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Dan Abramov on Lao Tzu

you are one of the nicest and
well-spoken community leaders I have
ever seen
there like today we have like we’ve had
we’ve seen a lot of people historically
that has a program as in a community
that has gotten into trouble because
they are well in in my words a little
bit of brilliant jerks that we have
tolerated for a very long time and in
computer like in our business because
that’s it’s just the way we accepted
that programmers are a little bit but
like you are in my opinion like so
well-spoken and polite and nice yet you
still speak like a human being like you
don’t speak like an HR representative or
something like that and like I wonder if
like is that something that but where
did I kind of like I’m just kind of
curious where that comes from
do you have a philosophy related to this
or this is just like how you were
brought up or like like why mmm I think
it’s pretty effective what we like so
it’s just like some day you just found
that this is the most effective
communication form to have so when I was
like I don’t know like maybe 50 and
there’s stuff like this I read this book
there’s this ancient Chinese guy
lousy yeah so he has this this booth
about I’m not actually sure how to
pronounce it in English tower jeans or
something like this yeah but it’s like
core premise is that if they’re like if
you want to lead you need to kind of
step back and if you like I remember one
passage which was like about how the
thing is water because of that the water
doesn’t actually like water can break
through stone or anything because it is
flexible yep and it’s kind of how I
think about like convincing people you
can’t really like convince people by
jumping on them but if you’re flexible
enough and you can try to you try to you
can try to look at things from like
different point of view you might
actually find something that is like not
the way you thought like that that issue
was whether you can also you can also
find a way to frame whatever you’re
trying to frame from so that it can be
seen from their perspective and I think
that’s that’s more kind of a labeled
interest in this in your opinion yeah
jamoke oh and the chart says water is
fluid soft and yielding but water rule
will wear away rock which is rigid and
cannot yield yeah as a rule whenever
whatever is fluid soft and yielding will
overcome whatever is rigid and hard this
is another product what is soft is
strong that is so good there’s good
stuff yeah like I posted the book in in
chat it’s let yeah by Lao Tzu yeah and
it if Google yet it’s super like it this
is a an incredibly classic book I
haven’t read it but I’m sure it’s all
well now like but how do you there was
another question that says something
about what you do when you’re angry
which is very pertinent and like when it
comes to Twitter like I’m kind of like I
have this whenever Twitter makes me
angry so often that it seemed like
sometimes you just have to like stop
myself from from actually engaging like
do you but but you have like as a person
in the position you have in the react
immunity like sometimes you you don’t
have the luxury that I have of not
engaging sometimes it’s sometimes you
have to meet what are your angular
Twitter anger management techniques is
basically what I’m asking ah I don’t
think I get angry actually like much I
think it’s usually it like I do get
upset sometimes it’s not like what why
would I be angry like yeah it’s more
about like I feel like that I have some
like kind of things that really kind of
really kind of bring it down a thing
like when people question like the
moderation for something even if like
you try really hard to explain like what
the motivation is but then they’re like
second-guess it or they just I like when
people talk oh you know like they like
they don’t care about something like
they are like me or just like somebody
are we doing it is this frustrating like
it’s especially if you put a lot of
effort into something and then people
like you know they don’t care it about
it at all
basically dehumanizing the react team or
dehumanizing like the hard work of
people involved in doing this thing yeah
I think is it’s it’s just very I mean I
get where it’s coming from like I I can
understand their frustration where there
is yes I think like the way I try to
approach it is just by like trying to
understand where they’re coming from
which is like like in case of react like
maybe there’s a community of like early
adopters who like wanted to use react
and at some point now it’s like
mainstream and now like there are people
who don’t actually want to use it but
they kind of have to because like
they’re like they’re like Serio decided
to use it or they just can’t find a job
that doesn’t involve doing react and
stuff like this and from that point of
view it’s understandable
there they’re just frustrated because
they don’t have the power in that
decision and then of course like if we
if we likes Korea or like we do
something that the clashes with like
their plans or their conceptions about
how it should work
it’s totally understandable why they
would be frustrated and I think coming
at it from this perspective like
refrains it very differently like then I
I can I can try to help like as much as
I can but at some point it’s
understandable that they might be upset and it’s like it’s just the way it is
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