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The Reason Why Facebook and Instagram Went Down

so Instagram and Facebook went down were
you in the middle of posting something
only to find out you couldn’t post it
and you’re like ah you’re ruining my
entire life was that you don’t lie to me
yes it was because that was me deep dive
is the real reason why Facebook and
Instagram went down let’s talk about it
did someone hack Facebook or Instagram
oh no they plan this many months ago
March 13th let’s do some maintenance
right and let’s show everybody who’s
really in control and how addicted you
are the social media welcome to 2019
deep divers where the average person
spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on social
networks don’t get it twisted I love
social media networks are pretty cool
but deep divers I’ve realized that it is
so amazing when social networks stop
especially Instagram and Facebook
because like Facebook is getting kind of
annoying right now what happens you can
actually meet real people face the face
like how cool is that instead of going
on Facebook you can put your face in a
book deep divers so I’ve realized that
it’s a blessing in disguise when social
media networks stop working we can
actually meet each other have lunch
together actually have a conversation
for once and then just say feel so good
to be a live baby
can I get a hello there
beautiful deep divers have a beautiful day peace

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