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Top 10 DC Characters Too Powerful For The DCEU

in the cinematic universe already
inhabited by godlike beings you need to
draw the line somewhere
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looking at characters from DC Comics
that interesting though they might be
are simply too overpowered to work in
the context of the DC’s film universe as
we know it number 10
Captain Atom originally created by
Charlton comics and later acquired by DC
Captain Atom is a hero who packs a
serious punch the character is seen as
history rewritten multiple times over
the years but the story generally goes
like this an Air Force pilot by the name
of Nathaniel Adams seemingly perishes
during a scientific experiment only to
reappear as either an energy-based
life-form or having fused with an alien
alloy if you think that sounds similar
to dr. Manhattan you’d be right
and we all know just how powerful that
guy is immortal nigh invulnerable
capable of manipulating seemingly
infinite amounts of energy Captain Atom
has been shown to be capable of beating
Superman number 9
Barbados this beings origin can be
traced back to the early days of all
reality that should be enough to tell
you that he’s incredibly powerful
Barbados also known as the dragon was
created by the forger of universes as a
tool to destroy those universes and
worlds within the dark multiverse deemed
so to summarize Barbados can wipe out
entire universes but as these things
tend to go Barbados grew Restless
killing his master and turning his
sights on the multiverse inhabited by
our heroes though Barbados is a
fascinating character and a huge
contributor to the success of the Dark
Knight’s metal storyline he’s simply too
powerful for the films and his backstory
arguably too convoluted number 8 Phantom
Stranger Phantom Stranger this had
better be important very this powerful
character has been around for over 60
years of publication and yet he still
remains something of an enigma in 2012
he was given an origin story which
established that he was once the man who
betrayed Jesus Judas Iscariot
that’s just one of numerous other
unconfirmed possible origin stories
similarly the exact nature of his powers
and abilities are hard to pin down a
mortal capable of interdimensional
travel imbued with an unquantifiable
amount of magical ability seemingly
omniscient the Phantom Stranger carries
with them quite the supernatural toolbox
though many questions remain one thing
we can say with certainty is that he’s
far too powerful to play anything more
than a very minor role in the DC EU
number 7 nekron blackest night was one
of the events that Geoff Johns used to
help put the Green Lantern’s back on the
map only time will tell if the core can
similarly soar on the big screen but
should they the blackest night storyline
will be a tempting story to adapt though
the Ark packs a lot of emotional weight
in great moments we have her concerns
about its villain Necron the Lord of the
unliving this skeletal being is the
living embodiment of the certainty of
he’s literally one of the most powerful
forces in the universe and he seeks to
destroy life itself how the heck do you
fit that conflict into a
two-and-a-half-hour movie number six
eclipsed oh sure he might look a bit
like a Green Goblin or Hobgoblin
knockoff but don’t let his similarities
to those Marvel characters fool you he’s
arguably more of a threat than any of
them eclipse’ was God’s first spirit of
Wrath but when God saw fit to replace
him he was trapped in a black diamond
known as the heart of darkness when this
diamond was broken he found ways to
possess humans and he rose through the
shards invulnerable magical and armed
with a wide assortment of superpowers
he’s a terrifying force to be reckoned
even with his one weakness sunlight he’s
likely too much for any of our big
screen DC heroes to handle number 5
mister mixes pedelec who are you what do
you want with me with Doctor Strange and
Thanos the MCU has successfully
introduced reality bending elements but
such additions were long in the making
and carefully planned out
throw in a being who can change reality
on a whim and your film universe is
bound to get real complicated real fast
an imp from the 5th dimension not unlike
mr. mixes bit Alec is your
quintessential trickster
not only would his cartoonish ways feel
horribly out of place in the live-action
DC film but his ability to warp reality
ads far too many complications for him
to make sense as a central villain he
would have to showcase the full extent
of his abilities and that would be far
too devastating number four Crona okay
to be fair Crona did appear in the 2011
Green Lantern film but that predates the
DC EU he’s a little more than a footnote
in the film’s backstory and the
characters even named outside of the
special features so we’re considering
him fair game in the comics Crona has a
long and storied history the short
version of it is that he was an Owen
scientist whose reckless scientific
exploration resulted in the creation of
the multiverse and the antimatter
universe thus introducing evil into
reality for his crimes he was turned
into a being of pure energy with his
mighty intellect own abilities and
technological prowess he has destroyed
entire universes number three the
spectre remember how we talked about a
clip so being replaced as God’s wrath it
was the spectre who took his place had
to find spirit of vengeance he is
actually a part of the creator of the DC
reality as you can imagine that brings
with it an almost infinite amount of
power the only thing that limits it is
the fact that the spectre is bound to a
human host
even so his powers remain godlike and
we’re not just talking about Herculean
strength he has control over reality
itself is immune to all but the most
powerful magical attacks and largely
exists in a league of his own how do you
fit someone like that into a
conventional superhero flick I would
know anything about number two Lucifer
Morningstar this rebellious Archangel
requires little introduction he is
Samael the devil himself the ruler of
hell that is when he’s not vacationing
on earth first introduced by Neil Gaiman
in the pages of his iconic Sandman
comics this version of Lucifer has since
made his way into the core DC Universe
where he thankfully doesn’t metal too
often Lucifer Morningstar usually
considers himself to be above the
squabbles of mortals and super humans
but when he does get involved you’re
reminded of just how colossal e powerful
he is the reality is that no one in the
current DC EU is
anywhere close to being equipped to deal
with what he brings to the table number
one the presence the presence is the god
of the DC Universe also known as the
voice and of the hand he is the ultimate
power the highest rung of the DC totem
pole okay technically there’s one thing
higher than the presence in the DC
hierarchy the writer but that’s just
called breaking the fourth wall and
something tells us that the DC EU is it
going to be getting over the meta
anytime soon we guess the presence could
fit into some sort of dreamy death
sequence but short of Justice League
dark finally taking shape and becoming a
full-blown trilogy we can’t imagine a
context where it would make sense
he’s literally all-powerful and there
isn’t much fun in a character like that
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