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Good & Bad News For Entrepreneurs In The 21st Century

so I got good news for you I got bad
news for you here’s a good news the good
news is this may be the easiest time
ever to make millions of dollars today
ever the bad news is it’s also the time
that were more people on getting
distracted with the wrong type of
content than ever before I was speaking
to the director of innovation yesterday
at YouTube and he was telling me how
every day 2 billion people around the
world consume 1 hour of content on
YouTube every day so what’s your point
Patrick this is my point
Business Insider did an article talking
about the fact that Google Facebook
Apple Netflix B of a IBM no longer
require for your degree to work for them
why here’s why speed has become every
single universities biggest enemy
today’s speed speed is changing so
quickly that by the time universities
get a chance to learn what the
marketplace is really looking for which
is these big corporations so they can
train the new employees the new students
it’s already too late because it’s
changing again a program a computer
science degree today is obsolete within
three years three years the other part
that universities are starting to
realize is memorization for example you
know how people can’t remember phone
numbers that you remember you know
different things you know hey who wants
to be a millionaire let me call a friend
phone a friend he’s gonna have an answer
to any question I have that doesn’t
matter anymore today
why Alexa Siri Google I can ask any
question and get it answered it doesn’t
matter if I got that uncle that’s
brilliant anymore today it’s not about
with today is not about how much
information you have about different
things people don’t care how much you
know nowadays people want to know depth
people want to know how deep your
knowledge is on a topic how much do you
know about a topic when I got involved
in financial services many years gonna
become an entrepreneur I saw so many
people that were learning so many
different things I put all my focus into
entrepreneurship business scaling and
finance investments and I grew my
business from a small office about this
size let me show you this was my office
all by myself about this size to know we
have nearly 300,000
or feet of office space nationwide what
happened so here’s what I’m doing I’m
hosting an event called the vault at
this conference called the vault
I am unveiling literally all my
strategies this will be the manual
you’re not going to conference we’re
stock Ages take notes and motivational
every strategy that I have that’s helped
the scale is going to be in this manual
you and I will spend three days together
talking about this stuff however all
this said and done this is the last week
we have to get register for the vault
we have people register from 40
different countries well spend time
talking about scaling recruiting hiring
will spend top time talking about what
the next 10 15 moves for you need to be
you’ll hear from Peter Guber who took a
business from zero to doing three
billion dollars with his movies he
produced a Batman back in 1989 Rain Man
a bunch of different movies and now he
owns the Golden State Warriors who have
been three-time champion the last four
he owns a piece of a Dodgers he’s done
very well for himself will have the
number one chief talent officer of
Netflix of 14 years that created that
culture that took Netflix from 0 to 150
billion dollars but I feel he seven
times sterling P that’ll be talking
there we’ll have Michael Franzese we’ll
have entertainment there three days of
not going wide us spending time going
deep on what you need to do to make 2019
the beginning of the greatest years of
your life business personal life
financial and every possible way you
want to think about so if you haven’t
yet register for the vault you got one
week left go to vitami comm buy or
ticket claim your seat so we’ll see you in Dallas from May 1st to May 4th
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