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Top 10 Female Characters Voiced by Men

it’s time to get gender bent welcome to click here to sign in with
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okay bye for this list we’re looking at
those Aalto to base tones that we
associate with female faces but are
provided by male voices this list does
not include anime characters and to be
clear we’re not including characters who
started as male and became female sorry
mrs. garrison now you’re absolutely sure
you want to have a vaginoplasty my whole
life I’ve been a woman trapped in a
man’s body a sex change operation is my
last chance at happiness all right then
let’s begin number 10 Lola
big mouth Nick Kroll has always been
very good at bit characters bangs I got
mostly this can be seen on a sketch show
Kroll show where he gives life to
multiple crazy characters one of them
being Liz G from publizity and Lola well
just imagine Liz as a middle schooler
that’s funny
we can say terrible things to each other
because we’re soul calls in fact in an
interview with Time magazine crawl
himself said that Lola and a few others
on Big Mouth are all throwbacks to Kroll
show but Liz G and Lola are practically
the same person with their coolly funny
backhanded comments saying we should
kill them and take her skin and wear it
and then like you’re like why no I just
number 9 diane choksondik self-park all
right children quiet down welcome to the
4th grade
oh my god dude my name is miss
choksondik while mrs. garrison couldn’t
make it on our list this South Park 4th
grade teacher is voiced by the same man
Trey Parker if you look at Parker’s IMDB
page you’ll find he gives voice to many
of the characters in this strange
Colorado town but we’re focusing on this
saggy breasts did lazy-eyed woman you
said suck my buzz well go ahead whip
them out and I’ll suck em she might have
had a short life on the show but it was
a memorable one filled with comparably
innocent nicknames adventure and of
course her one night stand with mr
Mackey Oh who’s this wrong I don’t know
it doesn’t feel wrong number 8 Beverly
Bev bighead Rocko’s Modern Life
this frog-like character and her froggy
voice could not be more perfectly
matched why do I have to do to get your
to get you to notice baby am I not a
beautiful woman a woman with me I just
Charlie Adler the man behind this
overbearing neighbor – the titular
character has given voice to many
characters from our childhoods in fact
he spends many of his work hours in the
recording studio talking to himself in
this particular case he voices both mrs.
bighead and her husband Edie
bighead isn’t it awful it takes a lot of
to play both a henpecked husband and the
lady doing the hen packing but Adler
performs both with relish number seven
Roz the Monsters Inc franchise this
gravelly voiced administrative monster
is a character that people in the
corporate world know too well
obsessed with paperwork this crumbly old
slug just wants every T crossed and I
dotted is that so much to ask Mike
Wazowski was ASCII fun-filled evening
planned for the night well as a matter
of fact Lee once yes done silence is
very the voice that gives the workers of
Monsters Inc a cold chill is provided by
Bob Peterson and if Roz’s voice sounds
familiar there’s a good reason for that
remember this chess game and of course
everyone knows the singing stingray but
Roz will always hold a special place in
all of our hearts but guess what you
didn’t turn in your paperwork last night
I know but people in this office is now
number six dr. girlfriend The Venture
Brothers super well if you gentlemen
will excuse me I’m going to powder my
whatever the cliche is she’s the best
girlfriend a supervillain could ask for
and that deep voice of hers it’s
provided by Venture Brothers co-writer
doc hammer but it’s been a point of
controversy for many in the fandom well
let me give you my card I like your look
now I’ve had it up to here with men and
I think we might make a nice team cool
some attributed to a sex change or
speculate that she’s a drag queen
however many of these theories have been
debunked by the fact that she just
smokes too many darn cigarettes it’s
also been said by the creator of the
show that dr. girlfriend is an homage to
former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who
also had a uniquely lower pitch to her
voice can I ask you a question yes I
belong in here I just have a deep voice
okay can I
you another one number five Grenda
grande inator gravity falls
girls mature faster than guys right
Brenda this is grande a time hmm here’s
another unusually gruff voice that’s a
point of contention on fan forms only
this one belongs to a young girl as
voiced by adult male Carl Furillo fans
have questioned whether or not she’s
transgender with some even going so far
as to say that the Creator is
transphobic however it’s clear from the
start that Grenda is not your
stereotypical preteen girl in many ways
except one her insecurities you’re
already so beautiful Brenda what would
be the point according to the show’s
creator Alex Hirsch this is what Grenda
is meant to be a joke about those
insecurities we’ve all felt as a preteen
and into our teen years and beyond but
at her core she’s a super supportive
friend who just happens to be extremely
strong made me think of number four DW
Reed Arthur gross fish are you you’ve
eaten fish before well it’s never looked
at me before were you surprised – well
it’s true Arthur’s bratty little sister
is voiced by multiple young male actors
namely Oliver Granger
Jason Schwimmer Michael callow Robert
Naylor and more with many going on to do
voices on other children’s cartoons like
Caillou and Mona the vampire DW herself
isn’t the most well-liked character and
many find her to be a tattle-tale at
however in truth she’s just a typical
preschool child who only wants to grow
up to be just like her brother and she’s
not just a gullible and temper tantrum
prone kid
she’s also sharp tongued and
quick-witted when everyone least expects
it why is everyone looking at me I love
spinach everybody knows that number
three Tina Belcher Bob’s Burgers Shaina
oh sorry I got dirt on your leg oh my
how I ever get a clean
hose it off yes everyone knows and loves
Tina Belcher but did you know this
puberty riddled but loving girl was
originally supposed to be a boy in the
demo stages of Bob’s Burgers gene was
not the only Belcher son as seen in the
test pilot
Daniel Belcher not Tina announces that
his crotch is itchy my crotch is that
she come in let me see Linda no no no
I’m just not sure if I’ll be any good on
the grill just one free hand
Daniel was named after the man who gave
him voice Dan Mintz however upon viewing
the short episode the staff thought
Daniel would be better as a Tina but
minces low monotone could remain the
decision paid off and now this smart
strong sensual woman inspires female
fans all over the world to access their
inner power I’m a smart strong sensual
woman hoga number two lumpy Space
Princess Adventure Time Oh My glob
this purple cloud of sass and arrogance
is one of many princesses in the Land of
Ooo Oh My glob look at those luscious
lips a stereotypical teenage valley girl
in many ways lumpy Space Princess is
spoiled overly confident and has the
voice of an easily angel these lumps I
know you wanna stomp upon these lumps
but you care cuz you’re a chump a child
um Pendleton ward does a wonderful job
of portraying this characters emotional
rollercoaster through the highs of
thinking she is the best thing out there
to the lows of realizing she messed
everything up it’s okay LSP we’re sure
Finn will still help you out on your
next adventure just accept that you’re
garbage before we unveil our number one
pick here are some honorable mentions me
sorry you not have no more Windex on
Star Destroyer that’s not my problem why
don’t you go out and buy some no no you
buy what if I give you the money then
you can go out and buy it themselves
number one Edna mode The Incredibles
franchise when the people of Metro Ville
needs saving we all know this
androgynous stylist will be there to
make sure our favorite superheroes are
looking good while fighting evil just no
capes madam an express elevator Dyna
guys they’re gone
hey father splashdown sucked into a
vortex nut cakes no go on your no suit
will be finished before your next
assignment since Edna’s arrival on the
scene there have been many questions as
to her inspiration while Brad Bird
director of The Incredibles and voice of
Edna has held those cards close to his
vest many have spotted similarities
between her and Hollywood costume
designer Edith Head is what I show you
etna mode and guess we can see the
resemblance but all the truly matters is
Edna keeps her passion for superhero
fashion burning she is the best of the
best after all you’re the best of the
best yeah I know darling
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