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Top 10 Most Heated Anime Waifu Wars

in 1914 it was the assassination of
Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 2010 it was
Kirino versus corona Co wha
ever changes I’m Ashley with WatchMojo
and today we’re counting down our picks
for the top 10 most heated waifu wars
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this list we’re opening Pandora’s box
once again by chronicling the most
infamous battles over best girl while
it’s up for debate who ultimately won
these historic confrontations it goes
without saying that fans on both sides
went out for blood let the otaku rage
commence a new home and be on the
number 1002 this is Ichigo darling in
the Franks one of the more recent
showdowns to enter the anime scene
it only made sense that in a series
focusing on the awkward and unpleasant
aspects of sexual maturity that a love
triangle would eventually emerge
EEMA kimi wa boku no doubting that for
the longest time fans appeared to be
favoring ichigo due to mere
level-headedness compared to 0 to s
brash nature
plus the fact she gave Hiro a totally
not but totally is STD unfortunately all
bets were off when it she go forced
herself on Hiro following zero twos
rather tragic departure needless to say
both came with a lot of baggage oh well
at least Goro saw some action by the end
of its c’mon yeah in economics number 9
Yukino vs. yui my teen romantic comedy
snafu honestly I think we can all agree
the one who suffered the most due to
this conflict was hajiman after all
there’s nothing less pragmatic than
arguing about which of the two lovely
ladies in his life should win his hearts
it may suck for him but fans couldn’t
like the Sun and the moon
Yukino and Yui couldn’t be more
different one is an ice-cold Beauty who
doesn’t hold anything back while the
other likes to bake cookies and hold all
her romantic feelings inward maybe how a
man should just flip a coin nah nah
so you know you don’t ie number-8 Kagome
this is kikyo inuyasha series
Kagome might have had her own love
hexagon at one point but the real battle
was always over which of the
raven-haired ladies should end up with
the half-demon dog you may very well
despise me but the feeling’s not mutual
kikyo i never stopped thinking about you
not even burning innocent
kikyo may have been a new Yahshua’s
original lover but ever since she came
back from the dead and became something
of a stone-cold naysayer
she gave way to the high schooler from
the future to swoop in you acting to
look for me come on let’s get going
while the events of the final act ended
with Kagome and Inuyasha finally finding
happiness together the battle to get
there was a long one with some still
insisting that the formally deceased
wife he was the better option number 7
Rukia this is aura he may bleach ish
remember when this was a thing the anime
never gave us a romantic resolution but
that didn’t stop fans from picking a
side when it came to ichigo’s potential
baby mamas the truth is I can’t bring
myself to do it while the likes of
ulquiorra and Renji make things a tad
more complicated as far as diehard
pairings were concerned at the core of
it all remained the conflict between
Asia goes best friends and the Shinigami
that changed his life hey there’s no use
looking so sad okay even if you won’t be
able to see me anymore I’ll still be
keeping a close eye on you Rukia was a
strong-willed warrior who had her cutesy
moments while Orihime was compassionate
almost to a fault unless the mangas end
gets that long-awaited adaptation this
number six cheeto gay versus Onodera
nisekoi well you could make the argument
that Raghu is living the dream by having
two lovely ladies so obviously
infatuated with him let’s not forget
that one of his wifeís has a Yakuza
Derby in the balancing act that is this
animes romantic setup fans found
themselves forced to choose between
Rocky’s fake girlfriend and his
childhood friend it is you’re gonna go
tricky decision given how Onodera is as
sweet as pie watch it togas particular
brand of Sundari with all kinds of cute
at least they have a few things in
like how both can’t handle their
hormones while inebriated a five Idol
free-for-all love live
school idol project we all remember the
idol wars so many innocent otaku swept
up in its brutal and sparkling tide as
fans for over which performer deserve
the title of best standing at the
pinnacle of all these glamorous scuffles
was this particular series which boasted
quite the colorful cast to name a few
you’ve got the not so fearless leader
Hannukah straight edge student council
president le and the rice obsessed hani
oh there’s truly an idol for everyone
here though let’s be honest only one of
them got herself and now infamous
number four Sakura this is Hinata Naruto
series by far one of the most vicious
waifu Wars to ever be waged even before
the events of Shippuden fans were
divided over which shinobi was going to
eventually end up with the orange
wearing knucklehead because well you
know da obviously had the clear
advantage from the get-go due to shy
demeanor sensitive nature and the fact
she was crushing on Naruto from the
whereas Sakura gained no love from her
obsession over Sasuke I think she likes
me in this headband however with the
latter’s maturity into a capable
character for a time the battlefield
became level as both vied for his
affection of course we all know how that
all worked out from the bottom of my
heart I care about you quit it
just stop Sakura this joke of yours
isn’t funny at all
number three Amelia this is rm30
starting life in another world this one
still stings throughout his fancy
journeys and many many deaths Subaru
found himself a companion in the form of
the beautiful Ani REM who over numerous
timelines found herself falling for him
while they might have made for a perfect
pairing Subaru ended up giving his
or hawaii media hosta this decision
caused the fandom to explode with many
feeling that REM was out here happily
ever after
while Amelia’s defenders stated she was
a fair and just character in her own
right who more than earned the moniker
of main love interest just relational
synods of ending already so everyone
Amelia mesquita number two Sabre vicious
Rin this is Sakura fate series
considering that this franchise will
likely continue to push out sequels
spin-offs and remasters until the Sun
goes out it’s fair to say that this
while each of these ladies played a
vital part in Shiro’s life as well as
had their own roots to demonstrate the
worth of their character
this best guild trifecta just keeps
stirring up the feelings of its fans
let’s begin now sabers are
battle-hardened warrior king with the
heart of a woman inside Rin is a mage
who knows how to get shit done and
Sakura might just be the most broken and
long-suffering waifu to exist in the
medium so yeah tough call I can’t enjoy
eating meals except for when I get to
number one Rey vs. Oscar Evangelion
series in many respects this was the
original waifu war I thought it was bad
when Shinji was nice but when an
emotionless boy got dog like you starts
being sympathetic I dunno I’m not at all
as if Shinji didn’t have enough going on
in his life they also had the attention
of these two now-iconic
Ava pilots both of which were
beautifully burdened in their own way
you’ve got Oscar the top seats and dari
who knew how to cut him down to size
while also providing plenty of thermal
expansion stop breathing it’s tickling
then there’s Rey the enigmatic and
serene young lady who you’d think would
win hands down
if not from that hole cloned from dead
mother thing with such contrasting
personalities yet equal appeal it’s no
wonder fans managed to whip themselves
up into a frenzy who knows maybe the
final movie in the rebuild series will
finally sell things
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