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You Must WORK HARD and CHALLENGE Yourself! | Daniel Radcliffe

if you put yourself out there and and
and you know show a willingness to do
challenging material then people are
going to give you opportunities to do it
the hardest I have ever worked without a
shadow of a doubt is doing the musical
on Broadway I grew up with the awareness
that you know child stars are expected
to be you know damaged at best need
motivation watch the top 10 we believe
he’s Daniel Radcliffe and here’s my take
on his top ten rules to success
enjoy okay let’s kick it off with rule
number one I love what you do I think I
looked really good for Harry Potter I
think I had to yeah the right look and
you know was I wasn’t terrible but like
when I look at like you know the
performances of like a young Dakota
Fanning or hey Joel Osment or whatever
I’m like oh I was not that you know I
didn’t I certainly didn’t do myself a
thing like the most like naturally
gifted child actor at all the thing I
think I did get really lucky on and was
I loved it from the word go I loved
being on set and just knowing my place
there and know what was going on and
being you know kind of attentive and
focus I feel like film sets are places
of just like immense comfort for me like
I love I feel very at home there and
kind of like you know I know what I’m
doing there more than I know what I’m
doing in any other situation but I sort
of find myself own rule number two put
yourself out there if you put yourself
out there and and you know show a
willingness to do challenging material
then people are going to give you
opportunities to do it and it depending
you know then it’s up to you to make the
best of those or not but I mean so far
I’ve been lucky in the fact that as I
say people have given me you know John
came and saw me a necklace and and
thought me for this and and you know
ever with every job brings an
opportunity to learn something hopefully
and keep getting better rule number
three model success and then something
interesting happened on the third film
as well as Alfonso Curran directing it
was also you know suddenly gary oldman
and timothy spall and David Thewlis came
onto set and I was 14 and so they saw me
as a 14 year old you know young man and
and they treated me sort of as such as
well I think that being treated as a
peer by some of those actors was
incredibly inspirational and and also
being able to you know being able to
watch them all and watch their you know
they have very very different processes
all of them you know I mean I remember
seeing Timothy Spall once off to the
side of the set just rehearsing lots of
ways to say the lines just by himself
I’ve never seen an act to do it sounds
like a very very simple thing I’d never
seen an act to do that before you know
watching him watching
Gary’s kind of intensity and and David
Thewlis is complete of relaxation like
it’s it’s is you sort of get to
cherry-pick the bits you like from all
of these amazing actors and sort of come
up with your own your own process rule
number four surround yourself with great
people I really struggled with taking it
in my like late teens when I was like
what I was going out to places for the
first time where you would you would
like feel I think again it could have
largely been in my head but you would
feel watched when you went into a bar
when he went into a pub and then you
know in my case the quickest way of
forgetting about the fact that you’re
being watch was to get very drunk and
then as you get very drunk you become
aware the whole people watching more now
because now I’m getting very drunk so I
probably drink more to ignore that more
and let you know so it gets into you
know you get into it can like it can
affect your psyche and you sort of have
to yeah and I think I did start
something as there is no blueprint for
starting young and working stuff out
right and that’s why like whenever
people like having a go like Justin
Bieber a drag rates and cars or whatever
I’m always like yeah but you know I
don’t know like it’s stuff could be
super crazy for him right now I don’t
like it this there’s an empathy unless
you’re on that side of it there’s no way
you can understand you don’t quite know
how kind of overwhelmed it’s possible to
get in it so when you find yourself in
that situation of oh I’m just gonna
drink and try to forget about it then
I’ll drink more cuz I can’t forget about
it because I mean how did you sort of
pull yourself out of that spiral cuz
that was probably the fulcrum in your
life where it could have gone either way
yes I think so I mean you know I took a
few years and it took a couple of
attempts but I think I have been just
unbelievably lucky with the people that
I’ve had around me at certain times in
my life and I met some really key people
some of them actors I was not who just
gave me great advice and really cared
for me and ultimately it was my own
decision like I woke up one morning
after after a night you’re going like
this is probably not good also if you
want to learn how to
confidence like successful actors check
out my 254 series it’s free the link is
in the description below whatever you’re
thinking about it you will not get it
until you take action my call time is at
7 then you back your clock up for hours
and then that’s when I get up I was
excited about taking a shot the fact
that it was so strange rule number 5
care about the work that you do it’s one
of the things I’m proudest of the film
series is how we all maintain and it was
and it was about ID but it’s but it’s
reflective in not just that the fact
that we didn’t all suddenly stop caring
about the work and go off and go off the
rails and all those things that people
expected or you know feared would happen
it comes from the fact that we always
cared about the work because the crew
always cared about the work because
every day when we weren’t in there you
know that’s what I’m I feel this series
is remarkable because it’s a huge
multi-billion dollar studio thing but
which all has connotations and can when
you say that somebody can make people
sound like it can make it sound like it
was just kind of a factory process of
turning these films out but there was so
much love and care put into all these
films and it was because we all were
growing up together there are they were
he there were a lot of people that were
not just in the cast but in the crew
that were there for 10 years and so
you’ve invested time in something and
you want it to turn out well and you
have you everybody you know 99% of
people took a huge amount of pride in
their work I’m sure there were a couple
people for whom it was just a job but
for a lot of people there was a real
level of care and I think that we all
knew that the way we conduct ourselves
in our own lives you know we are
ambassadors for not just these films but
for all the people that work on them as
well I think we all took that seriously
and and and and wanted to do well at
that part of our job as well as you know
do well on set rule number six work
super hard the hardest I have ever
worked without a shadow of a doubt is
doing the musical on Broadway if you
want to work really hard as an actor do
a musical it is there you there is
nobody in the industry that is harder
working than beam
men’s ensembles of Broadway musicals
like it is it’s you know singing dancing
every night eight nights a week or a
chose a week you know it’s that it’s
really tough and it’s and it’s actually
harder when you’re doing like a really
happy cheerful play because if you’re
doing a sad play you can always like oh
I’m sorry like I can always just take
myself into a sort of dark place but if
you’re in a dark place and you have to
get happy that’s so much harder and so
yeah I would say that how to succeed was
definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked
rule number seven have self-awareness as
a killer definitely was aware that like
certain things about being on set was
built like the idea that an actor can
gum up the works because they are having
a bad day like as a kid I was able to go
like the focus puller never does that
you know like the grips are not going
like guys I’ve just had a tough day and
I’m gonna lose much and then you know
what I’m gonna go everyone go home like
that guy’s not getting asked back the
next day there is this like like there’s
this weird ransom that some actors can
yeah actors can always set to ransom
because we are on screen and so are
harder to replace there is there is if
you have been filmed on for because if
you do that on the first day they can
still get ready I’ve seen that happen to
in great ways and I as a kid was like
very very close to the crew like that I
was like my dresser and some of the 80s
were like very very key people in my
life and I would hear the way they
talked about actors who had been like
and I was like wow well I don’t want
them myself to be talked about in those
terms ever like what can I possibly do
to avoid that and also you just I do I
eat now like I’ve had a like at a
certain point there was a there was so
much I I grew up with the awareness that
you know child stars are expected to be
you know damaged at best like terrible
people at worst and so initially you
know I was sort of very focused on
making sure that a that wasn’t the case
and be no one perceived that to be the
case and then after a certain point
though it really is more about I’m just
like I don’t know how actors who do
behave like that enjoy their work or
like get rare anything out of it like I
guess it’s because they don’t have
self-awareness because if you were
self-aware enough to walk onto a film
knowing that people don’t like you being
there and that you are making their day
worse by the way you’re behaving I don’t
know how you like have fun or frankly
Linc you know live with yourself or go
to work every day rule number eight
learn from every opportunity Oh
prettiest characters you both play the
influence your performance in kill your
darlings I mean I think I learned from
have every every job you do you take
something off particularly you know the
stage I’ve been out which is a state of
constant you know learning at the moment
but I’m not sure ever stops but there’s
you know it’s I feel like I take
something from every job which I use on
the next rule number nine find your
creative process what’s your process how
is that sort of evolved and what what’s
it mostly like yeah I mean I my I say
there are sort of three bits to my
process one is and again this this
absolutely stems from lack of training
but music music I like I make a playlist
for every character that I play and you
know if if I could I would have music
playing on set in like the whole time I
find it incredibly useful because it
brings you you know music you know in
the same way that a smell like the smell
of you know somebody’s perfume or
something can like cast you back ten
years to a different time and place so
can music and that’s really helpful and
then I do what John crocheters taught me
to do and I go through the script and I
write down you know at the beginning of
every scene like what is what is my
objective in that scene what am I trying
to get out of that scene and then I go
through every line and write down like a
series of verbs and you know if so you
get variations in how to say the line so
you can like if it’s you know you say
you know with this line try and charm
someone and then try and seduce them or
then try and excite them or try and you
know try and anger them or whatever it
is that and those tiny differences
between those words create tiny
variations in in the acting I think and
and the third thing is I just read the
script over and over and over
and over so that I once heard that
Anthony Hopkins reads a script 200 times
before he shoots a movie he’s pretty
good he’s very good I don’t read it 200
times that’s why I’m not that good but I
do but I realized just because then
there’s never a point when you’re on set
where you don’t know where you are in
the story you don’t know where you’ve
just come from the way you’re going or
you know yeah
and rule number ten the last one before
a very special bonus clip is don’t get
I told Daniel that the dressing rooms
here had flooded and we put a trailer
out in the parking lot and we said we’re
so sorry but we were having plumbing
problems you have to be in this trailer
and what it was like an earthquake
trailer so I acted like I had to talk to
him and you were so nonplussed I can’t
believe how I mean most people to
experience an earthquake but anyway this
I feel like I feel like in like in like
evolutionary terms that’s the worst
reaction to have to an earthquake in the
world to just go hey this is great let
me get closer to it well explore it more
um we like sixteen guys out there
rocking the entire thing I did think it
was an earthquake I totally bought that
but I was just not scared just really
excited you’re excited this is pretty
never done one of these before no now
I’ve got a special bonus cut from Daniel
and how to have people that you look up
to that I really think you’re gonna
enjoy but before that the sign for the
three-point landing questions let’s go
from just watching a video to taking
action in your life for business here we
go question number one whose success can
you model this week number two what can
you do to surround yourself with great
people like Nina and number three what
are you gonna do to put yourself out
there today is there anyone you look up
to or think I wish I was like oh good
yeah I mean you know there’s tons of
people actually like you know there’s
there’s people I’ve worked with who you
might not know but I the play I just did
in New York there was an act really
called reg Rodgers who honestly was it
was one of the privileges of my career
to like watch him work and do all this
like um he is somebody that can use he
can find comedy and and and intensity in
every syllable of every word and will do
say lines in a way the other slot I
would never have ever in a million years
thought to say that like that and it’s
brilliant and it’s exciting so there’s
people like him I mean something I love
about Michael Gambon actually is and I
mentioned it in David Thewlis as well as
their extreme relaxation like they’re so
relaxed on set and that’s really if you
can be that as an actor that’s you’re
really on to a good thing
who else yeah I mean there are a lot
some of whom I’ve worked with some of
whom I haven’t again Mark Ruffalo is
another person anybody house and like so
I got to work with both of them recently
but yeah and I think the people that I’m
even more sort of focused on are less
actors and directors
so like me and a friend once had a
of who like what directors would you
like by this this is gonna sound very
bad but what directors would you like
stab someone or get stabbed to work with
um so we were like literally like if
somebody said I’ll plunge a knife into
your arm and then you’ll get to work
with Quentin Tarantino done
where’s Anderson done like there were so
he were having that sort of conversation
so where’s Anderson Quentin Tarantino
Paul Thomas Anderson the Coen brothers
obviously and Martin McDonagh actually
as well who would eat just worked with
again I’m so excited to see that film
if you want to learn how to make it as
an actor go check out the link next to
me I think you really enjoy that video
continue to believe and I’ll see you
there when I was younger everybody told
me not to be an actor to this day I say
that to people who come up to me and say
I’m thinking of going into acting what do you think I say absolutely not
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