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How to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE People | #MentorMeDan

understand human beings we tune into the
radio frequency called wifm the easier
to influence somebody to persuade
somebody is by asking them questions you
see people don’t want something until
they know they can have it or other
people want it as well Juanes or get a
so today let’s learn from one of the
best Dan Locke and how to persuade and
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one use the word you understand human
beings we tune into the radio frequency
called wi i FM and that is what’s in it
for me we are sometimes very selfish
unfortunately we’re thinking about you
know why should i pay attention to this
why does it even matter what’s in it for
me why should i even give you the time
so when you say the work you the
automatically communicates hey this is
something for you pay attention imagine
you are walking down the street and you
hear someone yells hey you you’re like
oh is that me is that me that’s the
power of that word so in your messaging
in your marketing or even when you’re
selling 101 are you using a lot of you
are using a lot of I on V or our company
use a lot more you than I you
automatically be more persuasive rule
number two
ask powerful questions I believe the
easiest way to influence somebody not to
convince them not try to test the arm
but the easier to influence somebody to
persuade somebody is by asking them
questions by asking them questions so
when you know that the idea is wrong
instead of telling people hey you’re
this is no good no one likes to hear
that they are wrong even though they are
wrong they don’t want to hear that it’s
much better to ask them question hey you
know what now it’s okay we can go with
this plan but have you ever thought
about this what are the consequences if
this doesn’t work out would it be a good
idea to have a plan B right and yet say
this maybe it’s gonna work but what’s
the downside of this right and can we
live with a downside when you throw it
out there and you make a dare idea
because one thing I’ve learned in
persuasion is this when you say
something it means one thing when they
say something
means everything so instead of you
saying it make them say it make them
think about it make them question it
make them doubt their own ideas versus
you try to doubt their ideas and also
when you are communicating when you’re
asking questions you need to ask with
certainty in this world in this
uncertain world what we do is we sell
certainty in an uncertain world that’s
what we do as closers as entrepreneurs
right as influencers also if you want to
learn how to build confidence like Dan
Locke and others check out my 250 for
confidence series it’s free the link is
in the description below after you
practice Marshall you develop this
natural self confidence not cockiness
but you develop this natural self
confidence rule number three associate
with celebrities this next technique is
extremely powerful and if done correctly
you will become more likeable yogi
Authority and your ability to influence
others will skyrocket the next secret is
called celebrity Association when you
are associated with celebrities you come
across with more Authority likeability
and credibility think about it why do
large brands hire celebrities to be part
of their commercials and why do
sportswear companies spend millions of
dollars to sponsor professional athletes
it all comes down to trust and prestige
celebrities are usually seen as
extremely credible and trustworthy so
anything a celebrity endorses instantly
becomes more credible and valuable even
if they are endorsing a product or
service outside their field for example
a pop star singer endorsing a teeth
whitening product by being in their
commercial the teeth whitening product
borrows credibility and authority from
the celebrity to get more people to buy
people think this celebrity tresses this
brand so should I so how can you use
this in your day to day life to get what
you want in conversation or even in
business deals you can quote or reveal
the opinion of a celebrity that supports
what you said even better if they look
up to that celebrity and that’s why so
many on
preneur quote moe goat like Steve Jobs
Warren Buffett Bill Gates and so many
more it’s because they are boring
credibility and authority to back up
what they are saying in the irrational
mind of humans if a celebrity they look
up to sets something they would probably
believe it and if they don’t believe
we’ll agree with what that celebrity is
saying they will rationalize it so make
sure to use the opinions and
associations with celebrities in your
daily life maybe your friend has a
connection with a celebrity or maybe you
were able to produce results for a
celebrity with your product or service
you can mention that in conversation or
in your marketing and use that
credibility and positioning to your
advantage and rule number four create
demand at a time I was about 23 24 I was
consulting with a client of mine and if
I was in copywriting was doing some
consultation on the side and this
business owner is a restaurant owner so
he came to me and asking me so Dan I’m
planning to launch a new restaurant it’s
kind of like a restaurant with like a
pump and he was asking you so what do
you think I should do what kind of
marketing do you think I should do and I
thought about it well I said let me ask
you this have you ever wanted to eat at
a restaurant and with a couple of your
friends and you thought you heard some
good things about it and you went to
their place and when you show up to the
no one wasn’t in it’s an empty
restaurant and then you sunny it back
down and say okay well you know what
let’s go somewhere else this place can’t
be any cooler because no one is in it
right well you walk my restaurant like
that that’s a place I wanted to try but
I don’t see anyone in it so it cannot be
any good on the other hand has this ever
happened to you you walk by a restaurant
then you have no clue you don’t know
anything about and you walk by and you
see the place
you see people lining up and you thought
to yourself okay I gotta try that let’s
go line up it must be very very good and
that’s exactly advice I gave to this
business owner I said here’s what you
need to do
I want you to get some people to line up
in front of your restaurant he said what
yep I want you to hire some professional
lined up Earth’s lined up people I want
you to get some people lined up and I
want you to be very anxious kind of very
nervous and they are just waiting that’s
all I do line up and I want you to pack
your place I want you to I don’t care if
it’s your friends your family their
friends I want you to pack the place
they create that energy and debt by it
did that one need launch and guess what
people were thinking about it people
were looking at the restaurant or what
what is this new restaurant all about
right and boom people started lying up
and more people line up and more people
line up and then when people said well
can I can i book a table it’s gonna be a
two-hour wait oh my god a two-hour way
okay put me down
that’s good right it gives them the
security it gives us a comfort if all of
these people line up it must be good and
that’s a psychological trick I want to
teach you today you see people don’t
want something until they know they can
have it or other people want it as well
it’s a very powerful psychological trick
the power of popularity there’s
something is popular as a human being
having their social proof we think of
that it must be good if so many people
like it it cannot be that bad right so
what can you do to create more demand
what can you do to make your product or
service appear to be more popular and
what else can you do to make yourself
more exclusive now I’ve got a special
bonus clip on how to do something first
that I really think you’re gonna enjoy
but before that it’s time for the
three-point landing questions let’s go
from just watching the video to take an
action here we go question number one
where can you use you more in your sales
and marketing number two what’s a more
powerful question that you need to start
asking and number three how can you
create more demand for your product or
service I’m gonna give you a bonus
proven persuasion tactic the
proven persuasion tactic is called
reciprocity this final persuasion tactic
was proven by dr. Robert Shaw Dini a
professor at Arizona State University
the Harry Krishna used this tactic
successfully in the 70s in airports and
train stations where they would give a
small gift such as a flower or a book to
a passerby and not accept a gift back if
they didn’t want it because of this the
passerby feels compelled to make a
donation because they received something
first this method was so effective at
getting donations that airports and
train stations had to restrict the areas
that these people could solicit and they
had to have signs that tell people that
the Krishna’s are soliciting their
that’s the power of reciprocity and
think about the Godfather he did a favor
for a bunch of people and now those
people owe him whenever he needs
something done he can ask those people
and they will feel obligated to return
the favor
that’s the power of reciprocity so if he
wants someone to do something for you
you give them a gift or do something for
them first so when a time comes that you
need a favor they will feel obligated to
obey your command hi this is Dan Locke
if you’re a fan of Evans work if you
want to know exactly how the model my
success I want to invite you to join me
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if you want Dan Locke’s top advice on
how to get rich check out the video
right there next to me I think you’ll
enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll
see you there
Oh disaster people who don’t make a lot
of money people who are struggling or
people making minimum wage they are easily replaceable
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