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Top 10 Most Humiliating Mortal Kombat Fatalities

talk about adding insult to injury or in
this case insult to untimely death hey
guys I’m Ricky with WatchMojo and today
we’ll be counting down our picks for the
top 10 most insulting Mortal Kombat
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latest videos for this list we’re
looking at fatalities across the Mortal
Kombat franchise that may trigger those
on the receiving end okay let’s get
offended number 10 borrachos alcoholic
losing a match against this disgusting
flesh lack of alcohol is already
humiliating watching your character die
by his hands is about a hundred times
worse and this fatality is definitely
the most shameful bull rachel lights a
damn even when he’s victorious this guy
has no honor or dignity sleazy drunk
weird one number nine Quan Chi’s like
beating Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal
Kombat 2011 sometimes the most basic
fatality is also the most brutal for
this fatality Quan Chi tears off his
victims leg and starts to beat them over
the head with it those who suffered this
fatality in Mortal Kombat 4 got a second
dose of it in the 2011 reboot and it was
gory than ever before with their head
exploding and he keeps going number 8
Hara carries Mortal Kombat deception
what’s even more embarrassing than dying
from a stupid fatality being so
desperate to die that you get your
character killed if you ever wanted to
deny your opponent the opportunity to
finish you off
Mortal Kombat deception gave you the
option via harakiri
allowing your character to kill
themselves players who got super salty
over losing around were finally able to
number seven kasi cages ultimate nut
kick Mortal Kombat 11 if there’s
anything that Cassie’s MK 11 reveal
trailer showed it’s that she’s ready to
kick some ass as well as something else
as she charges out her victim Cassie and
loads her pistols into her victims chest
for the finale she kicks them where the
Sun don’t shine causing their upper body
to split open and pop out their skull
and spine Hey
she takes after her father number 6
Johnny cages shining reference Mortal
it was a matter of time before
Hollywood’s beefy idiot made his way on
here for this fatality Johnny Cage
shoves his hands through the back of his
victims torso once he rips their torso
open he pierced through the hole and
says here’s Johnny the fact that he’s
making a movie reference with our corpse
is a giant middle finger but damn us if
we didn’t appreciate that reference to
the shining number 5 / max pest control
Mortal Kombat 2011 Jax may have been the
first Mortal Kombat fighter to start
crushing people with his foot but erm AK
did it 10 times better in the 2011
reboot he shrinks down his victim and as
they scream at the top of their
high-pitched lungs he squashes them and
scrapes his foot against the ground to
number for Cassy cages love you
Mortal Kombat 11 we guess you can say
Cassy is bringing so much sass to MK 11
that we couldn’t leave her second
fatality out of this list rather than
kicking her victims teeth in she kicks
their heart out of their chest leaving a
massive gaping hole to fill that empty
void Cassy shoves both of her fists in
forming a heart and giving a smooch
watch yourselves guys she’s a real
number three
smokes global annihilation Mortal Kombat
3 if dismemberment wasn’t enough to
ensure your demise smoke has the
solution dropped several bombs around
him and his victim think the blast
radius will demolish the town nope the
camera zooms out to show the earth
explode think about this smoke destroyed
the entire planet just to kill you only
you how spiteful do you have to be to
pull off a fatality like this number 2
Cassie cages selfie
Mortal Kombat X god damn Cassie really
is the ultimate fatality troll isn’t she
this time she’s going to capture your
humiliation and post it on social media
after causing some severe blunt trauma
to the head
Cassie takes a selfie with her victim
below the pick players can find the
other Mortal Kombat fighters making fun
of the victim lesson learned
never check the comment section before
we reveal our most insulting way to die
here are a few honorable mentions number
1 Johnny cages failed deadly uppercut
Mortal Kombat 11 one of Johnny’s new
fatalities in MK 11 pays homage to his
classic MK 1 fatality after failing a
suppose that 19 takes to uppercut his
opponent he hits so hard that their head
gets stuck on his fist he then flings it
at the camera
and finishes it off by flipping the bird
at them there’s going to be a lot of
angry people online
I know studio execs tougher than you
know suits gonna slit your throat have
you been Hollywood the disrespect on
this list is just wow although points
for creativity alright guys if you
enjoyed this list why not check out our
Mortal Kombat playlist over here I promise you won’t be disappointed
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