it there’s
some days you don’t you gotta average it
out tomorrow you get back into it
welcome the morning what am i doing
today what am I gonna do today to hit
that three hundred fifty bucks and what
I need to do every single day to
accomplish my daily income goal the
concept of the eye G isn’t it much more
powerful than some new year resolutions
and rule number ten the last one before
a very special bonus clip is believe
whatever your mind can conceive you can
achieve but sometimes what if you don’t
have that belief yet what if you’re just
getting started
what if you haven’t build up that
confidence I remember years ago when I
was just getting started and I was
already running my own one-man
advertising agency and one time I was
having lunch with my mentor Alan and
after lunch I was driving back to his
place and in the car I was asking a
now at the time my English name
was actually Daniel Daniel so it’s
Daniel lock so I was asking him Alan I’m
thinking of changing my name and he said
well what do you want to change it to
and I said you know my name right now is
like Daniel and it’s okay but he feels a
little I don’t know I feels a little
young I want a name there has this
little bit more pungent maybe sounds a
bit more mature so okay so what are you
thinking I said I’m thinking of
shortening the name to just Dan and he
pause said okay so Dan like Dan Locke
I said that’s right Dan locked I think
it’s kind of punches got their Eve to it
and it was sitting in the passenger seat
and he did this motion he said Dan Locke
he said I could I could see that I said
what could you see so I could see see
Dan Locke live big banner in a big
conference I said what I said that’s
right that would look good it’s got its
got impact it’s impactful and I’m like I
don’t see that I’m just simply kind of
changed my name to be living more
memorable how could you see sex see Dan
long live this is way before I was even
doing any kind of public speaking I was
just very much like an introvert and
writing copyright you’re having behind
my computer see Dan long live a big
conference what do you mean see he saw
something in me that I didn’t see he
believed in me my men to believe in me
more than I believed in myself I didn’t
see the possibility I couldn’t believe
it I couldn’t even see that but he saw
it so sometimes in life maybe he don’t
have that belief in yourself that’s okay
I didn’t have that belief in myself but
don’t underestimate when you have
someone believe in you more than you
believe in yourself I tell my students
all the time I said I believe in you
more than you believe in yourself and if
you don’t believe in yourself yet that’s
okay all oh my certainty so you could go
on and develop your own belief and
someday maybe maybe you can use that
belief to achieve what you want now I’ve
got a special bonus clip from Dan on how
to have an entrepreneurs mindset that I
think you’re gonna enjoy but before that
it’s not for the three-point landing
questions time to move from just
watching another video to taking action
in your life for business and if you’re
feeling bold leave your answers in the
comments below here we go question
number one where do you need to value
your time more number two what do you
need to stop saying someday to and
number three how can you provide more
value for your customers number one it
is your mind set a proper mindset
now when I say about mindset exactly
what I mean by that I’m talking about
leaves your attitudes your ideas your
insights you’ll believe about business
your belief about entrepreneurship
you’ll believe about employees about
team-building you’ll believe having the
proper mindset the entrepreneurial
mindset is the foundation if you want to
build a successful business you see most
people they want to build a successful
business but with an employee mindset
death does not work you have to have the
proper entrepreneurial mindset hi this
is Dan Locke if you’re a fan of Evans
work if you want to know exactly how the
model my success I want to invite you to
join me for a special online training
all you have to do is click on a link
below you can join me for absolutely no
charge so click a link below and I will
if you want more Dane log check at the
top 50 rules video made on him the link
is right there next to me I think you’ll
enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll
see you there if your life stinks is
your fault we take responsibility for
all action our money is not the
important money doesn’t buy happiness oh my goodness
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