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Marketing Strategies: Don’t Make These 3 Critical MISTAKES!

it’s its be seen but then be seen being
seen okay all right like you’re gonna
sponsor an event
yeah and it’s cool that you just showed
it to the 400 people event yeah the
bigger impact is to be seen yeah
sponsoring the event by the 20,000
people who are social or wherever they
are yeah right so you you always want to
think in terms of rings yeah and email
is a really great way to drive you know
to take the blog continuity writing and
send it out and remind people of it I
have something I need to get out email
is the way it’s gonna do it hey and I
mean email doesn’t even have to be email
marketing yeah like anything think of 12
people that you want to talk to yes send
once I believe nation welcome back this
is a 10 part series where I’m talking to
my friend mark Drager on how to build a
million dollar plus marketing agency
extracting the nuggets from his head and
serving them on a plate just to you we
are we are seven and as our eighth video
so if you haven’t seen the other videos
go back watch them today we’re talking
about the three biggest mistakes that
agencies make when they are marking
themselves number one what do we got
number one is and we all fall into this
trap you have to pay to play ok we tell
it to clients but sometimes we don’t
want to do it ourselves
what does that even pay the plane what
it means is if you want to be seen by
people you have to pay someone to do so
alright if we think back to the old days
there was radio there was television
Kangol paid money to show it yeah then
the internet comment came along and we
thought okay well we can create a viral
video we can blog or we can do all this
free stuff and people will just find us
okay but truthfully if you want to save
time if you want to find the right
people and you want them targeted you
have to lean on Google Adwords
right which is pay-per-click where you
can have the different ads that you want
and based on different search terms yeah
people come in and they find you you can
go to Facebook right we’re creative
people we can design banners we design
videos we can boost posts yeah go to
Facebook around who we want to target
what they’re interested in yeah and we
drive traffic to the site yeah we don’t
you know at this point with our clients
I can’t recall the last time we ran any
kind of activity without the expectation
that there would be some advertising
budget got it that people would put
$1,000 a month or $800 a month or $5,000
a month whatever it might be
they would put money towards finding
people who are looking for their service
and dropping them there right is it the
fastest way to grow right now the
pathway to get awareness yeah fastest
way it always has been
alright so we we it’s most expensive way
but it’s the past this way well it’s
expensive if you’re not tracking
anything so I mean that was that was
gonna be our third point yeah we’ll just
move it up to number two okay number two
right you gotta track you have to track
yeah like it’s it’s mind-boggling to me
that people put money towards things
without cracking yeah and so you know
maybe like Google Analytics is pretty
confusing I find it confusing okay
someone who can help me yeah but but at
the very least you need to be able to
track your goals so set a goal
do we want awareness you have to vote
people just to see it you want
conversion do we want people to actually
click through and come through do we
want a conversion on a sale there are
there’s software for call tracking so if
you have a phone number you can you know
we pay a service it’s $35 a month it
goes to all our numbers so we know if
this person came in through Google and
called us we can attribute that lead to
that call mhm
all right there are all these different
things available they’re not really that
expensive they’re not really that
complicated but it’s all with the
intention of being able to get to a
place where I can say I spent $800 and I
closed a $10,000 deal mm-hmm right or I
spent $2,000 and I closed a hundred
thousand dollar deal yeah I mean there’s
a lot of wasted bad leads in there and
it’s like eight dollars here and ten
dollars there and all the stuff but then
the client comes along that the client
you want you win that client you keep
them for five years that client refers
you to other people and you’re over a
year you know it’s it grows your
business but people one are not willing
to spend money on it and they should and
then people too are not tracking as much
as they can and they’re wasting money on
stuff if you’re if you mean would you
would you fly you know would you fly
across the country stay in a hotel for a
few days
speak at a tour with the intention of
closing a deal and then coming back and
ever tracking if you know would you do
that right or would you say no no I
three people and I want one of one of
those three people that turn in
something if that happened it was
successful it was worth the $4,000
investment right right I wouldn’t do
that I don’t yeah so why when you’re
spending money with Facebook or with
Google or with any kind of activity
would you just put money in because you
kind of know sales are happening and not
worry about what it’s writing and of all
your marketing tactics it’s the easiest
to measure versus a TV spend or radio
spend or something else yeah I mean it
it should be right right so it would you
say that every agency now needs to have
that capability either in-house or be
working with somebody to help them so
I’m a bit biased yeah I think it’s the
only thing that matters so you can so so
when you say when we started off by
saying you have to be able to understand
and drive value for client yeah how do
you explain what that value is right if
you don’t know kind of what’s happening
so so if your creative agency and you’re
in charge of branding yeah well I mean
you’ve succeeded if you’ve created a
really great brand so you don’t really
need analytics okay but if you’re
responsible for any kind of lead
generation any kind of spend any kind of
activity that you can and should track
it’s its core right like it’s not good
enough that you created something that
made people feel good right unless if
that’s the intention if you’re a
creative agency are you not testing any
of the stuff on an audience you may have
to client if the client is interested in
that but but you’re not forcing it as an
agency to say hey well that’s gonna help
feedback okay not not typically because
because if you’re doing closed panels
people don’t have a tendency of telling
the truth god and it’s very skewed and
if you’re doing open online surveys or
driving traffic in certain ways I mean
if you’re if you’re doing a name or
something and willing to test it that
would be a great way leveraging PPC to
drive traffic and top three places in
order of where I should be spending
money right now I I still believe that
Google AdWords is the number one
platform to start with okay because now
because intent well because search
intent is there yeah which is very very
important yeah and through negative
keywords you can tighten up your
campaign very very well you can target
your geography you can decide your ad
spend I mean the larger more national
you go the more cities
you’re in the right and Eric you go the
more money cost and you’re still doing
this for Fanta yeah yeah yeah I wish I
could spend more on it I mean I just I
feel like we’re in a pretty niche
industry but we also pick the terms and
the services right we know we like
converse so that’s on your data
right right so as a marketing agency
though we don’t buy marketing agency
okay we don’t buy design agency okay I’m
branding so what how do people pick we
pick based off of the terms that we know
we have a very high likelihood of
closing okay based on competition guys
so there are a lot of marketing agencies
but if someone types in marketing agency
or marketing agency Chicago right like
that is a very generic term if someone
was looking for to waste my photographer
mm-hmm video production company a lead
generation company a landing page design
company right like those are so specific
that they can come in you can talk about
that one tiny project where I can
impress them with what you’re doing and
then grow them into a bigger company now
you used to do videography as your main
business before you expand it a video
production video production sorry did
you did you take out ads for video
production Toronto video production
mugging and that converted for you yeah
I mean so we can go back to the glory
days of SEO but we became a million
dollar company based off of SEO more
before the good days of – but AdWords is
still a part of that piece no there’s a
lot of SEO so you know in the old days
used to be able to invest in in blogging
and content and linking right and then
you can start to rank like we have we at
a time we ranked above Wikipedia for the
term video production right all right
like we ranked very very well and I
think we had 35 number-one keywords okay
so in the fall of those days let’s put
those behind us AdWords has become more
competitive there it costs more mm-hmm
but you have more data to track than
mhm and so if you’re in the type of
business where your average sale is four
or five hundred dollars mm-hmm it you
know you don’t want to be spending too
much to acquire that client unless it’s
gonna lead to more right if your average
tail is five or ten or 50 or 100 or 200
thousand you’ll kind of more than
yeah so I’m not sure I understand the
question what you mean more than break
even so if you want to return on your
investment right but you’re some people
look at AdWords it depends on the
industry so it’s curious about yours
yeah they see AdWords as as a break even
if I break even on my AdWords campaign
it’s awesome because I keep that
customer those referrals is repeat
business oh for sure so but so what do
you think in terms of how much you want
to spend is it I want to spend up to how
much you’re gonna make off the first gig
with them or up to half of what I’m
gonna spend on the first gig with them
like if I make 500 bucks
yeah per client so if you make $500 per
client yeah really want to focus on
return on advertising spend right it’s
not enough your cost of acquisition but
really so then that falls into the
lifetime value correct yes so if you can
calculate your lifetime value of client
right and you still want to right-size
that because your margins are so little
okay all right so if you’re dealing with
with and like in my opinion if you’re
dealing with anything of multiples of
tens of thousands of dollars yeah for
close clients yeah then you’re willing
to go much looser yeah on it especially
if there’s recurring revenue tied to it
yeah or you have the chance to hold on
to that client you gotta for a long
periods that for me I’ve hit the point
in my business where I really don’t care
how much we spend okay I out spend every
single month okay so Google but then why
not do showing us media agency or
marketing agency because we’re not so
there’s a difference between being able
to spend the money
yeah and generate the person to the page
right and then being able to convert
that person into an inbound sales just
not gonna relate all right you would
spend more for the leads you’re getting
but more and they would be competing
against we go back to competition right
I’m not bumping up against certain
people right now
all right I’m I’m I’m bringing people in
three of the tactics that we are the
very best at right we are you know if I
was the very best designer yeah but I
could also do websites and other things
I wouldn’t compete against website
companies right I would want people who
love design to come in
yeah and then once we’re having that
conversation I’d say we also do websites
and all these other things so that’s the
strategy we use we bring people in and
the tactics that we are the very best at
where we are the most competitive at
that that we are amazing at yeah and
then once we have that conversation we
built the trust we have the credibility
we talked about the other aspects of our
business everyone should be using Google
every marketer you can see it provided
it doesn’t add month three proof what
we’re doing to work we’re doing number
two which is an analyzer I’m like hey
like you me not yes yes everybody should
do it right and you fill it until it
proves right that it’s not working
number two is number two would be would
be Facebook Facebook and number three
but there’s no number three Google
there’s two platforms right there’s
Google and Facebook so within Google you
should be doing AdWords to a landing
page yeah you should be doing
remarketing because it’s so cheap it’s
so affordable it’s so simple every
marketing is just introducing display
banners to goes out a third point
remarketing know Oh was a good point
something else okay good a pseudo
AdWords you should be doing remarketing
you can your your creative agency so if
you can design something or you’re an
agency yeah I mean it makes sense to get
into YouTube freerolls
if you ask me from a remarketing point
where you aren’t awareness it makes
sense on Facebook to do an awareness
campaign or this or this conversion
campaign okay you know the idea of
boosting likes right no conversion rate
and that’s the easiest one to because
they promote it so hard yeah but what
they like to tell you right like I tell
you anything I want I want people don’t
wanna wear any metrics Veniamin right no
so those those are the areas that I
don’t suggest okay so the one we skipped
was email marketing oh the third one
okay wait it’s gonna there so like so
Google number one Facebook number two
yeah and then remarketing well on the
various platforms number three exactly
and then make sure you’re tracking
analyzing everything yeah that’s point
one point two is tracking and then point
three you want to mistake people make is
under leveraging you know got it okay
all right so email marketing I mean I
don’t know how many times MailChimp and
all the other suppliers can say it’s
it’s proven to be the very best thing
yeah it’s the very best converting
potentially lowest cost yeah under
leveraged resource that exists for a
business hey what’s the best way to grow
my list so the size of your list is a
relevant targeted list whether people
love you believe in you like you follow
your part of your tribe is what matters
presently what’s my best tactic don’t
they get those people on my list
so it’s to offer value I mean it comes
down to value so if I’m if I’m building
so as marketing agency most of our
people within our target persona list
and most others will be the same it’s
it’s friends of the brand so these are
people who know you love you believe in
what you have to say believe in what you
have to do but but make no mistake they
will never refer you they will never buy
anything off you because they’re a
professor or student or whatever but
they’re still important they’re friends
of the brand then there are your clients
people who are your clients who can work
with you and believe in you and then
there’s your competition now your
competition is either competition or if
you’re a thought leader in the industry
they’re people who are learning from you
right and why not teach those people
sure it’s it’s great to elevate yourself
as the leader this is a monthly email a
weekly email what he’s sending it so it
depends on on the resources you have
in-house where it consistency is
everything consistency is everything
right like in YouTube
oh yeah they’ve been shouting for years
yeah only once a month yeah do you want
some on yeah if you do five times a week
do five times a week yeah consistency is
everything so you need to be able to
know for you know you have to decide is
the content I’m releasing and this is
him for blogging as well but is it for
my friends and then what do they get out
of it all right
people come because they want to be
entertained or they want to be informed
so what do they get out of it is this
for my current client base is this for
my competition or the people who are in
my industry yeah because I want to teach
them something
and so when you’re releasing this
content how much can you write is it as
written or is it video is it photography
is it sharing really amazing case
studies but not boring case studies but
like the story behind the work you’re
doing yeah yeah is it about your
struggles as in growing your business
yeah anything that you can do as a
youtuber or Instagrammer you can release
very very well you know is it yes it’s a
great platform so with a you an ad
campaign on PPC to build your email list
is it that valuable like would you spend
money or is it just something that you’d
put on your on your website say hey here
download our whitepaper as a lead magnet
kind of thing but like do you pay to get
it would you pay we don’t typically do a
lot of gated stuff for ourselves okay so
but you know we have a tested with a hub
with a hub spot like driven campaign
yeah we’ve gone through Huff’s pod we’ve
done the drip nurturing yeah
and we were able to grow our list a
little bit okay from 600 targeted people
to like thousands okay but it wasn’t
even as successful as if we want to do a
can if we just really want to build our
list yeah then have a really great blog
yeah because the blog content is in line
with email marketing right potentially
start an activity like instagramming
like life stories like the way that you
do right YouTube but you’re not doing
this stuff I’m not doing so who goes on
your list like clients you add them to
your list like somebody who signed up as
a client you put them on your email list
yeah so then what’s your frequency now
once a month what the corner oh no far
far less than that we send it on maybe
twice a year at this place a year and so
it’s like what you’re most proud of your
work we yeah we have leadership we’re
not great at this right now yeah because
we are it’s underutilized marketing
tactic to be honest with you like like
and I know it sounds like excuse last
eight months we’ve been like really busy
it’s a good problem is it yeah I know
but I would but this is something that
bothers me I’d love to be able to do
that what are you doing twice a year is
better than zero right so what we do is
we try to look for every opportunity to
try and make things as as personal and
brand feel as possible right so for
example three or four years ago Canada
came out with a anti-spam legislation
yeah it basically really really strict
rules that said businesses cannot email
anyone unless if you’re a client yeah
they have expressly given permission
right Europe has something similar okay
so am I on your list you may be okay I
don’t know whatever that’s right but
when we sent out that thing we sent out
like the cheekiest like everybody sends
it out you lays out behind you yeah
we’re like we’re gonna make we’re gonna
make this thing people are gonna love us
or hate us yeah so we sent a picture of
the team I think our h1 was like you
know like like you know do we look like
a bunch of spammers of course not and it
was just the longest I was making making
funny of the legislation yeah okay
we had we had 15 people email me
personally to be like that was amazing
right but it was great right it said
yeah but it’s like it’s a boring legal
definition but but it was five giant
list it’s not like twenty thousand
people on this list either it’s like
customers and yeah customers of people
so so I always go through and I actually
manually like update my list cuz right
and constantly because
the types of people that you put on the
list manually yeah so so I manually put
customers on list yeah that’s it that’s
all you can legally do oh okay
that’s all you can so every customer
you’ve worked with gets on the list and
twice a year they get an email from you
talking about projects but you’re
excited by that kind of stuff yeah or or
if you know we’re if we’re trying to
boost some awareness for specific events
or that we’re sponsoring got it right so
so there’s the like there’s also the
idea and I don’t know if this is
something people don’t do but it’s it’s
be seen but then be seen being seen okay
all right like you’re gonna sponsor an
event yeah and it’s cool that you just
showed it to the 400 people Deven yeah
the bigger impact is to be seen yes
sponsoring the event by the 20,000
people who are on social or wherever
they are yeah all right so you you
always want to think in terms of rings
yeah and email is a really great way to
drive you know to take the blog
continuity writing and send it out and
remind people of it to say hey my team
had a you know here are the top 10
photos from our Instagram thing and just
send that out yeah right like it’s this
extra play that you can go into and of
course if you’re more traditional
business offer codes yeah yeah sales all
that stuff you’re not gonna do that I
love email like I had 1.6 million guys
the time of this filming on Dena’s
fibers on YouTube that’s my talk to you
had like 8,000 people no no on YouTube
on YouTube okay but and and email is
coming up on a hundred thousand okay
almost there like 97 or 98 yeah but I’ll
if I have something I need to get out
email is the way it’s gonna do a shirt
yeah and I love what you do about it
because III mean I can tell the emails
that are a little bit more structured
and then I can see the ones where you’re
just like telling the story hey everyone
it’s Easter weekend yeah my friend Marc
needs to start a YouTube you need to go
out of his black this thing so but email
is totally underleveraged and it’s
something that and I mean email doesn’t
even have to be email marketing yeah
like anything think of 12 people that
you want to talk to yes send them an
yeah say like hey I was thinking of you
how’s it going especially the beginning
to write to be your brain yeah cool okay
so the three biggest mistakes not doing
enough on PPC yeah not being willing to
pay not being willing to pay yeah not
tracking your data not doing analytics
in not using email enough I love it this
ten part series guys in the next video
we’re gonna talk about how to scale the
business that’s not you doing everything
yourself go cooking the lake next to us we’ll see you there
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